Boom Boom Football

Boom Boom Football

Get in the game and lead your team to victory with Boom Boom Football!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Updated: October 21, 2015
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Boom Boom Football requires at least 1GB of RAM to play.

Build your team, plan your strategy, and hone your skills to lead your team to football glory!

- Chance and skill collide in highlight-reel gameplay moments!
- Manage your team by collecting over 300 football player cards!
- Train and evolve your best players to dominate the field!
- Crush the competition in epic one-on-one gridiron battles!

- 5 card classes to play with including Gold, Platinum, and All Star.
- Prove yourself with Boom Bowls against some of the best teams in Boom Boom!
- Go for glory against real players in special Boom Battle events!

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25,063 total
5 15,739 
4 3,408 
3 1,760 
2 946 
1 3,210 

  • Boom Boom Football
    Tustp 420 Published date: February 22, 2016

    A New Personal Favorite This game is GREAT. it has a cool soundtrack, something I'm not used to in a mobile game. As a foot ball game, the system is easy to pick up, decent players are easy to come by with a little work, and it has a competitive feel. I get a little rush when i hit that field goal in over time. Also, and I think, most Importantly, its a game that's win-able, for free. Definitely a must play 10/5 stars. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Justin Vos Published date: December 14, 2017

    I did a free gold thing for 940 coins to install and play Lords Mobile and get my Hero to LVL10. Did that and no gold. The offer vanished when I opened Boom again. The "missing gold" option where the offers are doesn't work. Please rectify because up until now I was enjoying the game and recommending it to people. Thanks. Feedback would be great. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Young Kim Published date: October 30, 2015

    Awesome Football Game The game used to be very unbalanced. Probablity was not on your side. After the update, that changed. Probablity is WAY better and the game WAY more fun. I still think it could use further tweaking though. I also think the rewards in this game are a WAY better than most cell phone games too. Only reason it didn't have 5 stars is because I still loose a bit too many favorable match ups. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Will Published date: October 21, 2015

    Great game, needs improvements I love the game, but there are some thing I'd really like to see such as: -Ability to trade with friends. -Fix tickets glitch (when you earn tickets through the daily tasks, it doesn't give you anything if you alread y have 10/10, should be like 15/10). -There has to be more boom bowls. The game really used to get me playing everyday but now that all the bowls are done, there's not much to do. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Robert Kim Published date: December 13, 2016

    Worst game ever you have to watch thousands of ads to get decent cards.. matches u up with players that are 1000 levels higher than u.. customer support people are just f#*king idiots.. dont waste your time downloading this game Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Apple Valley Taxi Published date: October 13, 2016

    CRASH!!!! Needs to stop crashing in the middle of game. Playing a 10 game contest and am 0-3 because the game crashes and I get a loss. Does this sound like fun? Don't think I'll play the other 7. Glad I didn't spend any money for this. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Shane Moctee Published date: February 25, 2016

    Game review Keeps on crashing every now and there. The game play is redundant, same actions and cinematic. Getting gold is tedious unless you agree to pay up. Upgrading players is tough. Gets boring over time. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    CALIMADE916 Published date: November 7, 2015

    Unsatisfied Not spending any real money on this game. Only been playing it for a couple days and it's fun to play but I have done a lot of earn golds with my real info have not received them. So I give this game 1 star. Still fun though. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Bruce Whipple Published date: November 3, 2015

    Kinda lame.... I love the game, it awsome but I can't login to Facebook to save my game and I have good cards that I'd like to save and I keep losing gold for some odd reason. Will rate 5 star if I can login to Facebook, help please. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Splash Tech Published date: March 24, 2016

    Game needs improvement i like the game very much its challenging and had a good graphics but sometimes it unfortunately stop/force close and disconnect even in high signal wifi. It really ruin my play. Plz fix those bugs and server errors 😁 Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Eisha Montoya Published date: April 26, 2016

    GREAT game... ...until there's nothing left to do. I just finished the New York Bowl and to my surprise... No more content. I didn't even collect an all platinum team to s it. An all gold team was sufficient. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    John trautz Published date: May 20, 2016

    Somethings up I think the game is great but in the tournaments the better u do and higher u get. theres always a problem like getting videos and now when i get them and they play they dont give me the tickets i deserve. Its been going on for a while and getting old real quick lately. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Galaga Games Published date: April 21, 2016

    Stupid Wish I could give it zero stars, I try and tap on the app but only said unfortunately boom boom has stopped. Big pile of 💩 Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Tristan Leonard Published date: October 24, 2015

    Great game, but I genially love this game. I've had a blast playing it, but in the past 2 days I've lagged out of the game multiple times making me gain at least 10 or more losses for my team. I went from like 250-40-45 to 300-60-49 and I only posed about 5 of those games the others I lagged out of. This is a problem that defliently needs to be fixed its aggravating. Plus getting gold is really hard unless you spend money or do the offers. Please fix that too. The this game will def be 5 stars 😊 Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Allan Johnston Published date: November 26, 2015

    Very good game But 1 major problem,my tablet keeps saying sync error and then I lose games and I didn't even get to play them...its taking away my score, a few games every now and then...please fix your issues with your server..nobody wants to spend hard earned money on a game that keeps taking away from you Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Andre Lee Published date: December 30, 2017

    I enjoy playing the game but a lot of times I have a clear advantage and my timing is on point but still end up in the red. Also hitting the bonuses is supposed to guarantee results but at least 35% of the time I end up in the red hitting bonuses, not understanding that, please explain Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Aiden Pournaras Published date: January 18, 2018

    Great game concept but just get rid of the free gold thing in the store. There is no use for it. I know you're just trying to trick people into making you money, so quit. Every time I do a "quick" action or download and run an app, I don't get gold. The only things I can get gold from are ads, which only gives me 2 gold. I hope you get rid of this "feature" or at least make it work. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Thirsty Fatso Published date: December 2, 2016

    Help me pls I really love this game but everytime add pops up and when it ends, it takes sometime (like 1min)to be back ingame, its like all black screen but the sound is on. After sometime its all cool no problems, but it stops. Like i get ready to play next game and it stopes, which is counted as loss. Plssss help mee Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Avion Craig Published date: January 30, 2016

    This has to have a little bit more to it than catching the ball and kicking field goals. I like it if u controlled the person , I would give five but fix that first I gave 4 for support Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Chad Welle Published date: June 3, 2016

    Has potential to be one of the best Football games. However, with very slow loading sp33d and constant crashes in the middle of game play it becomes very irritating. Like other HOTHEAD Games it loads very slow and needs update. IF SO IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST! Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    fine dining Published date: November 23, 2016

    Ok Its good concept but needs more work. A lot if gliches and it freezes when i try to check prizes. No its not my phone....... Also after i finished the first cup and logged out, when i came back it was deleted and forced to restart..... So work on it Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Tim Wildes Published date: November 2, 2015

    10/25/15 been hooked for a month now playing every day and spending paypal for gold but as of today all I can do is watch the load screen with the football spinning. what I'm reading from other reviews is that it has something to do with the games new update? please fix asap. GO PATS! 11/02/15 DELETED THE GAME FROM MY TABLET. CAN'T PLAY IF IT DON'T LOAD. CAN'T SPEND PAYPAL ON GOLD IF GAME DOSEN'T LOAD. GOOD JOB ON YOUR GAME UPDATE. BOOM BOOM'S LOSS NOT MINE. BYE Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Marty Coffman Published date: February 16, 2017

    I think the coward who created this app or whoever I communicated with is a cheater on some power trip. You build your team, make them stronger only to lose more often by having to face teams u have NO CHANCE to beat. At least that's how he has treated my team. Get a team, just don't speak your mind or you're targeted. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Chad Littlejohn Published date: May 18, 2016

    Boom boom is cool Just takes up alot of data but it's real time killer it's cool as hell though play it all the time now pretty much addicted to it we should play it stores off easy Dingus little harder which is it get your silver players a level up it's more fun as it goes Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Gary Lindsay Published date: December 29, 2017

    The better I make my team, the worse my record gets. I get pitted against the same two teams over and over. Both are at least 100 points better than me so I can't win a game now. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Parker Beene Published date: February 25, 2016

    So stupid In this game u get players from packs and the higher the overall that player is more likely that player will suceed but in this game it's the complete opposite the better player it seems like the less likely they have to catch or stop a catch. This game us crap and nobody should waste their time play this Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Just Logan Published date: November 1, 2015

    Love the improvements but... I have loved it but it is getting boring, I have bought player packs soooo many times but only have gotten one platinum and a couple golds. And once you finish the bowl games there is not much to do, all you can do once you have played the bowl is wait for tickets so you can play in the event and I have waited for so long and barley moved any in the positions, so plz add more campionships to play.😊 Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    hezekiah mchenry Published date: February 26, 2017

    Great graphics. Thats it. Really its stupid i bet some jack ass that plays pokémon go made this game. Cant get no good football nowhere definitely not even on madden. Arcade football having ass. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Christopher Gorman Published date: December 22, 2015

    The chips are stacked against you. The game itself is a lot of fun, but the tournaments are incredibly frustrating. You will play the same people over and over again, all of whom have significantly stronger teams than you, regardless of how much you upgrade. The same five or six people win the tournament every week, making it impossible to get the best possible players. Do not download this if you are a competitive person by nature. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    edward Mcgill Published date: February 13, 2017

    This game is ingenious... it's easy to play it's quick it's fun let's just say my battery just about went dead on me because I couldn't stop playing... great game guys I wish it worked on my kindle fire Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Dee Jay Published date: October 24, 2015

    Slow...Lags....Synch Errors Latest update is full of bugs and synch errors all the time. Plus in the boom bowl you play the same teams over & over& over again in the boom bowls. Seriously??????? You think we won't figure it out????? This game is rigged Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Brandon Cave Published date: April 2, 2017

    If you like a game that cheats, then this game is for you. I have a plus 45 , hit the target and still loose the play. Game is bullshit unless you spend money Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Malcolm Venter Published date: April 12, 2016

    This game blows In the daily trophy they only gave me oponents that are stronger than me in all the cards,then I cant win one damn game Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Sammy Vasquez Published date: March 26, 2016

    Stupid This game is so dumb it doesn't have any elites. And plus if you think its the best football game ever its not. Madden Mobile is. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    neil loveless Published date: December 20, 2017

    Game is good enough for 4 stars, but is let down by the events. The same two are run and the same people win it. Its completely boring and has turned me off playing anymore. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Ryan H Published date: June 25, 2017

    Starts out great but why no more boom boom bowls after new York?? Gets boring waiting on tournaments that you can't win or even place good enough to win good reward without spending money ..thinking about deleting o and if you do free gold you don't get rewards Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Max Richard Published date: August 7, 2016

    This Sucks I finished the tutorial and now I can't even play. Every time I click play it just loads for a few minutes and then it just says network connection error when I have a good Internet connection. The tutorial was fun and then I really wanted to actually play the game but.. I do not recommend this game. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Michael Duffy Published date: October 24, 2015

    Legion of BOOM football Yup. Addicted! Edit: was 5 star. But since update I keep getting server sync issues. But what is frustrating is it does it after you've played a heap of games then goes back to a previous game (sometimes 5 or 6 back) so any cards received or points are lost and because it disconnected, the game you were on becomes a loss even if you won it pre server error. Bet there is no compensation either. It's done it at least 6 times to me. I couldn't even tell you what I missed out on as far as points and cards. Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Luisa Cordaway Published date: May 22, 2016

    Makes me mad Cause when i try to go on it it just kicks me out of the game. Every football game is probably better Full Review

  • Boom Boom Football
    Tyler Lonneman Published date: May 8, 2016

    I'm a little pi$$ed off, I was doing very well, won 3 games in a row got a few evolved players and your game glitches and I lost all of the updated players I had but 2 of them. You need to fix this or your not going to keep many gamers!!! Full Review