Bloons TD 4

Bloons TD 4

You've been waiting patiently, thousands have requested it and finally it's here

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Updated: April 17, 2013
  • Requires Android: 1.5 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000




The monkeys are getting serious and are ready to take down the enemy from the land, air and sea in the style of classic tower defense. Utilising a ranking system you can build up your experience and gain access to powerful towers and upgrades. Call in mortar strikes, deploy the monkey aces and harness the power of banana farms as you bid to take down the enemy in true bloon popping fashion.

Bloons® TD 4 Android features a mix of classic tracks from the online game as well as a whole host of new tracks for you to master. The medal ranking system adds an extra level of difficulty to the challenge. Can you battle through all 75 rounds to earn the gold medal?

Of course, even if you do, the fun doesn't stop there and you can continue the madness in freeplay mode. Discover how many rounds can you survive before the enemy overpowers you.

Bloons® TD 4 has some special bonuses which you can discover and unlock by mastering the tracks!


• All of your Bloons® TD 4 favourites, including the all powerful Sun God.
• 15 different tracks.
• 3 difficulty settings on each map, Easy, Medium and Hard for varying degrees of challenge.
• Continue the popping frenzy in freeplay mode once you master a track.
• Special bonus unlocks.


10,642 total
5 6,081 
4 1,021 
3 511 
2 338 
1 2,691 

  • Bloons TD 4
    Jonathan Barretta Published date: August 6, 2015

    Wish I could play it (galaxy tab s 4) I used to play this via an iOs device. I recently switched to an android device, found this app, paid for it, and it will not even open. Unacceptable. This game was awesome on the other device (mainly because it worked), and I anticipate a prompt fix to this issue, or a refund. I would readily give this 5 stars based solely on my previous experience, however the fact that it won't even open is extremely disappointing. Please fix this ASAP Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    A Google User Published date: August 30, 2012

    Best Game Ever (updated review) After all these updates, flawless. Using Samsung GS2 Tmobile. Playing it is awesome, and just so much fun. All my suggestions added, now matches apple version well. No force closing. Only an issue with locking the phone in game, and coming back in... Colors get messed up. Always happy to see more updates. Thanks!! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Shawn Hart Published date: March 25, 2017

    Kind of ridiculous. I paid for this game a while ago and I have been able to play it in the past on other Android devices, but that part couple of times that I've tried to download and play the game I haven't been able to. It gets to the logo screen and then shuts me out completely, freezes up my phone and then takes forever in order for me to even be able to use my phone again. Please fix. I LOVE this game and would love to be able to play it again. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    A Google User Published date: August 27, 2012

    Awesome game but in app purchases dont work! I was playing yesterday and ALL of my gold medals disappeared. I played today and bought all upgrades because i had 6 gold medals and they wernt unlocking. I turned them on and played and they didnt work! They automaticly turn off! DO NOT BUY BECAUSE ITS $10 WASTED Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Nathan Dennison Published date: December 26, 2017

    This game use to be my bread and butter. Countless hours were put into it. Purchased it YEARS ago and have played ever since. Now the past few phones I've had won't even open the app. I'll go to open it, get the loading screen, then I get kicked out of the app. EVERY TIME. This has been going on for over a year now. Be better Ninja Kiwi. Come on. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    A Google User Published date: February 26, 2013

    Awesome game! This game is amazing. But... It would be better if it gets some stability issues fixed, I noticed that after 90 waves the game starts to crash, and it's not my phone trust me. Also would be great if there was a version optimized for tablets like iOS did. But other than that, I love this game! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Dalton Land Published date: February 17, 2013

    So much fun Put a good 5 or 6 hours into this game since it was realesed . Never had any problems with crashing or freezing. Im on level 140 or so and it does start to lag (of course). This game handles very well on mobile and the ui is very easy to use. Good conversion of a browser game. 6/5 stars all day every day Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    William Macomber Published date: December 6, 2012

    One of the BEST! This is an incredibly awesome game and it dosnt take long to load up. I recommend it to everybody, but i want to know: when is the fifth one going to come to android? And now that we are talking about new games,, are you going to put zombie assault tower defense for android? Please reply! Thank you! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    jennifer thurstan Published date: March 2, 2017

    I absolutely love this game so I bought it on this device and struggle to open it. It will go onto the bloons TD 4 logo then close down most of the time. It opens ever once it a while, but that's not good enough, please fix this so I can give these game its accurate rating of 5 stars!! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Jordan Hill Published date: December 26, 2013

    Just one problem I love the bloons tower defense series. But I always had one problem. I've been able to level up so fast and unlock everything so fast that I just sit and wait for new content. You guys make it a little too easy to level up. Fix and this game easily makes five stars. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Peter J Higgs Published date: February 7, 2015

    Bugs again! I installed the game and pressed on it to play, it got to the first part and then it crashed. I tried this multiple times and it still didn't work so I uninstalled and installed again and guess what? It doesn't work. This game is amazing but the bugs aren't. If you fix this I will give you a higher rating. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Katie Knight Published date: April 16, 2017

    I had this game when I was younger and I remember the hours I spent playing and how fun it was. I was super excited to find this game in the Play Store to recreate the nostalgia. I was devastated to see that after paying the $2.99, the app couldn't even get past the logo screen. I currently have the "best phone yet" or the galaxys so I would expect that if I pay for something, I get it. Do. Not. Get. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Brianna TheBruceAlmighty Published date: May 31, 2016

    Won't Open Everytime I try to start the app, it will go to the Super Monkey loading page then go to black and exit the app. No matter what I do, it keeps doing that. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, even turned my phone on and off, but it won't work. Amazing game but it just won't work, please fix this!! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Phillip Spina Published date: July 24, 2016

    Crashed App crashed when I tried to save and quit. Cleared cache and data and even tried uninstalling it wiping my dalvik/cache and reinstalling and still nothing. I'd like a refund so I can purchase TD5 instead. Also their support email is nonfunctioing so good luck getting in touch with them. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Walrus VanDine Published date: June 23, 2015

    This game is nothing like the 5th game. It's to easy. There needs to be more towers and harder levels. In the crate was a beekeeper but I don't know if its the same for everyone. I dislike this game and will contemplate about giving 5 stars if you put this into consideration. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Mickey Flag Published date: August 23, 2015

    Won't open Please help! App will get to the super monkey opening image, then it goes back to the screen I was on previously. I have tried multiple things to get it to work, bit I can't. I really love this game, but if not fixed, I expect a refund! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Andrea Maxwell Published date: August 26, 2015

    My favourite game I love this game. I've been playing it for years on my computer and was over joyed when I saw it for Android and have been playing it for a couple of years now on my phone. Please create new tracks!! I've bought and unlocked everything and have beat them all. I keep clearing the game and starting over but a new track or tower would be amazing! Please!!! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Amy Kernan Published date: September 25, 2015

    Please fix the bug! I love this game. I have been playing it for years, but now it won't open half the time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. I have tried restarting my phone. I have pushed the icon 25 times in a row, only to have it close during loading every single time. It is a 5 star game, but has fallen to 1 star because of the issues with it not opening. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Andrew Carroll Published date: July 1, 2015

    Crashes can't play I tap the icon and the fame starts to load then it takes me back to home screen. I have a note 4 and all other games run flawless. This game has serious bugs that need to be addressed. Fix bugs and will give a better rating but as of now it's a 1 star Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Umar Hamid Published date: January 24, 2016

    Won't Open Probably one of the best games out there. This game was great before the update. It won't open now no matter what or how I try to open it. It will open and after 5 seconds crash. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help. This game deserves 5 stars but this problem reduces it to 1 star. Please Fix. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    GUNSNZ Published date: June 25, 2016

    I used to really enjoy this game but i cant open it! It just goes to the super monkey logo then closes again. I've tried several times and a whole lot of other things to get it started. Nothing seems to be working Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Silverado Hawks Published date: January 22, 2017

    I really liked this game on the computer I would always play it everyday. And then I download it on here an paid for it. So I played for about 10 minutes and closed the app and when I went to go back on it loads up to the title than exits to the home page. One of the biggest mistake purchase I had on the store. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Labin Gurung Published date: August 24, 2015

    Keeps on crashing I just purchased this app because I have been playing this game on iPhone. But on android phone it doesn't even load up. It keeps on crashing. Need a bug fix, fast. Otherwise waste of money Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    tacara corley Published date: January 11, 2017

    Thank god this game is addictive The app crashes constantly. Randomly crashes multiple times in a day for no reason. And almost every time I leave the app and return to it it crashes upon start up. If this game wasn't so addictive I would have been fed up by now. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Mark Nitis Published date: April 3, 2016

    This APP SUCKS DO NOT BUY Bought it and was so excited to play. THE APP DOESN'T OPEN ON ANDROID PHONES. And I tried to contact the developers for a refund for this horrible app. 3 months have gone by and still nothing. DO NOT BUY THIS APP BECAUSE IT WILL NOT WORK. And to the developers, I'm filing a claim with google within the week. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Sienna Seychell Published date: January 15, 2016

    DO NOT BUY It does not work and is a waste of money i just purchased it last night and it will not open whenever i press on the app it has a monkey on the screen for a few seconds but then it flashes to my homepage. Whatever you do please don't waste your money on this game because it won't work ! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Galvitorix 699 Published date: November 15, 2016

    Please patch I love this game always have but it glitch out so much now takes a few times to get it to finally open and I can make any in game purchases. Error code something or other. Please fix this. I'd love to go back to playing it. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Scott Rebar Published date: October 31, 2015

    Crashes on start up! Starts the loading screen, but then closes out! Fix it! ***Two weeks now; no update or response to my review and I'm still unable to play, or even get the app to open! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Harry T Published date: December 24, 2016

    I would really give this app a five star due to having played it on my old iphone for years. Unfortunately since I have switched over to my new htc 10 and paid for the app again becaused I loved it so much. I was rather dissapointed that the game would not even launch once without crashing before even getting to the main menu. So yeah... Please fix. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Jason Moult Published date: September 10, 2016

    Won't Open - disregarded comments This game crashes before even starting up, bombs out every time to the home. Its a paid game and this service is unacceptable. REFUND or FIX Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Matthew Webster Published date: December 26, 2014

    Doesn't work with android 5.0 This app used to be great. I stopped playing it for a while and now it won't open. When I try to open it I get a black screen and then it goes back to my home screen. The only thing I can think of that's different is I updated my nexus 7 2013 to android 5.0.1 lollipop from 4.4.4 kitkat. Very disappointing Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Rafael Taboada Published date: June 9, 2016

    Now I would give it 5 stars but it keeps closing on me as soon as I open on the app. I open it, screen goes black to show only the super monkey loading screen, and then shortly after, it closes. If this problem can be fixed then for sure I would rate this game 5 stars. Nexus 6p. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Published date: January 3, 2017

    Keeps crashing and having memory error I like the game I always play it on the PC but considering it costs money on the phone I would expect less bugs. I am playing on a OnePlus 3T and the game crashes very often and once you get to a certain point looses progress and crashes due to a memory error. Please fix because other than these bugs I think it's a great game with good potential. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Annora Q Published date: December 19, 2015

    Open Every time I try to open it shows a black screen for three seconds then closes out! It is so frustrating. It would 5 stars of I could actually play. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Da Boss Published date: December 1, 2015

    ANDROID USERS DO NOT BUY I just bought this game and it won't open so I emailed the support team and apparently this game is no longer supported. The newer Android OS will not run this game. Basicly they're selling an app that doesn't work any more. Please listen to me, don't waste your money. If you don't believe me check the other reviews. I have an LG G2 with 5.0.2 Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Mason Guy Published date: August 29, 2016

    Will not open. When I had my I pod 5, I was hooked to the game, and it was free. Now I have a blackberry and I wasted money for something I can't access. I also heard that android is suffering the same problem!!! If you want a 5 star, make it 100% accessible on every phone, NOW!!! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Jess Best Published date: August 11, 2016

    Used to love it But it doesn't work on my S6. It will open, show the loading screen then shut down. Wrote that review 1 year ago and nothing has been fixed. Very disappointed and will be a 1 star rating!! Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Samuel Published date: August 30, 2015

    Crashes I would love to play this game. Everytime I open it, it doesn't go passed the monkey then shuts down. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still doesn't work. So waste of money unless they fix it. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Nicholas underwood Published date: June 1, 2013

    Cars and selling them This game is great but if their was more cars. Also why can't I sell a car I have. Both of these are problems that need to be fixed. Also it freezes my phone alot you should put a graphics quality adjuster on the app. Please and thanks. Full Review

  • Bloons TD 4
    Cam Paulding Published date: July 3, 2017

    I love the game, have for years. But I think it's insane that you pay $3 and the app crashes all the time. Can't even load the game sometimes. I have free games that run better than this does. Use the money you're getting and fix the app. Should be no reason why it crashes all the time. Full Review