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  • Current Version: 2.24
  • Updated: December 21, 2016
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Installs: 50,000 - 100,000



★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★
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Backgammon is a game of skill and strategy; one of the world's classic parlour board games, played for recreation and gambling. Like Mahjong, Backgammon is played in social groups in coffee houses and bars. Historically, variants of this game are believed to have originated in Egypt over 3000 years ago, from where it was adopted by the Romans and then later travelled to India. It also spread to East Asia, but was largely replaced by Xiangqi (Chinese chess). It is now very popular in the West.

-- Strong Backgammon AI
-- 5 Difficulty levels
-- Full match play + Doubling Cube & Crawford rule options
-- 6 Boards and 4 Piece Sets
-- Single Player vs Computer or local 2 Player
-- Hint & Stats
-- Random Dice generator or Manual Dice input
-- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

*Does the Backgammon engine cheat? See "CPU Strategy" page + Manual Dice option (use real-world dice) to prove to yourself that it doesn't*


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  • Backgammon
    Jim Crutchfield Published date: January 27, 2018

    It doesn't cheat! We're wired to see intention in randomness. Of several thousand games (in 5+ yrs) I've won more than half, & doubles rolled are roughly equal. I appreciate developer's responsiveness! The app often fails to register finger taps, though. (No other app does that on my phone, and it did the same on my previous phone, so the problem must be with this app.) Hope that gets fixed soon! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    San K Published date: April 29, 2017

    I used to love this game and have been playing backgammon for 30 years but the AI will not you win on any level. It will roll twice the number of doubles versus what you roll. It 8s no longer fun when you can never win. I kept track of doubles every game and it always cheats!!! Uninstalling and looking for another game. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Raith Munro Published date: January 10, 2017

    Best backgammon Does not cheat. Really, it doesn't. Backgammon is a great mix of luck and experience. If the odds seem stacked against you then you need more of the latter. Learn a good defensive game. Rash aggressiveness seldom pays off and is a tactic for desperate times. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    John Fleming Published date: March 2, 2017

    Anyone else have this issue? The first time one of your pieces is hit in a game, your next roll will frequently be an unusable double six. I've predicted it many times: here comes the double six... I win at the highest level approximately 65-70% of the time, but I do wonder about the dice. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Ronn Smith Published date: December 21, 2017

    Best backgammon game out there. Professionally designed without going overboard. (Too many other apps sound like a casino.) Aesthetically pleasing to look at. Especially love the "ancient" board. No online version that I know of but the CPU is a formidable opponent! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Thang Nguyen-Xuan Published date: December 31, 2016

    Something is wrong with the algorithm There is something wrong in the algorithm to keep the player on the game. Either the CPU or the player has too much luck, e.g. the CPU is without doubt loosing but suddently gets couple of doubles. Vice-versa. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    DJO Manchester Published date: December 15, 2017

    Rubbish. Three double 5's then a normal followed by double 6. Playing level 5. So I check back stats on doubles rolled. Me = 135 CPU = 178. Statistically / law of average this cannot be correct. You must be upping double chance for CPU on higher levels rather than CPU skill. Explain? Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Phil Sharpe Published date: July 23, 2017

    I've got no complaints with the randomness of the dice on level 5. After hundreds of games I'm ahead on games, doubles rolled & first rolls won. The AI does lose the plot a bit when I've almost finished bearing off - it will leave a piece in my inner table til last, often ensuring that I win by a backgammon. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Franklin Lawrence Published date: April 17, 2017

    You keep saying the dice rolls are random, but that isn't remotely reasonable. Once bearing off begins the computer player clearly gets 3x the doubles of the human player. You have a bug, so stop denying it. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Robb Ryan Published date: October 11, 2017

    I’ve argued, like many others, that IA Factory’s Backgammon cheats. While proof has been provided (by myself, and others) that the game DOES cheat, AI Factory stands by their (false) claim that it’s not even possible for the game to cheat. I’m done arguing. I’m not some disgruntled player who loses constantly…I always play at level 5, plus, having played thousands of matches I’ve won approximately 75% more than I’ve lost. I’ve seen their “ai” make some of the dumbest moves that not even a beginner would make, and, on a very consistent basis, I’ve seen the “ai” get the ‘one & only roll’ that would return its piece to the board, and, simultaneously, knock at least one of my pieces off. Nevertheless, I’ll continue playing AI Factory’s Backgammon, as it’s still, playability-wise, the best Android backgammon. The point I’m making is, the game DOES cheat…no more arguing. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Andy Newton Published date: July 22, 2017

    A challenging opponent, at your choice of 5 levels. I enjoy level 5 where I can just keep my nose ahead of the AI. (It would be good if a level 6 AI could be developed, with perhaps a better long term strategic view.) Bad luck and good luck are fairly and evenly shared between player and AI. That is, over a sufficiently large number of games for randomness to do its thing. Strangely, the AI can often throw a very unlucky dice score for itself - but it never complains or accuses me of cheating. It is an ultra-cool player! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    UTexas Allie Published date: March 15, 2017

    Actually, I think that the game could be a bit more challenging on level 5, single player. The AI takes some risky moves that a human player would not. All other aspects, great! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Matthew Bell Published date: March 28, 2017

    Good little Backgammon game. Fun to play with friends down at the pub and good range of difficulty on single player. Would be nice to have more harder levels as Level 5 is starting to become easier. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Tom Graham Published date: June 23, 2017

    Good for passing the time. The dice rolls are certainly not random and fairly easy to predict. If I do this, the computer WILL roll that. When the computer doubles, that means it will roll a double next time or at least it will 90% of the time it seems. Six doubles in a row just don't happen in real life. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Korrey Laderoute Published date: February 20, 2017

    Not bad, if you don't mind the AI cheating constantly. I've tried to play nice, and every time, it takes me out and makes it so I am unable to move my pieces until nearly all the AI's pieces are off the board! However, it helps the time go by when I need it to. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Published date: October 17, 2017

    The problem with "difficulty levels" in backgammon is that there are a limited number of strategic natural rolls, and perfect rolls, in any given board situation. The only way to make backgammon more difficult, beyond that point, is to fix the dice. And that's exactly what this app does. Levels 1 to 3 seem to play normally, but the fix starts to creep in at Level 4. Level 5 is blatantly fixed (12 CPU doubles to no Player doubles) just does not happen in the real world. And I've been playing for over 40 years. And, I've discovered that on Level 5, if the Player immediately offers the doubling cube on his/her first or second roll, it calms the CPU's incessant perfect rolls and doubles. But if the CPU offers the doubling cube back to the player later in the game, then the incessant perfect rolls and doubles return. AI Factory can deny that the "fix is in" all they want, but reality contradicts their professed innocence. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    LJ Scott Published date: January 1, 2017

    GREAT SELF ESTEEM BOOSTER! The price is right and the game play is spot on. I love the fact that they felt the need to explain in detail why their A.I. at the top level is so hard to beat... But I routinely beat it nearly 2 to 1! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Published date: March 4, 2017

    There's a problem with the cpu having robust advantage in its rolling doubles, along with the timing of those doubles, the amount of doubles rolled in total for each game, as well as rolling just what it needs way too often. The blanket response from the developer that there is no problem in light of the numerous complaints regarding this issue is disrespectful and disingenuous. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Sean Gillings Published date: February 6, 2018

    1) re-throw 1st dice option (standard rule) 2) allow back even after end (to retry end game strategy) 3) improve end game play at higher levels so pieces moved out of opponents home area once there is no further chance of hitting a blot. Several times the app moved other pieces so it lost 3 points rather than just 2. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Laurel Fitzhugh Published date: February 26, 2017

    2017: they have seriously improved the AI. It's really challenging now. ~2010: Looks good (lots of choices), plays well. Lots of options. The game is not that challenging, even at a 5 level, but it is more challenging than other bg apps I've tried. I used to think all it lacked was auto bearoff, but now that they've added that, it's ironic: the auto bearoff is just as bad when it's my pips as theirs. I love this game anyway. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Jody Orlando Published date: June 23, 2017

    There is no way that this isn't fixed. The CPU dice always gets double 6s? And always rolls the dice needed to get me out. Its frustrating. No way can a player but double 6s all the time. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Frank O'Brien Published date: February 16, 2017

    It doesn't cheat ands plays competitive game. I've won 48 matches to CPU(5) winning 23. We've played 615 games. I've won 52℅ 1st rolls, and got 50% of doubles (same as CPU). To improve CPU play, might be a bit too adverse to getting hit, a bit too quick to double, and could improve bearing off optimization. Thanks for enjoyable game. I figure your algorithm lets me win on purpose, which is of course pure genius. Sorry so many still see an evil hand behind just randomness of rolls. One needs to play anticipating a bit of bad luck, and where the rewards justify the risk, take some chances. Much like life. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    VIncent Caradelli Published date: July 18, 2017

    Design by a megalomaniac. Computer cheat. Makes 5 times more double than you. Don't waste your money. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Andreas Mattas Published date: February 10, 2018

    Lately the dice in not any more fair at lvl 5. This was applied few months ago because was really eazy to win even at high lvls. Still its eazy to win lvl 5 but we hope in the future, they will improve the A.I. than tampering dices. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Peter W Published date: April 24, 2017

    Nice backgammon game, sometimes a bit trigger-happy, watch your fingers, or you'll make a move you didn't want to make (but it has an undo!). Still think that the game engine is , let's say, quite lucky. Do dispel this, I would love to have the ability to see cumulative stats (for all games played) for winning the starting toss, doubles per game, etc. for CPU vs. player. Basically, the law of big numbers, which should show presence or absence of trends. I have played well over 100 games by now, and still have the (wrong?) suspicion that the CPU has, on average, just a bit more luck with the dice than I do. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    James Dew Published date: August 1, 2017

    The algorithm used for the "random dice" makes the last roll of the game doubles over 90% of the time. Still I win 77% of 5-game matches while set at the most difficult level. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Matt Marshall Published date: November 23, 2017

    I really like this app and have played almost daily on my commute for several months. My only complaints are that the AI seems to accept doubles quite readily if the remaining moves are comparable, despite being in a clearly worse strategic position. To highlight this, The CPU (on hardest) has actually won more rounds than me (95 vs 84), but lost in points (116 vs my 160). Also, I can't understand why, in a Gammon vs Backgammon situation, the AI doesn't move its last pieces from outside my home area to reduce the points conceded. Instead, it prioritises moving the nearest pieces into its home, giving me 3x doubling cube value vs 2x Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Joy Steinhart Published date: April 30, 2017

    Best backgammon app out there right now! 99 cents is a trivial amount to pay to remove the lag-inducing ads in the free version. Also, has anyone else noticed that very frequently the starting roll is the same multiple games in a row? And that the first two rolls of the game are often the same? Also, please improve the very convenient auto bear-off feature. e.g. I have 2 pieces in the third row, 2 in the second row, and 0 on the first row. I roll a 3 and a 1. It will move both pieces from the third row, leaving 3 pieces in the second row and 0 in the first row. It should have moved a piece from the second row to the first row. That goes both ways. I've won a lot of close games because the AI was incompetently bearing off. I still definitely recommend this app! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Martin Davidson Published date: January 1, 2017

    Great App Only complaint is that the AI is a bit stupid on level 5 sometimes and will move other pieces meaning he will fail to prevent a gammon or backgammon. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Kim H. Published date: May 13, 2017

    Ok so the cpu doesn't cheat. Whatever. But it does win the lion's share of who starts first, and it gets doubles far more often than I do. Still, a good game to pass time. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Stephen Aleppo Published date: April 4, 2017

    This game is truly brilliant and ive bought a lot of games on the play store. Graphics are good and gameplay total addictive. One tiny criticism, it is not clear while playing the free version that there is a paid for version. The adverts drove me potty until I clicked on see more games and then realised that peaceful bliss was only 99p away. A true classic. Take no notice of all the moaners whining about the cpu cheating......some people are incapable of losing anything gracefully. I've played hundreds of games and the cpu has shown no advantage whatsoever. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Published date: February 14, 2018

    If the dice are truly random, why would every roll be the same for a game if I undo every play back to the beginning? For example rolled 1-4. Ai won and played. I roll a 1-4. I play. Ai rolls double 5's... Play almost to the end with only a couple pieces left to play and undo the entire game and the dice rolls the same. Others can try. I suspect you seed your randomizer on game initialize and it will always have the same sequence for that game. Not a true random sequence. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    A Google User Published date: January 22, 2017

    After not playing for ages until the CPU was stripped of its rampant cheating, I thought I would give it another try. Somehow they have made it worse. In one game I rolled 1 double to the cpu's 14. Get it in a panic & watch it roll doubles. Another thing it does is it has the ability to roll the exact number it needs time & time again. I have set up the game board to test this and 100% of the time it rolls a perfect roll. On level 5 the game will throw constant 5's & 6's to players 1's & 2's. This is evident in massive dice total difference in after round stats. Autobear is a joke and just moves all your pieces into the "6" column of home. I have gone back on losing autobear games and done it manually and won the game. Dev can't make it smarter, just makes random number pool smaller to assist. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Cobra Commander Published date: September 2, 2017

    Despite what the developer States the computer frequently gets lucky rolls to get out of situations such as getting a double right when it needs it to win the game or rolling the exact combination to get the one free space in your end and capture one of your pieces. I have seen the computer get four doubles in a row on multiple occasions, something which I doubt is statistically feasible in real life based on my experiences with dice games. I frequently will play moves counter to what I really want to do because of the probability that the computer will roll against that move so that I can go back and do what I really wanted to ensure the computer is rolling fairly. Sorry devs, I have played hundreds of games and seen way too many instances of the above to believe it is 100% random chance. Any statement to the contrary is meaningless without countering evidence. That being said this is still and amazingly well-developed game in both look and function. I advise other users who play solo to use my strategy and not be afraid to take back moves to help ensure the computer is not able to take hidden advantages based on your moves. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Mike Horne Published date: February 21, 2017

    I think the algorithms are set in favour of the cpu. I played aggressively and defensively and the cpu still takes my pieces and seems to get the right combination where as i don't. Suspicious!! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Bertram Moshier Published date: March 27, 2017

    Several years ago, I requested the developers add the ability also to score by the pip count. The response was great idea we'll add it in the next release. It has been YEARS and still no pip scoring, too! Why? Otherwise great game! Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Ionut Stefanescu-Sturz Published date: December 10, 2017

    Stats: 40 games Me- CPU: 12-28 points Opponent pieces hit: 64-84 Doubles rolled: 127-172 First dice won: 21-19 As one can see, only the first dice won average is statistically correct (about 50-50). The rest proves what a lot of reviewers claimed, the game is rigged at level 5 (all the above was at level 5). IF what the devs are saying about the dice machine being completely random is true, then the only logical conclusion is that the game AI is NOT using the dice generator all the time, and is pulling convenient numbers when needed instead. Not only the average doubles are rigged, but also dice needed to re-entry (AI never sits out more than 2-3 rolls, vs the player sitting out 5-6 rolls; other examples include hitting the opponent pieces, rolling useful vs. useless doubles, etc.) When about 70 percent of reviewers are saying the same thing I suggest the devs take their own advice and pay attention to it instead of dissing them with the standard reply that can be read after every review that gives them less than 4 stars. I am wiling to bet a similar reply will be found after my review, as well. Shameful, considering I paid for this game. Should have stuck with the free version. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Guy Moosburger Published date: June 13, 2017

    Playing it at its most difficult level is like playing against the best players in the world. Be prepared to be dominated. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Andrew Turner Published date: February 1, 2017

    I'm not going to post a review that says the game is rigged because the cpu always seems to get the exact roll they need, just to have the developers reply that the dice are random. I'm just going to say if I could roll dice like the cpu I'd be living on a yacht in Monaco. Full Review

  • Backgammon
    Iulian Timofte Published date: July 17, 2017

    Game is cheating like hell,all your excuse is not working.randome dice...realy. Why you do not count only double dice that i use in game? Not all including the double that i can not use because i have pieces out off table? Full Review