Darkness and Flame 2 (full)

Darkness and Flame 2 (full)

A story of a young girl involved in the battle between Darkness and Flame.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.0.6
  • Updated: December 7, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Installs: 1,000 - 5,000



There is always a clue hidden somewhere deep in your memories. Will a young girl Alice find a way not only to help her uncle recall his past, but to discover what has happened to her and how to harness the power of the burning Flame?

"Darkness and Flame. Missing Memories" - enjoy this adventure game with lots of quests and hidden objects, puzzles and mini-games! Its innovative storyline will grab you right from the beginning and you'll be immersed in a world in which fantasy stands alongside the post apocalyptic reality and every living thing encounters the spreading Darkness.

A young girl Alice has been endowed with a great power, a power of Flame. One day she found an egg in a strange chest. With just one touch, a firebird hatched from it, changing her life forever. From now on, the beautiful bird flowing out of the girl's arm tattoo, withstands the Darkness that has been trying to find it ever since... What power has been given to Alice, and is there a way to harness it?.. From that moment on, Alice is part of the eternal battle between Darkness and Flame.
The Darkness is keeping approaching and, together with her uncle Colin, Alice sets out on a journey full of wonders and adventures threatening their lives.
Along with that Colin has been getting trapped in his nightmares over and over again. A woman is begging him for help. Who is she? It turns out that Colin has almost no memory of his childhood and youth. That's because he was among the unlucky ones whose consciousness fell under the shade of the Darkness.
The man is convinced that after he regains his memories, they will find answers to the most pressing questions. Who is that vaguely familiar woman begging for help? How to control the flame power his niece possesses?
Two confused human beings set off to the desert where a healer who might restore Colin's lost memory lives, and the Darkness is hunting them. Together they'll have to undergo many trials, meet an imminent danger, solve dozens of puzzles, and finally face the army of Darkness threatening their world. Is there a way to defeat the dark forces once and for all?

• Get wrapped up in the amazing adventure in a fantasy post-apocalyptic world
• Meet inhabitants of the Fertile Lands
• Solve dozens of puzzles
• Harness the power of the burning Flame
• Save the world from a danger threatening to annihilate every living thing

Explore over 50 stunning locations
Complete over 40 fun and challenging mini-games
Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes and original puzzles
Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements
The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Kathy Burgess Published date: December 21, 2017

    I love all 5bin games. Lots of fun. Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Xtabay Cozumel Published date: February 20, 2018

    Intriguing storyline, Interesting games... great map, instant travel, shows collectables and morphing items...Really enjoying so far Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Published date: December 9, 2017

    Loved it! Another great game! Keep them coming :). Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Roz May Published date: January 30, 2018

    Great hogs and mini games. Always enjoy FIVE-BN games Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Neena Sharma Published date: February 4, 2018

    👍👍 Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Published date: December 3, 2017

    Really good sequel to the first one Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    iloveshoes xx Published date: September 20, 2017

    I enjoyed this follow up story. It had the usual map, collections, scrolls and the graphics were great. The plot was okay and you learnt a bit more of the background sorry. It had some good tasks and games, again for me some were really too easy and altho you can change the difficulty of the game I wish you could choose to make the mini games harder. I also wish you did a puzzle/s in say the first half an hour to build up a multi tool with a knife, matches, lock pick etc that you then keep throughout the game (and could add too depending what world you're in). I have enjoyed all of this developers games including this one altho this was quite a bit shorter. Overall it was a good way to kill a few hours and even though I got this on offer I think I would've paid full price. Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Barbara Franklin Published date: September 24, 2017

    Had to uninstall and reinstall for another 5 bucks. Near the end played the hidden object where the hand is in the box, but I did not wind up with the stethoscope, so I can't open the box and finish the game. Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    I amcarbonandotherbits. Published date: September 21, 2017

    The only sticking point with me, is Alice's voice. She Sounds like she's been sucking on a helium balloon. Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Megan Hites Published date: September 21, 2017

    I love this game so much that I hope you will make a third game on Darkness and Flame! Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Brenda Smith Published date: October 10, 2017

    I love the the first one and l love this one to!!!!! Keep them coming!!!!! Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Jill Weatherall Published date: September 14, 2017

    Great game but far too short! Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Jenn McCarthy Published date: September 13, 2017

    Too easy Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Danni Ardis Published date: September 6, 2017

    Would have been 5 stars but it keeps freezing and I have to keep closing and restarting. Very annoying Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Published date: September 8, 2017

    Super awesome and more than could ever expect from other adventure games! Loved the addition of the post-apocalyptic world weved into the storyline. Absolutely loved it!!! Would give it 10 stars if possible. Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Denise England Published date: September 6, 2017

    What a fantastic game, great job everything is fantastic. So glad to finally see a part 2 I really enjoyed the first Darkness and Flame Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Juliette Green Published date: September 2, 2017

    Absolutely superb game! Extremely well made, smooth, easy to navigate, stunning artwork, imaginative story & I loved the imaginative hidden object scenes; some of which were reversed so that items had to be placed correctly instead of found. Five Bn always manage to produce games that have the highest quality graphics that I have ever seen & have an extra depth that seems unique to their games. I really liked that it was possible to see on the map where there were morphing objects & collectibles to be found as this enabled me to ensure I found them all! The puzzles were enjoyable & just the right level of difficulty too. I enjoyed every single minute of this game & so didn't want it to end. A really well thought out game. Absolute perfection! Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Yvonne Samson Published date: September 3, 2017

    Another excellent games from five-bn! Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    ken everetts Published date: September 2, 2017

    Awesome game Full Review

  • Darkness and Flame 2 (full)
    Cynthia Johnson Published date: September 16, 2017

    Another awesome game. Keep them coming. Full Review