Dice With Buddies™

Dice With Buddies™

Dice games for everyone! Get social and play multiplayer dice games for free!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 4.33.1
  • Updated: November 6, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 50,000 - 100,000



Dice mania is a full-blown epidemic and the game just got BETTER! Find out for yourself why everyone's getting hooked on this addictive dice game.

You can play with friends, family, or random opponents--whether they're sitting next to you or thousands of miles away! With our BRAND NEW Custom Dice, improved interface, Biggest Winner event and PREMIUM tournaments, playing has never been easier or more exciting!

===Key Highlights===
• Defeat a new Dice Master each day to win Bonus Rolls, score Custom Dice and test your skills!
• Personalize your experience with CUSTOM DICE!
• New PREMIUM TOURNAMENTS available now!
• Exhilarating multiplayer dice game similar to Hasbro, Inc.’s YAHTZEE® dice game
• Thrilling tournaments happening every day
• Play the in-game scratchers to win bonus rolls
• Challenge friends and family through Facebook or find a random opponent
• Use in-game chat to talk with and heckle your opponents
• Activate a bonus roll to get an extra boost right when you need it
• Play from the same account on any Android tablet or phone!

Occasionally we will send you emails when your buddies are waiting for you to play a turn or if we have special announcements for our fans!


10,775 total
5 7,428 
4 1,515 
3 616 
2 413 
1 803 

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Morgan Andrews Published date: November 29, 2017

    I love playing this game however I am no longer able to earn free bonus dice by watching ads I purchased the game to avoid ads but would like the opportunity to earn bonus rolls. Customer support is non-existent for this issue. Not an issue on my husband's game and he plays the free version. However the ads are becoming pornographic on his game, glad I paid the $0.99 to avoid that at least. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    William Jewett Published date: January 11, 2018

    The app is so frustrating. They push new games in you constantly, most of them with people who in active. It's way too easy to accidentally start a game and there is no way to delete a game today nobody has taken turns in yet. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Linda Fenner Published date: February 13, 2018

    BONUS rolls are a total waste of money. They make it extremely difficult to roll multiple 5 of a kinds which makes it impossible to beat the towers! They place totally fake players into the leader boards! Thousands of fake players!!! The top 9 players right now, are totally fake. The players in the 40 thru 46 positions in the leaderboard are also fake players. This makes it really unfair & cheats the real players out of their earned position in the leaderboard. They don't care, They just cheat the real players!!! Waste of money!! Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Tony Seigafuse Published date: November 16, 2017

    The game takes longer and longer to load. The enhancements are nice but they penalize older devices. Very sloppy coding in my opinion. After looking at the other reviews I see you have a problem. Please fix it. Slow loading is a common problem. And because the game loads so slow you start games you don't want. Please let us kill those games. I see nothing has changed. Every update makes it worse. Please have a confirmation to start a new game. Usually have 2 or 3 games started that I did not want to begin. Customer service sucks. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Heather Rotay Published date: January 19, 2018

    I love the game and loved it up until the latest update. Every turn I take it tells me "unable to submit turn" and I can't collect my scratchers or collect coins for the current gym tower. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Dawn O'Brien Published date: November 25, 2017

    I don't like the new update. The submit button is too small. The icon tutorial gets in the way and there's no need to have it block your 3 of a kind or the 1's.Dice duels come and go without informing you off when they return, the dice masters cheat at winning against you and you can't go back and see the game to see how when you were winning and there's no way of losing but some how some way you lost Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Josh Weitz Published date: January 26, 2018

    I paid for the ad free version, but every time I log on anymore its pop up after pop up. And no way to opt out. I've had this up for 3 years and I'm ready to delete. Also when did you get so stingy with bonus rolls? I scratched off 75 scratches and had 2 winners only. I refuse to spend more money on this game when you won't even stop the aggressive pop-ups. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Josh Odom Published date: December 16, 2017

    The updated layout sucks. It's way too busy. I also paid to not see ads yet I have to clear two or three of yours every time I want to play. Extremely annoying. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Chris McCammon Published date: December 15, 2017

    20 scratchers and 1 measly bonus roll. So fun! Because I love running my finger all over the screen for no purpose whatsoever. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    C. J. Rodier Published date: January 3, 2018

    The game is fun to play . The diamond rewards is great and like the way that earning dice with diamonds but like the New Yahtzee game betterbecause the dice animation is better and like other features of the game that Dice With Buddies does not have. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Jamie Marcel Published date: February 1, 2018

    Out of 15 scratchers only 2 bonous rolls. I paid for this game but the greedy a hole developers keep shoving ads down your throat. Only reason I still play this is to play daily against my mom. They try to cram so much other junk in your face that it's not really worth it anymore. The good old days of purchasing an app to play a relative or friend and being left alone to do just that are over I'm afraid. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Jake Mellen Published date: January 11, 2018

    I paid for the ad free version of this game. I started getting ads from my locked screen in the middle of the night ads would play at full volume while the phone was just charging. Took it in to get fixed it was this app. After resetting the phone reloaded it and I had been stuck with an old version of the game. This app is vulnerable to virus going to delete it I suggest others do if they have the same problem. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Art Poling Published date: November 18, 2017

    It's been frozen for a day can't play at all. Sorry! We ran into an error while trying to access your aid inbox. Please try again in a moment. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Mary Lou Turnbull Published date: November 8, 2017

    Scopely does not reward players consistently for coins won in fast plays. Even players who send proof with screenshots don't even get the courtesy of a reply. Very poor customer service! Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Matt Christensen Published date: January 19, 2018

    Won't update or refresh. Tried reinstalling and lost all of my games. Email for developer doesn't work. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Rebecca Elvester Published date: December 7, 2017

    18 scratchers and won 2 extra rolls...pathetic Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Shelley Weyer Published date: December 10, 2017

    I love this game! Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Diane bodinus Published date: October 25, 2017

    I wanted to read reviews on new update, and I find comment over comment on how unsatisfactory this game is now. I totally agree! Used to love playing, now I hate it! I've also paid for this app. If issues aren't fixed very very soon, I won't be able to play. Horrible what you did to this fun game Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Staci Scott Published date: October 20, 2017

    I purchased dice for .99 and never got them, reached out to the I'm and never heard back. I win dice and never get them. This is frustrating. I will never purchase anything from this game again, but I enjoy playing the game Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    M Cumbee Published date: October 17, 2017

    Fun game. Graphics can be annoying. I've got a great phone & they just slow down playing. But otherwise I've been playing for years now & dig it. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    A Google User Published date: October 29, 2017

    Bonus match for extra spins needs shouldn't offer 50 100 and 200 spins. Won't never let you win more than 2 or 5. Disappointing Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Lindà Young Published date: October 28, 2017

    Stingy with bonus rolls. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Denise Reeks Published date: October 22, 2017

    New dice need to be easier to get Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Steve Crane Published date: October 11, 2017

    Fun to play but scratch offs are a waste of time due to lack of rewards. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Jennifer R Published date: October 15, 2017

    This is a great game to pass the time. However, on the main screen there's always "suggestions" and you can't even scroll past them without it sticking or freezing and then starting a new game. Once the game starts you can't forfeit until the other player accepts it. This is ridiculous and ends up filling up my main screen, wish we could do away with the suggested people on the front screen. Other than that it's fun. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Kelci M Published date: October 16, 2017

    Galaxy 8+, this game causes chronic freezes. I can't get out of game or do anything until i go into app settings on my phone and force stop this game. A nuisance when you've paid for it. Been going on for months. For this reason i didn't recommend to any friends. Also, the 'submit ' button is not convenient. I liked it better where it was before. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Will Rigsby Published date: October 2, 2017

    Getting way better. Scratcher odds are really bad though. I just scratched over 30 scatchers without winning anything. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Bonnie Gerasimov Published date: October 7, 2017

    I don't like the new graphics. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Jason D Published date: September 18, 2017

    Too many ads. You don't win enough bonus rolls with scratchers. . Biggest down fall of the game.. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Jill Petty Published date: September 12, 2017

    I'm addicted!! I can't stop playing! Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Tina Henley Published date: October 18, 2017

    Love this game need to be able to invite friends Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Susan O. Published date: September 7, 2017

    Wonderful time waster..play it all the time..to the detriment of everything else!...no, really! But I have some beautiful dice in my collection and I'm doing well in the game! ;) Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    thelunchladyACS Published date: August 29, 2017

    Takes forever to load. Shuts down almost every time I open it. They keep raising the point minimum to get the weekly dice. The game has just gotten sad. I would NEVER put real money in this game. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Fernando Ruiz Published date: September 1, 2017

    This so called game keeps stealing your bonus rolls. When I sent them a message Perry Pewitt customer Rep called me a liar!!!! He called me a liar!!!!!! This game is so bogged down woth ads it lags and delays and makes you hit your bonus rolls even tough you didn't, then they call you a liar!!!!!!!!!Perry Pewit is the rep. These developers ate thieves! Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Anette Flewers Published date: August 30, 2017

    Game has started to hang after I click away from the various dice packs that are advertised on launching the app. Means I can't select a game or player. Very frustrating. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Diane Atherton Published date: September 6, 2017

    The latest update completely broke it for me. The game never loads successfully, just stuck at first screen and non responsive every time I try to play. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Edwina Lott Published date: August 28, 2017

    Ever since the update, it has been freezing up or just shuts down on its own... not happy, very frustrating... Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Marie Homsy Published date: September 6, 2017

    Scratchers should be available when playing a turns not only in the start up screen. New layout for the game play sucks, don't like scrolling down to make a turn or find out what turns I have left.... Otherwise this is my all time favourite game. Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Wendy Melby Published date: September 5, 2017

    Too many ads and it continually freezes up and can't play. Too frustrating! Full Review

  • Dice With Buddies™
    Leslie Douglass Published date: September 5, 2017

    New version is horrible! Too difficult read. I sadly cannot play anymore. I notified all of my game pals tonight. Full Review