Family Feud® 2

Family Feud® 2

Survey Says: Play the Sequel to the Ultimate Social Gaming experience on the go!

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  • Current Version: 1.11.2
  • Updated: June 11, 2015
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Installs: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000



*** Tabby Awards Winner: Users' Choice 2015 ***

***It’s time to play Family Feud 2 with your friends!***
Survey Says: Play the Sequel to the Ultimate Social Gaming experience on the go!


The all new Family Feud & Friends 2 is finally here! Enjoy stunning new graphics, all new surveys and twists allowing you to boost your scores! Find out who is the best Family Feud player by challenging your friends, family and the larger Family Feud & Friends community in head-to-head competition. Can you become the Ultimate Feuder?

Family Feud 2 features:

• The ability to directly challenge friends and family or anyone from the larger Family Feud & Friends Community
• Discover the all new Tournament mode! Play live against 7 players, become the Tournament champion and win tons of coins!
• New, stunning graphics highlighting your favorite elements of the TV show: Family Feud has never looked so good!
• Complete new set of surveys
• New power-ups to boost your chances of scoring more points!
• Enhanced predictive text input and auto spell checker to make typing answers faster than ever!

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  • Family Feud® 2
    FLYTAILS MOBILE SALON Published date: May 31, 2016

    This is fun but they cheat on with the points I hot to the fast money round boot 217 points and it stated I won 1000 points and I didn't get anything. Also it cost 30 points to play the game it takes forever to gain points. Also watching the videos only give you one point per video. When you download a app that claim it will give you 20 pts it does not. It's all about getting you to pay to play and they don't give you anything in return. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Morgan Dunaway Published date: December 22, 2017

    I could play this game for a living it paid the right amount. I love learning and trivia just keeps me so focused and alert. Also, I won't lie, this is absolutely one game that I have used my credit card to get over 500 coins. It is one fun addictive game for those who love to think under a limited time. Would give it a 5 star but sometimes it does freeze. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Destiny Demus Published date: September 16, 2015

    Free coin option does not work! I love this game, BUT when it gives me the option to install and run apps to redeem free coins, it doesnt give me my coins!!!! Their has been times where i would install apps that have large amounts of coins and I download games and actually play them for a few minutes just to make sure i am running it long enough.. STILL NO COINS! Smh What a bummer. I Wouldve rated it 5 stars, but it doesnt do what its supposed to do. Please fix bugs thanx!! Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Ashley Crews Published date: January 7, 2016

    This game needs to be updated I tried playing against my boyfriend sending him game request it won't notify either one of us for game invites from our friends and if you click on a tournament but it doesn't connect it will still take you coins without letting you play... I used to really like this game but I'm not feeling it so much any more... Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Natasha Wasson Published date: November 14, 2015

    Cash Cow Even if you win over 200 points on the fast money round, you still lose your 30 coins. Meaning that after a few games you either have to wait (hours btw) or pay to earn back enough coins to continue playing. I understand that developers need to make money and that there are royalties to be paid however this game is a cash cow. It is fun and competitive for maybe 20 minutes before it is just an app that takes up space on your phone. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Danielle Downing Published date: March 24, 2016

    Its good The game is fun but i think the quick answer key board should have bugs worked out. It lags on all my devices. Also, the 'get more coins free by doing this...' such as downloads or surveys, i havent received any coins yet for those that ive completed. But i is fun and very addictive. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Yitora Wilson Published date: September 7, 2015

    Game is fun in general You get 1 coin every 6 minutes and the lowest game you can play is for 30 tokens. On top of that the ads or apps you can actually do to earn more doesn't pay you out. I have downloaded 3 different things and still have yet to receive my coins. Tournaments are about the only thing worth it to actually win back your coins but even then the cheapest one is 50. My idea is that they would rather have you pay for coins than actually let you earn them. Game is fun but too many hidden catches. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Naomi Bauer Published date: October 28, 2015

    Enjoy the game.... however Big Fan of this game enjoy playing it.. but im from australia its kind of hard trying to answer american questions when you dont know much about the US. Also One coin every 6 minutes is a bit too long. I get it you want more people buying coins so you earn more money but would be heaps more fun if you were given coins more quickly to keep playing. Also the tournaments are wayyyyy to expensive.. work this all out and I'll gladly change my rating. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Amanda Rawson Published date: October 8, 2015

    It's ok Love the game, but it takes too long build up coins, and I'm pretty sure the fast money round is rigged. You could get four top answers and somehow, still not win it. The answer can be weird too. One of the answers could be "shirt" in which you'd think "clothing" would fall in that category, but it doesnt. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    A B Published date: December 17, 2015

    I think you can never win the fast money round I got all the top answers except for one question which is "name a women's perfume" and I answered CK and only gave me 8 pts. But when i searched for the top answer, the board says its chanel. And CK supposed to be worth 15 pts. I needed 14 more pts to win the fast money round. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Heather N. Harvey Published date: April 13, 2016

    Fun but needs bug improvements I like this game, but it often changed your answers from bills to money (on the board) then bills comes up and you don't get credit. Some questions I've gotten three times on the same day, and once I got the exact same questions all the way through fast money in back to back games. I love the game but it would be nice if they were constantly mixing in new questions. Still gonna play. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Katie Lance Published date: August 1, 2016

    Love it its addictive PLEASE DEVELOPER READ! But it sucks that you have to buy the coins or wait for it to fill up. We should at least earn coins if we win the fast money round. If you can't buy alot of coins you can't play in the tournaments or even play a few games in a row. all of us can't buy coins but we should at least be able to earn more when we win. Many of us could care less about the M points for those gift cards. Can we do some thing about this? Please? Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Bryan Galloway Published date: August 16, 2015

    Could be fun but.... Coins take TOOOOOOO long to regenerate and a round cost entirely too much! I decided I would get some of the "free coins" by downloading other apps and completing what was asked to receive the coins. After completing several offers, I should have received 500+ coins but have yet to receive a single one. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Debbie Mc Published date: June 23, 2016

    This is a fun game BUT... When going into a tournament it will have "connection" issues and force you to leave before playing but still takes your coins as if you played. Coins are hard to come by unless you do an in app purchase so it's frustrating when the game takes them and you don't get to play! Takes way too many coins just to play one game! If you only want to play once or twice a day and you have money to put into this free game, then you will love it! Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Hakima Ahmad Published date: September 20, 2016

    Good Game I love playing Family Feud. Game is very entertaining and a lot of fun. You can play against random opponents, or with your friends. The only problem I have with this game is at times it will cheat you out of points. Many times I have put in an answer and they said it was wrong, then at the end of the game the very same answer I put is up there. Other than that I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to play games on their phone. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Lisa Williams Published date: June 9, 2017

    Me and my 5 year old son, love it. I started letting him, watch Family Feud, when he was almost 2 years old. He still remember it, loves it and plays it, every chance, he gets. Definitely, one of the best games, we ever played and watched on TV. Im glad, theres a Family Feud app, we Can play ourselves. It's definitely, worth it. Love it, so much!! Thank you Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Paul Lockyer Published date: March 31, 2016

    It's fun Its fun but here are a few suggestions : less American based questions. Make it easier to select and invite specific friends who actually play the game rather than everyone on my contacts list. Getting 200 points in the fmr is next to impossible unless you have a friend who helps therefore let us nominate a friend to play the fmr with you. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    LaShae Walker Published date: January 25, 2016

    Questions and Points Some questions have typos so that they are more like statements and don't make sense. The other player also gets points when you answer correctly so even if you answered everything right you are getting the same score as opponent if your about the same level or if they are a higher level. Other than that it is fun and would probably be more fun if I had Facebook to play with friends. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Doobe J Published date: January 10, 2017

    CONSISTENT RULES Could somebody PLEASE explain the rule regarding moving up from the bottom when the other players have the same score? Sometimes if everyone else is at 100 and you boost up to 100 you move up. Sometimes you don't. This makes it very hard to decide whether or not to spend coins on a boost. I have wasted so many coins!!!! It should either move you or NOT. Period. You shouldn't have to guess whether you are wasting your coins or not!!!!!! If you all would make it understandable I would appreciate it. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Matthew Pencek Published date: June 26, 2015

    I need coins for tournaments! The tournaments are really fun and addicting,but I can't play them that much because they use to many coins for the tournaments! I know you want us fans to buy coins but it would be better,if the free "videos" which I can only watch one at a time,for the "coins" which it only gave me one coin were worth more coins. Please change this I thought I was spending 15 seconds of my life watching a ad for gummy drop for some "coins". Is that what my time is worth to you? If so I'm off to play gummy drop! Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Darlin Kosjer Published date: March 26, 2016

    I used to love this game I used to love this game until this happened. .I've spent my own money over $120. Dollars. .then I went to the part were it tells you that if you watch this video you'll receive so many coins. .it worked! Then I tried. .download Mobile Strike and upgrade to level 6 headquarters. .and receive 370 coins. .i went well past this even spent my own money to play. .i NEVER RECEIVED the coins. .i delete the game and started again. .tried just to see if I'd get the coins. .lol..NO COINS! AND WASTED SO MUCH DATA Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Cara Walker Published date: July 4, 2015

    Really fun when you have coins to play but u only get 100 coins per day along with one free spin for 30 to 150 coins, usually 30. If you play a normal game and you win, you don't collect any coins unless u invite a Facebook friend for help. Cheesy!!! The minimum cost for a tournament is 50 coins so u can only play a couple of games a day. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Cassie Galletta Published date: July 30, 2015

    Doesn't Make Much Sense Sometimes it changes the word that you put in, and if your spelling is off you have little time to fix it. It is also fickle, taking "reading" but not "read", for example when either could be applicable. It's fun every once in a while if you don't get frustrated easily, but I can't say it's worth the download. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Published date: December 27, 2016

    Fix Your Game i want to play 16 games not just five games per day because i need to get 10 coins every 10 seconds. i would rate your game with 5 stars but please lower the entry fee to 10 so i can play longer. so if you want me to rate your game with 5 stars please do everything that is written in this paragraph. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Sarah Murdoch Published date: January 11, 2017

    Good to pass time but! You can't win money unless you get your free spin. It's called the "fast money round" but you don't win any coins. You just have to wait for time to build the coins back up. I'd give this game a 5 if it would let us win back coins and also keep our money if we win. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Ken Clark Published date: March 21, 2016

    I enjoy the game but... It would be much better if they really polled 100 people. Many answers are so odd or obscure that you know they were selected by developers not real polls. Also, the predictive text could be better at finding synonyms (Especially since correct answers are already known). Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Molly Stevens Published date: July 1, 2016

    Constant crashes App force closes constantly. Wouldn't be so bad if it refunded my coins I lose!! -- I am going to delete this game if you don't make it to where I don't lose my coins EVERYTIME I play a tournament and the game kicks me out. I lost 200 coins because the game force closed before the tournament even started!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS A RIPOFF Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Katesta Rosario Published date: November 20, 2016

    Steal coins Playing the game can be fun. Then it steals your coins. One moment I will have 214 coins and after a round I end up with 30 to 40 coins less. I am not spending my money to play this game and if it's a glitch then it needs to be fixed. I will play my coins out and don't play for days just to let the coins build up bc the system takes them. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Angela Tolliver Published date: September 5, 2017

    I really enjoy the challenging questions and how you play against someone else other than the computer. However, they make it almost impossible to win on the bonus round by getting 200 points. It's still addicting though. Even my 10 year old loves playing this game. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Toni Silver Published date: May 9, 2016

    Addicting and Fraudulent Great graphics and great game, but if free, shouldn't try to get me to buy coin in order to play it, or make me work for it by watching videos, installing apps, etc. Deducting four stars after doing said work, earning several hundred coins, yet NEVER receiving them, then finding out there is no way to contact anyone in support. What a sham!! Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Brooke Ferrand Published date: April 3, 2016

    Could be better This game is fun. However, there are a few things that would make it better. There have been several times that I type in an answer and it comes back as wrong but when the answer is revealed, I either had it right or used a synonym for the right answer. Also,when the 2nd person has completed the fast money round, just by answering not by getting all the points, there could be a results page that shows in writing what the top answers were. Thanks Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    maleida robinson Published date: June 26, 2015

    Hurry there's a glitch I love the game and play everyday.... But the fourth of July tournament has a glitch in it... There's only one question it keeps asking over and over even in the fast money round! It's an easy way to win 10000 coins if your patient enough to keep typing the same thing over and over Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Meya Clark Published date: April 29, 2016

    Eh, went from fun to sexual Its pretty fun, just don't like the sexual questions.. My children and I LOVE this game but yesterday it gave us this question that my daughter was wondering what it was.. So she googled it when I left, I know she did because I saw history.. And it had all these sexual images. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Cheyenne Biorge Published date: January 8, 2017

    Fun and addictive! Pay to play though. This game definitely tries to get you to spend real money in order to play, but they do give you free coins so you can play everyday. Also, if you win tournaments you can earn coins that way so its totally possible to play without paying, just make sure you're really good at the game! Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Rich Bridges Published date: January 21, 2016

    Tournament mode is fun! Unfortunately sometimes the questions are so off the wall it will have you questioning your own intelligence. For example: Someone you wouldn't want to fight. The answers ended up being fictitious super heroes. They should have specified super hero. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Darian Brame Published date: January 18, 2016

    Family feud I like to play family feud with my mom one time stop i am 7years old OK one time me and my mom was playing fast money and i got 200 in one try . But i think that you. Should get coins if you win fast money you have a great game Steve Harvey i want you to know i love you Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Debra Canada Published date: March 4, 2016

    Debra I won my fast money round and did not receive my 150 coins. It keeps gradually taking the coins I do have while I'm in the middle of a game. Fix problem get 5 stars. I also gave all the top answers for the fast money round and didn't get but 192 points. That makes no sense at all. Please fix issues. As much as I enjoy it, it's not worth playing anymore! Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    b to the h Published date: December 3, 2015

    Great game Tons of fun. I love it, even my kids try to play the game. We sometimes get the whole family involved. I can play with friends. The only thing I don't really understand is the m - rewards. I have over 100 and don't know how to claim em or if they are useful in any way. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Nancy McSwain Published date: December 2, 2015

    Could be better Sometimes if you don't enter your response just 'so' it will count against you, (i.e. you answer hair and you get an 'X' but if you enter fix hair, it goes through fine). Plus be nice to see the 'top' answers after the bonus round, especially since you have to get over 200 pts to make a difference. Full Review

  • Family Feud® 2
    Robert Crawford Published date: December 20, 2016

    Fun to play. Very fun game to play and very addictive. I would have given 5 Stars but the coin system downgrades the overall fun of the game. You maybe play 3 rounds before you run out of coins and must wait hours before you get enough coins to play again. Please change and I'll change my rating Full Review