Gin Rummy Pro

Gin Rummy Pro

The ever-popular card game Gin Rummy comes to Android!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: July 28, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 5,000 - 10,000



The ever-popular card game comes to Android! Play Gin Rummy against the computer. 5 different computer opponents to choose from, each with their own playing styles and individual strategies. Optimized for various screen sizes so it's fun and easy to play.

- Easy options to sort your cards. Tap the Sort Hand button to sort by Rank, Suit or Meld or you can drag and drop the cards to sort them. Tap “Sort by” to change the sorting method. Auto will sort new cards into your hand automatically.
- 5 Unique Opponents to choose from.
- Play individual matches against your opponents or play a tournament to match your skills against each opponent in turn. See “Game Type” in the Options menu.
- Options for Sound, Deadwood count and more!
- Statistics to track your wins, scores, hand results and more. Filter by opponent and/or by date!
- Pick up an accidental discard if opponent has not acted yet.
- Rating system so you can measure your skills and track your progress.
- Strategy section in Help.
- Smooth gameplay.
- Hours of entertainment!
- Ad Free

Gin Rummy is a terrific game that you're sure to enjoy.

1) How are the opponents unique?
Each opponent has different strategies and goal. The higher level opponents are more likely to knock, whereas the lower levels prefer to play for gin. Higher level opponents rarely pick up cards from the discard pile to avoid revealing their hand. And just like the real-life pros, the highest level opponents keep track of discards to know which cards are still “live”.

2) Do the opponents cheat?
Absolutely not! They don't get better cards, they can not see your hand. How would that be fun for you, our valued customer?

3) How are the cards dealt?
Cards are dealt randomly, just as if you were using a real deck.

4) So why am I not winning?
Gin Rummy is a complicated game. While easy to learn, it requires a lot of skill and strategy to master. Check out the “Strategy” section under Help for some valuable tips and tricks.

5) But sometimes the opponent knocks right away.
In any card game there is also a lot of luck. If you play for a while, you'll get your share of lucky hands too!

6) Why didn't my game download?
Occasionally there are glitches that interrupt a download and cause it to fail. Usually if you just try again it will work fine. If not, you may want to clear the Market cache by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Market -> Clear Cache AND Force Stop. Then retry the download. If that doesn't work, please send us an email at [email protected]


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  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Gordon Ferguson Published date: January 17, 2018

    All card games should have total random cards dealt. This game does not. It allows you to get ahead a certain amout of points and then keeps you in that range. I purposely lost until I was many hundreds of points down, then started playing to win. I quickly got back to the limit allowed, and then the programming took over. SAD AND BAD! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Angela D Published date: December 10, 2017

    I've played this game for years now and I do love it but! It's really not fair at ALL when I only get 4 points for winning but lose 12 points when I lose. :( Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Will Michaelis Published date: August 25, 2017

    It's bad enough I need to see that pathetic orange piece of trash all over the news and TV...making him the default player icon? Uninstalled, goodbye, and ugh. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: August 16, 2017

    Love It for several years but now You erased My scores and why in the world would you add trump? Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Candace Martens Published date: November 6, 2017

    I enjoyed this till it decided to become politicized, regardless of your own leanings this is a game it's not the place. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    PIN Published date: July 7, 2017

    Why did the ratings change??? I hate the new avatar. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    AMY LEDGER Published date: April 11, 2017

    Please restore previous version. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Cheri Nelson Published date: June 21, 2017

    Cards are very Small, OTHER than that ,,I'm Hooked!!!💗💗💗💗 Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Jennifer Couch Published date: December 25, 2016

    Love this Gin Rummy game! Best one! Love this company's games! Best gin rummy out there! Been able to improve my game incredibly. Awesome customer service also! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Brian Layman Published date: August 2, 2015

    Incredible game. Great AI This is a wonderfully fun game. There are multiple player AI in the game. Each has its own strategy. You must adapt your gameplay for each, or you will lose. If I am away from the game for a while, I will lose until I remember how to defeat each player. Then they can be defeated just about every time except on the rare occasion that Lady Luck favors them. I wish they would add new AI players in order to make this game more challenging. I wish I would have to change up the game strategy periodically. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Rhys Hale Published date: May 4, 2015

    Great Interface One of the better Gin apps out there. Only disappointment was when I got BIG GIN! and the game didn't recognise (I was forced to discard). Also, the people whining about it being too hard just had a few unlucky deals first time around. I've played hundreds of rounds, I've had no issues. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Winfred Stevens Published date: October 23, 2015

    Sometimes the cards don't appear to have been shuffled enough! To many 1 &2 hand knocks. I did have some fun watching the extraordinary pops by their top player who is usually the only one getting these pops. No skill to that. Sorry I spent the money to upgrade. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Troy 4 Published date: April 24, 2015

    Rating Scoring stinks. When you win you get 5-6 maybe 7 point's when you lose it takes away 10-11 points. It should be based on end game scoring. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Linda Butler Published date: June 22, 2015

    Another rigged game I love the graphics but wont play with cheats even if they are only A1. Dont bother giving me the speel about "random" drawn cards because I do not believe you. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: April 20, 2015

    Winning is EXTREMELY HARD! The AI is obviously programmed to cheat! It is totally biased against the human player! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    kathylea bayley Published date: December 12, 2015

    Nice Love this game, would be nice to have option of changing deck face and background. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Elaine Ables Scarbrough Published date: December 9, 2015

    Just now purchased the add free version. Where is it????? Only have the old version. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    John True Published date: March 19, 2015

    Great game Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Terry K Published date: January 20, 2015

    Good game very poor scoring I love this game but the scoring is crazy. When the game wins he gets 10 points or so but when the human wins he gets 5 or so points. Also even if you cheat, the game will go to about 120 and there will be no scoring after that. Why would anyone create a good game with those frustrations? I would give this game 5 stars if it had an option to score like the rest of us know about. I get up to 400 and if the AL wins he gets 12 points. Then I have to win 4 times to get back to where Iwas. Not fair at all! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    stephen crow Published date: March 13, 2015

    stev I'd like it more if the deal were truly from an unstacked and random deck. Why not truly random? After a couple hundred games I see far too many computerized and repetitive card order from what should be a random deck. I can't rate it really tops because of this problem. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Steve C. Published date: October 26, 2014

    Unrealistic The lower rated opponent is a real world example of the game. The higher rated opponents are unrealistic in the hands they "randomly" get. Getting gin 5-6 times in a row or knocking after only 2-3 cards is ridiculous. I'm not a gin pro, but I've played the game long enough to know this isn't reflective of the real odds involved in a human to human game. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Eric Brandenburg Published date: January 30, 2015

    No where near realistic. I've been playing cards for years and never have I seen anyone able to Gin or Knock within the first 2 cards dealt as often as in this game. It's not realistic. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Steve Peters Published date: December 3, 2014

    Fun if you like to loose! One star is generous for a rating. The odds are greatly stacked against you. I play the real game with real cards very often and do well. With this app, you will be beaten relentlessly by this game! Its ridiculous and I regret ever wasting a penny on the app. You don't have a chance! It's a joke except the joke is on me for buying the app. Im sure whatever scumbag made this app is having a good laugh. The cards you need will always be buried at the bottom of the deck. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Phyllis E Robinson Published date: January 31, 2015

    Update this game Gamers have to manually move each card which is very annoying. This would be a better game if you could just tap a card and the cards could move automatically. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Ramona Ross Published date: February 1, 2015


  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Jeff Satten Published date: August 3, 2014

    New game problem I have been playing this app for years and loved it. However, before this update new game request happened with first attempt. Now I have to request the new game four to five times before it happens. Also, the game does not run smooth at all. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Sammie Carraher Published date: February 6, 2014

    Best Gin Rummy App Over the past several days, I've downloaded and tried many gin rummy apps. Of all of them, this one is the best. It plays like the real game. You can arrange your cards and they are sorted in a logical way in the first place. The various players from whom you can select each have their own style of play and you can play accordingly. Some of them always go for Gin, some of them go for low cards - it is like playing a real person - you get used to their style of play. I really like this app! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    jeanne laird Published date: November 9, 2013

    Nothing new I've been playing the free version for about 8 months now so decided to get the paid one. It seems less of a challenge then the free one and there really isn't much different other than no advertising. Really I hate to say this but I should have saved my money. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Wayne Doman Published date: May 31, 2013

    Excellent program The graphics are excellent. The Animation is very good. My only complaint is the many hours I have lost due to playing this game. And not being able to play the game in landscape mode. Landscape is required by several chargers and tablet holders. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: October 13, 2012

    WINNER!!!! My rating is #835.... Remember I used your system and it worked out for me. Thanks for the (one point per winning matches. UPDATE!!! my rating is now #837.....So I can continue to play, but you no longer are giving me points for my wins. I guess it really does upset you. Maybe it's your way of telling me to: Stop playing??????? Is it??? eeeeeeeeeeeek! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: November 9, 2012

    GOOD, BUT I like this game and play it a lot, but statisticaly speaking, it is extremely improbable that your opponent will win 5 times in a row after picking up three or less cards. Or that too often after choosing a discard, the next drawn card would have created a set if the other card was kept. It is almost as if the game is punishing you to taunt. At least it seems that way. Needs new opponents. Worth the $ to get rid of the ads. Odds are very unlikely! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Neil Buckley Published date: August 24, 2013

    The ability of the higher rated opponents to knock within 3 draws or less was at least twice as much as my chances. No fair, no fun Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Jerry Peirce Published date: January 2, 2013

    Gin! I have never lost so many times in a row in gin, as i have against the first level NPC in this game. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: November 14, 2012

    Knock or Gin This game really should be called knock because that's what the opponent does, instead of gin! Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Erick P Published date: July 22, 2013

    Xlnt gameplay 1 caveat, can't play it on my TV , the cards are huge and player and computer cards overlap covering completely the draw pile. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Rick M Published date: June 7, 2013

    excellant graphics but........... Great time waster but it hard not to cheat when the scoring is with AI. You get 3 points but AL gets 17. Could be more fair Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Greg Roth Published date: April 13, 2014

    Cheats I have played many gin apps and this is the most predictable. It sets up player to lose. The deals are not random deals. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: September 10, 2012

    Very enjoyable Good game, and it seems fair to me. I think peoples' mind play tricks on them, they remember 1 fluke but forget 10 expected draws. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    Douglas Raeburn Published date: April 13, 2014

    Challenging AI players can be tough on higher songs. Full Review

  • Gin Rummy Pro
    A Google User Published date: October 3, 2012

    Great fun! I love this game...worth it to get Pro 've Psion because the free version has so many ads. Full Review