Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2

The sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.4.4
  • Updated: December 21, 2014
  • Requires Android: 3.0 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



The sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here! Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 challenges players  to build a glorious empire that will stand the test of time. This is the first game in the Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for mobile devices. Civilization Revolution 2 offers mobile strategy fans a brand new 3D presentation and more tactical depth than ever before! Find out if you have what it takes to rule the world!

Key Features:
- New Civilization - Korea

- New Leaders - Lenin the Russian communist, King Sejong king of Joseon

- New Units –  strengthen your military might with brand new combat units including Aircraft Carriers, Jet Fighters and Special Forces.

- New Technology – race to science supremacy with new technology such as: Lasers, Modern Medicine and Information Technology

- New Buildings & Wonders – grow and expand your civilization like never before with new buildings and wonders including Nuclear Power Plant, The Red Cross and Silicon Valley

- Enhanced 3D Graphics – updated 3D graphics taking full advantage of the devices graphical capability

- Scenario Challenges  - reenact historic events and battles in the Scenario Mode

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10,860 total
5 5,691 
4 2,244 
3 1,025 
2 570 
1 1,330 

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    George Liu Published date: August 4, 2015

    Fantasitx Don't listen to people who say it stinks. I grew up on civilizarion. I played the first revolution and this game plays exactly like that version. Only difference is better mobile phone graphics and added new tech and characters. The game play is amazing. It will be different from civilizarion v or iv but you have to understand this is revolution a,different genre.. of civ games. Made by the same producers but different. I have it on my ipad, note 3 and my note 12.2 pro. I highly recommend it. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Chris Modlin Published date: December 23, 2015

    A mockery of what civilization should be This game, although playable, takes all the core mechanics of civilization that we know and love then dumbs them down to the point that this game starts to have little to no strategy involved in it. If you're looking for a good strategy game and have a powerful device if recommend 2k's much truer port of xcom. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Anthony San Nicolas Published date: June 12, 2015

    My all time favorite I absolutely love this game. I've been playing this on my 360 for years and it's very similar to the app version. Don't play it on 360 anymore because I now have a xbox 1. There is a glitch in the game were you can't go to your city options and build or reset workers. You have to save back out and restart. If they can fix this I will give this game a 5 star. I can't wait for them to add more and work out all the bugs. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Justin Reeves Published date: November 4, 2015

    Lives up to Civ brand! Love this game. Worth the 💰. Great update and improvement over the first CivRev Mobile. Great graphics, multiple leaders per country, and unique units for each nation are terrific upgrades from last title. Biggest knock on the game is that each game is too short, lasting between two and four hours. With tons of achievements and unlockables, and with constantly updated scenarios, it keeps the replay value high. My second favorite mobile game behind Star Wars: KotOR. 5/5 🌟 easy Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Jason Ulrich Published date: December 28, 2014

    Solid title! Found one bug, galley in open water that discovers Atlantis will remove its ability to move and defunct the lighthouse wonder. Other than that if you love the civ games this is a simplified version that is perfect for the mobile platform! 15 bucks is steep but the game play is solid and polished. I've had one crash but the game auto saves so its not a big deal. If you love civ then its worth the money! Played it in my note 4 and my nexus 7. Definitely prefer the tablet gameplay! Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    George Weiss Published date: September 30, 2015

    Good but.. Its decent. I would have preferred a function that allows for a better "God's Eye" view of the game (straight down vice at an angle). Civ Rev 1 allowed to u to switch between the 2, so why not this one? The way you select units makes it harder to manage your troops. Why do i have to hold down to select them vice just selecting them in Civ Rev 1? Well, thats $10 ill never see again. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Aaron Barone Published date: December 23, 2015

    Works well enough I suppose... not many differences between this and the 1st game. But I'm just glad to have civ back in my life. Any way I'm writing this review to report a bug. Not sure what triggers it but the city panel doesn't work sometimes... the camera snaps to the city and acts just as it should... I can pinch/spread like normal but the menus/buttons just aren't there... saving, closing the app, and restarting fixes it for a little while so I guess it aint that big of a deal. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Ty Frazier Published date: June 29, 2015

    Good game but.. Can't load any units into the new transport aircraft, bug? Also when starting as America, JFK, cant produce archer units even after researching bronze,, bug? Please fix, because I'm a fan of the civilization series and would love to give 5 stars but just can't under the circumstances. Update: appears fixed. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Kyle Joseph Published date: December 24, 2016

    Fun But Full Of Bugs I'm enjoying the game, especially at the sale price but it's very buggy. The city menus disappear all the time and trying to click the icon above units stops working. Every time I have to reboot the game but that doesn't always fix the issues. If they'd fix the bugs and keep the price point low this would be a 4-5 star game for sure. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Saim Bhatti Published date: February 17, 2016

    Not like usual PC civilization game, oversimplified too much 1) There is no option for conquest victory. Game ends after set turns even if you pick conquest. Plz allow unlimited turns. 2) I liked civ 1 over this, better graphics at the cost for game complexity really kills it for me. 3) Please fix battery drain. 4) Multiplayer option would greatly increase replay value. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Cody Peters Published date: January 7, 2017

    Good but needs to fix some bugs Sometimes can't see the menu when you go into the city, have to save and reload. My biggest pet peavey for the game is I can't seem to unlock any leaders in the game no matter how many times I successfully complete the objectives. Please fix this and I will give 5 stars. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Get Rikkity Rekt Published date: April 24, 2017

    This game is amazing. Please keep making them for Android, and I will buy every one. This game does have it's fair share of bugs. Every once in awhile you will not be able to see the city view anymore. To fix that SAVE your game then return to the main menu and load it again. Problem fixed. A bug fix would be greatly appreciated, but I love this game either way. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Chris Pizzy Published date: February 23, 2015

    Nice strategy game Fun game and it ran smoothly on my s5, but I feel like I'm left wanting more. Just when I started getting big and bad......boom....over. I was hoping for much for 15 bucks. I've only played a few hours and the game is over. Maybe I'm missing something? I barely opened the map. If I am not seeing something, please someone tell me. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Tom Meyer Published date: December 26, 2016

    Great game, but price is way too much I've been playing this game for a few months now, and I love the game. However, like with all games there are minor bugs, which you'd expect. I paid over £11 for this game, I must of been drunk at the time, as I would never pay that much for an app ever. Fair enough if it was £5, but not over £11. Also, the games are too short and time goes by too quickly. When on an easier level you are able to wipe out all other civilisations, however on a harder level you don't have enough time to do this. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Si Co Published date: February 13, 2016

    Good Good game. Runs smooth. I have no issues with it. Has very similar gameplay as PS3 version civ lV. I wouldn't expect gameplay to be like PC version, that's just dumb. Other reviews say it freezes or force close, I have a cheap phone (LG Stylo) and played for hours once downloaded, no issues yet. Then again Im running with 2 gigs of ram. Sometimes its the app, sometimes its the phone. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Ricki Lee Published date: July 28, 2017

    This is a brilliant game, one of the few decent turn based strategy games that mobile gaming has to offer. I really loved the console version too. It's really upsetting that they've just left this game for years with no updates. There's been an award "coming soon" since I downloaded it like two years ago. Please update this game for the die-hard fans. And start doing online events again! Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Mark Stump Published date: July 11, 2015

    Simple, quick and so addictive! I know its not as detailed as the PC version its not supposed to be. I want something I can play on a tablet without difficulty. This does that. Only issue is IMO it hasn't been improved enough since v1 5+ years ago. Could have done with more than a few units and buildings. Great game though. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    K.L. Kosier Published date: July 12, 2015

    Doesn't update "live events" It's been at least 6 months since they have changed the live events. All they do is change when the current event expires. There is also virtually no difference between this game and civilization revolution 1. So if you have the first one, don't waste your money Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Mikel Ward Published date: July 7, 2017

    Civilization on my phone! Very well designed and fun to play. Shame it has some bugs. In particular, autosave/continue doesn't work properly, it's too easy to accidentally move units (with no undo), and it insists on having access to my Google calendar (along with a few other minor issues). Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    David Thai Published date: April 5, 2015

    Heats and drains my Shield Tablet. Also needs a manual. I feel bad for anyone trying to run this on a lower-spec tablet. No control issues but it could do with a manual or a much more thorough tutorial. I only accidentally discovered that 3 units make an army. It's good for what it is, i.e. Civ-Lite. Bug: "3 population in 3 cities" objective actually only completes at population 4. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Lorenzo Arredondo Published date: November 20, 2016

    Love this This game is awesome. My only gripe is that there are bugs that haven't been fixed in months. One is when the phone goes asleep and you wake it up to return to the game you'll find the city menus gone. Also, the swipe to end turn image goes into super fast animation. Overall, great game! Fix bugs for 5 stars. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Ron Wright Published date: October 23, 2016

    Do not waste your money. I love this game, but... There are a few issues. The city interface does not come up if I turn my screen off and back on (Just save and reload to fix). The worst part though. None of the achievements are working. There are new Great Leaders to play as which is exciting at first... Until you find out you cannot unlock any of them. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Nick Malinowski Published date: April 7, 2015

    Good to have mobile! Stripped down version of Civ, much better suited for mobile. Great fun, looks good. But seems to run heavier than it should. HTC One M8 has no issues, older Transformer TF300 has some slowdown here and there, and I've run much better looking games better on it, slight disappointment there. Game does have tutorial, and "Civopedia" for other info for those having issues. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    7 B Published date: August 22, 2015

    Similar to civ revolution on console Great job on this, very similar to the console version (this is 2.0 afterall). For those upset it's not like the PC version....ummm yeah, and? The console version was diff too. They're more streamlined which is good for these platforms. A full game only takes around 2-3 hr. On the pc it was rare to finish an full game (unless you took out all your opponents early) in under 4-6 hr. I like the depth of the pc better but otherwise mobile & console are still good! BTW, Farmville is the knock off of civ (duh!) Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Nathan Negron Published date: June 24, 2017

    I love the Civ games and even really enjoy this game. But for paying $9.99 for an app I wanted all of the features to work. There are no in-game settings to adjust, to fix the problem myself. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and no luck on getting the online to work. The app just defaults to offline mode. If all the features worked on this game this would be a five star review, but I cannot justify spending $10 on an app that doesn't fully work. I am disappointed... Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Ryan Denniston Published date: April 17, 2015

    Gonna have to say it's enjoyable No idea why the Farmville quote is a top comment, almost made me pass, but glad I didn't... this is nothing like Farmville, and exactly like civilization (or pretty close to pc versions ) if you like regular civ then you should like this game if you're not a fanboy/girl that's going to pick at the differences (comon guys it's mobile, not a gaming computer) oh and important facts: no pay walls or IAPS to speak of that I've seen (yay)... played like 3 whole games in a day... worth it for time/$ ratio for me Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Damon Stevenson Published date: March 15, 2017

    If you liked the console version (CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION) you will enjoy this as well. Most bad reviews complain its not like the Civilization games. ITS NOT A CIVILIZATION GAME. ITS A CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION GAME. It's awesome. Better than the console version. I play it on the Samsung Galaxy View. Works great, no bugs that I can tell. Runs smooth as silk. More leaders and wonders to play with. BUY IT! How can you pass it up, especially since the price went down. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    David R Published date: December 7, 2015

    ADD MULTIPLAYER!!! Without the option to play others online this game gets boring very quickly. I stopped playing shortly after buying and probably won't pick it up again unless that option is added. What a terrible mistake to omit such a feature. **UPDATE 12/07/2015** Just confirming that I have not touched this game in a while because of the lack of multiplayer. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Kenneth Hunsinger Published date: March 24, 2015

    Great android version! Good job developers. Keep at it. I rated 5 stars because this version of civilization, simplified significantly, is made to be operational on an android smart phone. It runs very smooth on my Motorola and plays as the console version. Anyone that leaves a bad review on this game needs to either upgrade their phone or get over the simplification. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Adam McLarty Published date: November 26, 2015

    Civilization: Down and Dirty Great game. For those that haven't play Rev before it's not as in depth as the original game, but a single game can be finished in around an hour. It has all the components as the original, but things go fast. Build armies, research new techs, get great people, build culture, and then fight. It's the best civilization experience on mobile. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Miriam Gershenson Published date: December 29, 2015

    Great value Great game, definitely worth every penny. Can't stop playing it. My only concern (the reason I'm not giving 5 stars) is that it does freeze from time to time, so I have to close it and restart. Overall, would love it to also have a multi player function be it on the same device or (and even better) from other devices. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Christian Grabolle Published date: June 21, 2016

    Great strategy game So yeah it's not a full fledged Civ4 or sth. But honestly I wouldn't want to play Civ4 on a phone, so I think they made the right call to make this game more casual, more streamlined. It's still one of the best strategy games available for phones so thumbs up Devs :-) Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Eric Dagenais Published date: March 23, 2015

    A good desktop recreation Fun game, good graphics reasonable gameplay. I wish the maps were a little bigger with an option to cut down the number of AIs, but I'm guessing there's only so much you can do for a mobile platform. I recommend this for anyone who likes the Civilization series. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Brian Mccoy Published date: May 12, 2015

    Great game It runs great and I love civ but I feel the maps are ridiculously small and there is no option to address size in the custom scenario section. Bottom line I want real game not rehash for crappy phones. Give me full functionality I'll give it 5 stars! Galaxy tab s and gs4 Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Alex Tyrie Published date: September 23, 2016

    Good mobile game but not a good Civ game As a mobile game it's one of the best around. But for Civ fans it simply doesn't provide the same experience as any other game. There are no tile improvements/workers, depth is lacking and the world generation options are basically nom-existent. But that being said, it is better than most mobile strategy games. Another gripe is on older phones it is extremely intensive - my phone gets hot and goes through battery incredibly fast. If you want a more authentic Civ experience, check out Freeciv Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    joe waggener Published date: March 12, 2015

    UPDATE! Just received lollipop 4.0 and game works again! Ever since the new update it crashes and exists after about 2 minutes of play. Used to be fine and I loved it . Can't give anything a good rating that doesn't work. (htc one m7 with newest os) Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Jay Querido Published date: December 27, 2014

    Good game, when it works This is an expensive app, no question. Civilization is an incredible game, and this is a good version, but it's very full of bugs, runs battery, and hasn't had an update since I bought it. I expect more for this price. This would be 5 stars if 2K would at least appear to be fixing bugs. UPDATE: they've now updated it with more units. And more bugs. I'm on a Nexus 5. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Brandon Gehrum Published date: June 27, 2017

    I love civ I used 2 play on the pc great game. 1 thing I would add is the ability to create your own units and change unit stats for a scenario. You don't really get 2 create your own scenario not like you can for the pc. If you added more creation from the users to make it as they like it would be only game I play. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    Zeb Hedrick Published date: August 11, 2017

    Extremely fun, but lacks content Dont get me wrong. I love the Civ games. And while there is much more to this game than its predecessor on the 360, I feel that there is so much more that they could add. For example, more civilizations. Its cool that they added the koreans, and alternate leaders for existing civilizations, but where are the Danish, or Mesopotamians? Another suggestion is to add a larger variety of units. Full Review

  • Civilization Revolution 2
    General Phil Published date: August 27, 2015

    It's has its issues. At times I can't view the city detail list including buildings, production, citizen focus, etc. And the game immediately advances as soon as you settle your first settler. I personally like to change some things at 4000 BC like food over production before the game progresses. With an update or two this game will be perfect. Full Review