Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja

Train the world's clumsiest ninja for free on Android now!

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  • Current Version: 0
  • Updated: April 12, 2017
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Meet Clumsy Ninja, the most hapless ninja ever to grace a touchscreen!

Train him, throw him, tickle him, and even tie balloons to him. Everything you do will make Clumsy Ninja more skillful, and help him find his missing friend Kira.

Clumsy Ninja is the next generation of interactive characters! He can sense, feel, move, and react uniquely every time. Prepare to be amazed…oh, and please take good care of him!

Train your ninja to learn new tricks and super-special Ninja Moves! Impress his Sensei and earn new Ninja Belts on your way to find Kira, or just have fun with over 70 unique interactive items, including trampolines, punch bags, ball guns, a chicken and… a squirrel!

You and your ninja will travel to new locations, play new games, meet new characters, complete quests and unlock fun new items to play with. How many will you discover?

Customize Clumsy Ninja’s suits, belts and headbands to match your style. Take photos of your ninja’s craziest stunts, and share the fun with friends instantly. Keep your eyes peeled: there are many surprises waiting for you!

Clumsy Ninja is a living virtual friend who thinks and acts with real intelligence - and a lot of clumsiness! You’ll experience unique moments with your ninja and his companions every time you play!

Clumsy Ninja is the first game on touch devices to ever use the EUPHORIA simulation technology – producing the most believable character you’ll have ever seen.

Make sure you play online to gain access to the latest content and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed up online.

Requires Android OS 2.3 or later.

PLEASE NOTE! Clumsy Ninja is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.
To prevent unauthorised purchases, select “Set or Change PIN” from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the “Use PIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enter your PIN before every transaction.

Requires Android OS 2.3 and above

Clumsy Ninja is published by NaturalMotion Games

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1,157,230 total
5 837,690 
4 137,030 
3 67,572 
2 34,179 
1 80,759 

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Holly Bartley Published date: December 13, 2017

    I wish I could give this game 10 stars. It's amazing all around. It's adorable and fun. The graphics are amazing too without any glitches so far. Haven't noticed any bugs either. The developer's done amazing. It does get repetitive after a while but so far by the time it happens something new unlocks so it's still fun. Can't wait to see what else you guys do to improve the game play since everything else has been flawless so far. Great job, keep up the great work! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Sonia Clow Published date: December 13, 2017

    This game is super cute! I love my lil ninja friend! Lol. Nice story, and plenty to do to keep you busy. Will def take time to master, but it def has the potential to keep you interested in playing. Even got my wife playing it, and she usually only keeps games for a day or 2, cuz she gets bored with them. I think she'll play this one a little longer than most of the other games she's tried. I'm really happy i found this game!! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Delta Australia Published date: July 22, 2017

    This one is probably my favourite, with minecraft and clash of clans. If you don't have this Virtual Friend game, then it is you who is missing out. Install and enjoy. There's nothing bad about this game, and if Naturalmotion do want me to suggest an add-on, then maybe enable me to link the game with a new device. I was LVL 52 once but I lost it. Now I'm level 17. Hope you liked the suggestion. :) Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Squidy Ocean Published date: January 6, 2018

    I love this game, it's simple and sweet. However, there was a middle row in the item-picking menu in which I had invested many coins into to help me level up faster. Today, when I logged in, the row simply disappeared without a trace. I tried restarting my phone and clearing the backgrounding of my app, but nothing seemed to fix it. Now I only have the Training row and the Fun stuff row. It took me quite a while to get those coins and I'd really appreciate it if you brought the row back or gave me a solution to get it back. If it helps, you should also know that the 'I' on every icon which used to let you see how an item was used has also vanished. Please fix this, thank you. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Lillian Strange Published date: August 15, 2017

    This is a great game that I've played off and on over the years. I just redownloaded it, and it'd still fun to play. My only gripe is that there's no place to save your progress. Cloud, Facebook, etc. I hate having to start from level 1 every time I have to wipe/switch phones. Even an account that saves your data would be great. Fix this and it'll be 5 stars all the way for me. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Luna Runa Published date: December 24, 2017

    Okay, so I got this game on my phone, and it was amazing! Very fun, very addictive, and overall just very enjoyable. But then I got it on my Samsung Galaxy E 8 tablet, and the game was stretched out to fit the screen. I don't mean just a little stretched out either, I mean so stretched that it made it difficult to actually enjoy the game as I was once able to. Thats why I gave the game such a low rating.... Please, please fix this though! I love this game so much, but this huge handicap is holding me back from being able to play the game and have fun. I'll just delete the app for now, since I can't even play it. But I'll redownload it in the future and hopefully the problem will be fixed by then. Until that happens though, I'll keep my rating on the game low. But don't worry, as soon as you fix it, my five stars will come back! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Kim Serrano Published date: January 16, 2018

    I would have given it 5 stars because it's really fun, relaxing and addictive except after reaching level 50 the game started to force close upon trying to open for over 2 weeks so I uninstalled it since customer/tech support was 0 help. All I got was an automated message with general troubleshooting tips I had already tried. With no way to save progress sadly I have to say bye to you Clumsy. It was fun while it lasted. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    La Femme Saint Published date: September 21, 2017

    One of a kind, I play everyday.. But I'm not sure what happened recently w/any updates.. Because all of my progress is GONE!! 😭😭😭 And for some reason it won't let me connect w/Google play, only FB, which is even weirder considering I never signed in w/ my fb acct.. I'm sad about losing my all my progress lol please help!! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Noel Longoria Published date: December 11, 2017

    I really love this game, but if you don't put an update on Clumsy Ninja I'm going to uninstall this awesome game. In the next update will you please fix the part when you touch the story book then it tells you the pictures are still locked? If you put this in the new update anytime, I will start to love this game like I did before. One more thing.... If this helps.... I really really really love this app!!! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Stinging Bite Published date: August 28, 2017

    You should add a dog and a cat wearing ninja suit they can be like the chicken and the squirrel the dog can run around you and bark and find bones and sell them for coins and the cat can find fish and sell it for coins. It just sounds like a good idea the dog should be a husky or a smaller dog like a beagle so it is small like the other animals and it can sleep with the ninja the cat can just be a cat please look into this *^* looking forward to this Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Katycorn87 Published date: January 9, 2018

    I have the game on my tablet and it's a very good game and I love the characters and the chicken especially. But recently, I've been having trouble connecting it to the Wi-Fi. I mean, I get adds as usual, but it won't let me use the yellow box that would appear on the bottom left of the screen, or get the prizes from the golden eggs on the top right corner of the screen. It doesn't seem to be my Wi-Fi, since all of my other apps work fine, it just happened all of the sudden. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    JackieXD Published date: July 12, 2017

    Along time ago I downloaded this, and when I got to a certain part (I can't remember what part), it just froze and never let me pass that part. So now I tried downloading it, and it won't let me play PERIOD. I'm using an android if that's the case. But I will give this 5 stars again if u fix that! Plz do, I used to love this, until that happened. :( Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Steve Johnson Published date: April 27, 2017

    Doesn't work. When I opened the game, it asked me for a bunch of information, so I chose deny and never ask again but when I did, it wouldn't open the game. When I pressed ok, it just brought me to the same exact screen and then I couldn't open the game. I tried re-downloading, but that didn't work and now I can't play the game. Please fix this, it is very frustrating and I'm kinda upset with this. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Yolanda Green Published date: November 6, 2017

    I downloaded this game for my 6 year old daughter and I recently made quite a few purchases. She finally made it to level 16. She was so excited. Today she opened the game and you knocked her back down to level 1 and every single purchase I made was gone. Very pissed and disappointed. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Assassin Foxy Published date: January 12, 2018

    This is an awesome game! You can flip the ninja hold him by the hand,face,head,feet and arms. Plus you can decorate him any color. But my things i bought with real money and the costume section is gone and i wany my money back if i cant use what i bought. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Steven Harris Published date: October 5, 2017

    The perfect time killer! I love the humor and enjoy shooting the breeze with this cute lil' dude. He has so much personality that I've actually grown a bit attached to him and feel bad if I mistakenly push him over or toss him around, lol. Great job, guys. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Marian Bigelow Published date: August 14, 2017

    I love the game but, there are some downsides to it. 1- It takes a very long time to load. 2- I, personally, find it very hard to move the ninja the way you want him/her to go. The game is very addicting and fun otherwise, keep up the good work. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Adamo DeLucia Published date: September 9, 2017

    In a word, amazing! I usually don't leave reviews, but physics are great, and you get the sense that he's your little buddy. As a kid I was a ninja, so it's like kickin it with me. Great job! WE WANT MOOOAR! :8 Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Tina Wight Published date: May 21, 2017

    My daughter and I love this game!! The only reason why I left off the 5th star is because, I don't particularly care for having to "unlock" the girl version!! I understand that it's part of the "storyline". However it just feels vaguely sexist....But other than this. This ADORABLE game deserves 5 stars for sure!!! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Actetic Zero Published date: December 21, 2017

    This game is amazing! I just love when you start playing the game, you're already greeted by your fellow ninja friend. This game just makes me smile and laugh in every way. I for sure see potential that is hiding under neath the ground. And I hope that this game will be better than before. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Brandon Shaw Published date: September 29, 2017

    It won't let me pick him up. I can pick him up but every time I swing him around, he disappears and the app crashes. Also had it on my IPad and couldn't keep my save. Please fix for 5 stars. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Published date: May 13, 2017

    I super duper loved thiiiis. This is so cute and totally a great time killer! Its also cool that it is offline! I love when I pats his head, he is just super adorableeeee! So yeah, all in all? This is so cool and cute. I love the story. You guys should download this Clumsy Ninja 💕 Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Allyshow Tan Published date: December 29, 2017

    Sometimes it stop responding & I have to restart the app. Also when repair it reaches zero it still not available to use. Repair time takes too long also. Too much adv whenever open & close menu bar. Otherwise would have better ratings.. So I gave it 2 or 3 star only. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    King Junior Published date: July 9, 2017

    This is a great game that I've had for years, there's not much you can do other than torture your ninja and get other places to torture him, but it's a lot of fun. I enjoyed it when I was 7, and I enjoy it at 13. There's no blood, it's a great game for kids, teens, and I'm my opinion, even adults or seniors. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    N `Aqilah Published date: September 29, 2017

    It's all been well until it started to get weird. It won't load and it keeps telling me to check my internet connection although the internet is really fast. Can you fix this, please? Thank you for your attention. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Rylan Thompson Published date: February 7, 2018

    Definitely one of my favorites. Played this years ago and only reached like level 20 before switching to a new phone. Well got it again a month ago, and Ive finally reached level 52. Never thought I would make it this far. A good game if I ever saw one. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Linda Davis Published date: August 23, 2017

    We were fine until we ran out of gems! We spent money 2 get more gems but then everything got more expensive! We can't rescue his friend if we run out of gems! We have plenty of coins but they want us 2 spend gems that we don't have in order 2 get 2 the next level! Seriously? Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Qwerty Published date: June 30, 2017

    The game's absolutely HILARIOUS and I love how easily you start to bond with your ninja.. Seriously.. I would cry if I saw him get seriously injured.. well maybe not cry but it would be really sad.. ANYWAY good job guys! It's a great game! Keep up the good work. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Anna Glass Published date: June 1, 2017

    I really like this game and it used to be my favorite pastime. But now that I have gotten a new Phone I have lost all of my progress and I was pretty far along. I dont see any way to get it back onto the game but all of my achievements show up in google play games. What can I do? Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Death bed96 Published date: October 17, 2017

    The bad part about this game is, that if you buy something in this app, and you get a new phone and you try to "restore purchase". It will not restore everything. So you will have to buy the in app purchase, which you have purchase before again. Which means more money out wallet. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Rose Hunter Published date: November 18, 2017

    I need help i have been playing this and i logged into facebook i reached lvl8 and a day later my progress had been reset i tried logging back into facebook but it didnt work. Please help this game is really fun but i cant play when it keeps reseting Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    SharZar Sterling Published date: January 4, 2018

    I like the game and not much trouble, however after level 50 or so there are no more belts. This is disappointing and I do not have a reason anymore to play. Please provide more belts. Deleting until😠😠😠😤 Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    C L Featherstone Published date: October 23, 2017

    Fab game, but a great shame about its inability to save your data across devices (despite being logged into Google play). Has on the odd occasion restarted the game from scratch. Incredibly annoying for my 5 year old who got to level 15! He still loves it though! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    AJ Pate Published date: January 6, 2018

    I liked the game, though it took too many permissions and ended up in a start-up loop crash. From reading other reviews, apparently both of those are issues to others. I'll be uninstalling and I don't plan on reinstalling until I see these issues fixed, if I even give this app another chance. I can deal with how much memory this app takes up for the (mostly) offline play, but it's unplayable in this state. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Crystal Jones Published date: May 22, 2017

    Ads are more annoying and disruptive than any app i have seen. "X" doesn't appear for the longest time so that the only option appears to be to click on the ad. Not worth the annoyance even the app is free. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Destiny Leineweber Published date: December 21, 2017

    I would love it, but I had a really high level and I reset my tablet then the game like reset and all of my progress was lost. Another bad thing is that it won't let me sign in with Google. This isn't the first time these things has happened. So please fix it. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Shane Ellis Published date: November 5, 2017

    This game asked me twice with the first half hour of play if I wanted to receive notifications. I said no. Twice. Got them anyway. Uninstalled immediately. Why would Devs design the app to annoy me? Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Sydney Neslen Published date: June 13, 2017

    It was a great game, but it completely started my progress over 3 times. I even tried logging into Facebook to see if that would help saving it, but nothing that I tried would work. I have had the game on other devices and it worked, but I don't know why it did this on my phone. Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    LIKEa PRO64 Published date: January 28, 2018

    I love the game! Used to be a level 30 something but had to start over lol there might be a way to get it back though I'm just too dumb to find it haha. Always has been and will be an awesome game! Full Review

  • Clumsy Ninja
    Published date: October 16, 2017

    Never ever clear the screen in the early stages, Naturalmotion, can you please remove ads for this game? Please? The reasons are: 1. Clearing the screen if it has an Android loading screen in the early stages. 2. Having a later staged phone and doing the same thing. 3. Opening the game twice in a different Wi-Fi , or opening twice in no Wi-Fi. 3. Not completing a set of quests so simple that you can completely do them effortlessly in the later stages. 4. Putting the ninja to bed, the wake him up 9 to 12 hours later. 5. Forgetting to consume ads in the later stages. And last but not least, not buying a purchase just before situation 1 occurs. So, Naturalmotion, please remove ads for all players currently if no one plays in a week's time. Full Review