Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa

The Coupon Sherpa app gives you money-saving mobile coupons anywhere you go.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Updated: February 5, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000



Thanks to Coupon Sherpa's mobile coupons, the days of clipping them from the newspaper are over. Now, no matter where you go (as long as you have cell service, of course), you have access to thousands of coupons for the most popular stores and restaurants as well as local favorites.

Simply find the retailer you're shopping at in the ever-expanding in-store section. When you locate the coupon you want to use, show the cashier and they'll scan in the savings directly from your phone. No printing necessary. The mobile coupons are updated daily so you always have access to the latest discounts and special offers as soon as they're available. If you like to shop from your mobile device, the app also offers an online section filled with valuable coupon codes. If you're looking to save at local restaurants, stores or services, check out the Nearby section to discover local savings nearest you.

If you have any comments or questions, please email [email protected]

Permission Explanations:

• FULL INTERNET ACCESS - The app requires full Internet access in order to download coupons to the device.
• VIEW NETWORK STATE - The app needs to check if the device has Internet access before attempting to download coupons to the device.
• COARSE and FINE LOCATION - Used to serve user with special offers that are relevant to their location.
• PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY - Used to pre-populate fields for special offers.
• DISCOVER KNOWN ACCOUNTS - Used to pre-populate fields for special offers.


7,782 total
5 5,147 
4 1,557 
3 454 
2 225 
1 399 

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Kimberly Gradowski Published date: July 29, 2017

    Will not print from this app. Complete waste of my time. Just stick to the website, that actually works. Edit. Even attempted to have coupons emailed from app, naturally there was an "error" and could not be printed. Moto and brother printer. Every other app I have that supports printing works just fine. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Kathy A Published date: January 4, 2018

    What a lousy app!! I only have the option of printing coupons when I wanted them loaded on my phone as stated. I minimized the app and lost my place plus lost all the selected coupons. Not good. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Tristen Robbins Published date: July 6, 2017

    App has a lot of ads. The one I the bottom is really annoying asking with the full screen ones after to view a coupon. Also, sad to see several major companies like Target, Danny's, Papa John's and more are not on the list. Also, when using the map option, you can't search by zip code. Over all, "could" be great with some, well a lot of improvements. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Morganne Pace Published date: June 13, 2017

    Love this app and the new update really helps with the previous battery issues! Update 6/2017- The new layout is great, super modern and easy to navigate. Easy to use in-store and always helps me save money when I'm out shopping! Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Donna Houston Published date: January 23, 2018

    As a Single parent I need all the discounts and coupons I can get and the stores available are the stores I already loved. A win win. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Cammari David Published date: December 24, 2017

    This is the hands down best way to know about the last new coupons bet you didn't know I got 750 off my whole zales order what a deal. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Bruce Hagen Published date: July 7, 2017

    The new design stinks. I don't want to have to hunt for a store. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Kendal Perez Published date: June 13, 2017

    Love this app! It's my go-to for saving money. I always look for coupons before checking out and the app usually has something I can use. I really like the new design and functionality. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: July 19, 2017

    Advertises that it would be specific to where I had grocery membership cards. So it can not load onto those cards if there's no where to enter info. Too many ads Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Dennis Pratt Published date: November 3, 2017

    It's really nice I can't believe they even make stuff like this I mean nothing big time but still a great app Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Sharon Green Published date: June 23, 2017

    The coupons have always worked for me. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Dennise A Published date: June 22, 2017

    Used to love this app after recent update stores won't take the coupons bc the barcode it's not there. Please fix! Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: January 1, 2018

    I love it so far,cause I just got it. Can't tell you much about it. So far it's 👍 Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    smu Jo Published date: July 18, 2017

    Never opens. Keeps circling. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    steven lough Published date: July 9, 2017

    Coupon was already used up Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Joyce Connors Published date: November 2, 2017

    Just found this,, can't wait to give it a try. Didn't see JoAnn's or Tuesday morning? Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Jolinda Mapp Published date: June 23, 2017

    I couldn't find much near me that I could use. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Pascale Logan Published date: June 21, 2017

    Coupon Sherpa is a great app! Every discount helps when you have kids. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Max Acuna Published date: June 23, 2017

    Sucks not having a search bar Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Kristina Laird Published date: December 5, 2017

    I love finding great deals and think that it's fun to search for coupons. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Conrad Kanengieter Published date: December 17, 2017

    Good for when i shop. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Chris Gonzalez Published date: January 23, 2018

    It helps me save money so I'm thankful for it Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Rosa Hernandez Published date: January 7, 2018

    I love it!!! Many varieties on restaurants and stores. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    JLMJ0341 Published date: October 17, 2017

    Awesome. Use it every time I can. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Lady Vera Published date: July 29, 2017

    Thank you Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: July 31, 2017

    Great App I Appreciate it!! Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    diana chetwood Published date: November 7, 2017

    Use this app for great savings. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: January 14, 2018

    Always pleases never discourages. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Jamal Quinn Published date: August 19, 2017

    Good coupon app! Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: July 14, 2017

    Its great! Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: November 13, 2017

    Very good Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Jaymi Hignite Published date: August 20, 2016

    Grocery instant coupon Why do I always have to print grocery ones? I want an app that lets me pick the coupons I want and then have a screen that has them all bunched together that can be scanned at the checkout. Thought this was it, nope. I'm disappointed. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Ginger Knuth Published date: April 17, 2016

    Says you don't have to print the coupons out in the description, but I couldn't find any way to save them digitally. I could enter my email address to print them later, but couldn't find any way to get the 'coupons displaying on your screen, no need to print them out' thing to work. Might try it again later, but for right now, it doesn't even work like they claim it will in the description. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Tressa Yvette Norwood Published date: May 17, 2016

    Can You Say "Purchase Manipulation" Normally your shopping for something you need so you look for coupons that help with the cost of that needed item. With this app you waste your time every store I check into has a coupon offer for a specific item that has nothing to do with the item needed. I'm getting rid of this app. It's better suited for compulsive shoppers. Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    laura rousu Published date: May 10, 2016

    It's ok It seems to crash and freeze all the time. The online coupons don't work, well the ones I use anyways. Target is ths worst for the coupons working 👎 The instore ones work great though Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Judi Le Roy Published date: March 15, 2017

    Love having many stores and restaurants in one location. Having problems with Steak n Shake not showing the page of offers for the week (as what shows in paper), it use to??? Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Jesus De La Cruz Published date: December 3, 2016

    Awesome App!! This app is better than Retail Me Not! I was able to get a coupon for the Polo Factory Store for an additional 20% on top of the 50% sale they had and saved money. Retail Me Not didn't have any coupons for the Polo Factory. Plus, I have seen really good coupon deals with this app compared to Retail Me Not. I think I'm gonna continue with this app because it can save you some big money Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: February 27, 2017

    The subway App ask for my phone number I typed my phone number in several times and it kept saying invalid number I was disappointed Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Joe Cetinske Published date: November 29, 2016

    Holiday use Froze up today. Must be heavy use. Thanks Full Review

  • Coupon Sherpa
    Published date: July 15, 2016

    Valuable coupons, easy to use This app has a wide variety of coupons on offer. I have used this for several years and have had no problems. Full Review