Green Farm 3

Green Farm 3

Farm in a fresh, fun, and fantastically enjoyable way!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 4.0.6
  • Updated: July 29, 2015
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Rediscover farming adventure in the new Green Farm! After inheriting an old manor from your uncle, you must complete a series of missions to restore it to glory! Of course, you also have to manage your farm with the help of friends and neighbors to become the most famous farmer of all!

With a fresh new atmosphere, easier controls, and a rich storyline with new characters to meet and play with, this game offers many new ways to experience the joy of farming!

- Rediscover farming adventure in the new Green Farm!

- Take on the challenging task of restoring a manor with the help of friends and neighbors!

- Complete many missions full of farming, harvesting, crafting, and more.

- Being social will help you grow! Friends will help you reach your goals. So be friendly!

- Easier controls make managing your farm effectively simpler and more fun!

- Enjoy a fresh new world with more colorful environments and cooler characters to meet.

All this available on smartphones and tablets!


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This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app.

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  • Green Farm 3
    Kailey Campbell Published date: April 11, 2016

    Almost perfect This Game has great graphics and is really fun. I just wish they would warn you when you are about to spend bucks, we seem to spend them accidentally all the time! Also, we lost our game in level 24, we liked it enough we started over and did not leave our farm to visit neighbors at all during that level and we made it through without a problem that time. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    April Revere Published date: November 6, 2016

    Takes too long The concept of the game is cute & fun but parts of it take forever. You can only have 1 machine to make the food & only 3 at a time unless you are willing to pay real money for more & it takes a while. It also takes entirely too long to be able to acquire the other acres, it shows all the tasks checked off & you could have enough coins but it will still show you need to complete "additional tasks" to complete. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Valerie Frost Published date: January 3, 2018

    So far so good. Only problem though is you only have 3 slots to make food and if you want to open another slot you HAVE to spend real money. Update: turns out it's harder to keep ALL yr animals fed. There's no time to do the other achievements because I'm constantly feeding the animals 😕 Uninstalling. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Yunus Mohamed Published date: August 8, 2015

    Great game, annoying bugs I have not had a day where I didn't look at what's happening at the farm from the day I started playing. A good storyline, good graphics, interesting gameplay and "events" (that are both challenging and fun) make this a great game. Like many, I have faced the issue of the farm disappearing at level 25/26. But the Gameloft team were swift to respond and also helped me resolve several other bugs. The new updates may have fixed this. Kudos to them for their efforts. Overall a great game! Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Tannia Boro Published date: January 16, 2017

    For the game Green Farm 3 I loved it cause the way we can play games plant trees, give food to animals, etc there is so amazing. I feel it is the best game I have played ever. Once again with the full heart I would like to say that this game was really amazing beautiful pretty. Now I feel like I am speechless for this game to rate. Thanks Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Vrutanshi Pandya Published date: November 14, 2017

    The game is fun to play and has great graphics, but I lost my progress twice n still played it the third time, but the same thing repeats this time too. All progress lost. Tried reinstalling but gotta start from the beginning. It gets quite tiring. Wud love to have the ability to sync the game and save the progress even if the game is uninstalled. But it's a great game and I love it. Good job y'all. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Whatever Youlike Published date: April 14, 2016

    Good, but... I enjoy playing this game, especially accomplishing tasks. The only problem is that my farm disappeared after I visited Carrie Ann's farm (level 23). Now, I can't do anything...all I see are posts with question mark signs on all the lands that were supposed to be there. I hope that this can be fixed. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Gina Gelbolingo San Buenaventura Published date: March 2, 2016

    My farm is gone! This isn't the first time that my farm gets deleted. Since I enjoy this game, I have downloaded it more than once to my 2 mobile phones and tab. For some strange reason, the farms became empty! With the last one, I emailed Gameloft already. Guess, I have to stop playing this. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    പ്രദീപ് പ്രഭാകര്‍ Published date: June 21, 2016

    Play&learn about farming ...good It very amazing game never wasting our time give us knowledge about farming, livestock management, cooking,property management ,fund management time management even about marketing... But my main complaint about it is ,usually hang game and phone &lost all data when we play in between 25-30 level &need play from beginning Second complaint. .now I can't purchase farm cash through my mobile talk time balance. ....which possible early days Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    D- Entertainer Published date: November 3, 2016

    Excellent game but... I really love this game , grafics and options are really nice. Not only this i love most of Gameloft games..but the main prob with this game is if u change phone all d game played is lost unlike most game there is no cloud storage in this game like in d case of asphalt nitro or hay day...pls make that improvement... Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Debbie Dotson Published date: February 7, 2016

    I love this game and I have made charts to track what I needed to make. Yesterday my game crashed and I lost about 1283 in farm cash that you have to buy and over 1.1 million coins, a bull, a super bull and a horse. I was on level 44/45 and now I have to start over :( this happens every now and then but I've never been able to afford the farm cash until now. I don't mind starting over I just wish I could get my farm cash back. I WILL always play this game because it is so much fun :-) Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Mega genQgha Published date: April 7, 2016

    Good Customer Care I lost my progress twice. Just a few hours before 2 events ended.. I use to get almost 1K farm cash.. But boomm.. It's all gone.. Just an empty field.. Reinstall, but heck yeah.. Restarted it form level 1 again?! No way buddy! It won't happen third time!! I'm quit!! I'm done!! :'( Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    citra asmaradini Published date: August 25, 2016

    Farm disappeared before sunny acre unlocked I played this game since my first android phone. Actually I loved it, but I always can't finished it just because my farm was disappeared before I can unlock the sunny acre. Always disappear around that. And I must start it over again and hoping this game won't mess anymore Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Divya Vasihar Published date: October 8, 2015

    Good but no coins while harvest The market shows that when I sow I seed that there will be more coins for harvest of the same crop. But I'm in level 12 still not even a single crop has give a single coin while harvesting. This is the second time I'm playing. The first time I was struck with level 47. No more the game moved. This time no coins yet. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Chloe Sunderland Published date: December 28, 2016

    Bug There is a bug where a wolf stays in the corner by the house, my animals can all be fed and everything but when i go to fight the wolf, they fight for a few seconds but then the wolf just remains there. It doesnt use up my puppies stanima but its still irriating. Other than that! Love it! Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Carol Abrillo Published date: August 26, 2015

    Good game. But...Ooops!!! What happened???... I've reached level 27 but everything in the farm is gone. Buildings, animals and even plots are gone... Is this really a known issue? I've been reading the comments and it looks like i'm not the only one that is having the same kind of issue. Please fix this... Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Kaitlyn Wendell Published date: June 16, 2016

    No need for wifi Unless you want to sign into Facebook or if you want to buy things. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves farm games or games that take a while to finish. The only bad thing about it is the things you need to do or get to expand. Every one in the comments below are right. I hope you like this game as much as I do.:-D Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Samuel Awolusi Published date: March 15, 2017

    The game was working well not until level 27 every thing on the farm disappeared, not even the manor was left. The girl disappeared to, I could not feed my animals not to talk of collecting from them. The developers of this game are not serious at all people are complaining that their farm disappeared but they haven't fix this. This game is too interesting and addictive to start allover and the farm disappears again. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Rebecca Wijesuriya Published date: August 30, 2015

    Really!!!! I just loved green farm 3 but now everything is gone...I can see that some other people are also facing the same issue.. everything i mean everything is gone after visiting neighbors. Just an empty land is left. What is this madness. We play like crazy for days and u just make them disappear in a second. Please take some serious action this is too bad. GIVE ME MY FARM BACK!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    zahid hasan sehab Published date: December 30, 2016

    U knw? we can't get dollars..which we need most...& we can't buy dollars... time killing games... love it my java phone i played 2 years....there i loved it very much...but this endroyed version...i feel sorry...will u improve this game plz? make it online but easier plz... u can add something too....i have ideas...but can't share if u don't want too :-) Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    cheryl alikhani Published date: August 12, 2017

    Better than a lot of other farming games. Would like better if the land didn't move while moving things and planting crops and there was something do do during long waits. The graphics are beautiful and cute, the tutorial and tasks are very easy to understand, and the variety of animals was appealing. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Vanessa Lowe Published date: August 7, 2015

    My farm just disappeared. There's nothing there and now it says I should have at least four plots or how am I to harvest. Even the mansion is missing and there's so much I've already done with my farm. What happened. It used to be awesome but now I don't even have a single thing. Please fix it. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    angelu jurilla Published date: November 8, 2015

    Very disappointed! I love this game before. But you know what? After I got the silent acre, I decided to help my neighbor (Wilbur). Then I came back in my farm. I saw NOTHING. EVERYTHING WERE GONE EVEN THE MANOR! After I earned a lot of money, animals and recipes ?! What the hell? I'm tired. I don't want to play this game from THE START. SHIIIIIIT... Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    sakibur rahman turza Published date: April 8, 2017

    Please read my thoughts for new update.. I want cats. They'll kill rats which is very harmful for crops. Cats food will be fish which comes from the pond.I also want ducks and birds. I would like to see Meat or fish dishes. thank you. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Tricia Williams Published date: May 18, 2016

    The game is good, when it works, but I've lost all my farm once after spending money to develop it. I'm playing again but don't want to spend much so I can't complete some of the tasks. Poor service and unresolved bugs brought the score down. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Selvarani Nagapan Published date: January 16, 2017

    I love it I really enjoy play this game the one problem I have is I first play in phone so I buy tab because of this game I am currently in level 26 on my phone but sadly I have to start new level in tab. Pls do something so we can play multiple device like went we play candy crash, farm hero and so on pls pls pls... Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Kathryn Reyes Published date: July 25, 2016

    Level 25 and my farm was all gone!! My animals are buildings and everything's gone..i don't know what went wrong but my game is practically all gone..please do something about it.. I even purchased 2 spaces for my manor kitchen then after how many days my farm was all gone!! If only I can attached a screenshot here then you will see my farm was all gone and everything in something please Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Candice Jacobs Published date: May 18, 2016

    Fun so far Just started but seems easy to play slow paced fun. My only complaint is that I have done everything needed and have them all checked off plus have the $1000 and still cannot purchase the pretty acre so for now im kinda stuck Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    sanjay puri Published date: January 19, 2017

    Very time consuming game. Tasks given in the game are too time consuming and the slots they give for barn and animal food making are fix they don't increase by levels but you have to buy by real money it is very unfare. If you give time consuming task then also give the comfort to complete the task Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Stephanie Eggleton Published date: January 8, 2016

    Rip off 4 seperate times I tried to buy things for 1.99$ all four times it said your "server was down" and couldn't give me my items, but my account got charged 4 times. If your server is down how are you able to charge my bank account but I can't get the STUFF I PAID FOR? How do I get a refund for the stuff I bought but never received? Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Jade Ivy Capilitan Published date: December 19, 2016

    My farm disappeared at Level 28. It was a fun game for me, challenging and entertaining. I reached my levels without buying cash or attending/throwing parties. I worked at it because I enjoyed achieving my levels the hard way. My farm disappeared after I helped out a neighbor so Im really pissed off. They say you can restore your game by contacting costumer care but if its just gonna happen again and again why bother. Additional: If visiting the neighbors farms makes our farms dissapear why put that feature in the first place.Uninstalling! Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Yhang Quilet Published date: January 25, 2016

    DISAPPEARED!!! Im on level 22, visiting my neighbors then suddenly MY FARM GOT LOST. All my animals, crops, designs are gone. It disappeared!! Even the Manor. I totally love the app and I dont want to uninstall it but I cant play anymore. Please fix this. 😯😐😡😤 Also read the same experiences on other players. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Published date: September 5, 2017

    The last update was in July 2015,since then there are so many bugs , but Gameloft didn't bother to solve those errors, What is the point of connecting this game with fb when one has to make a fresh start after ph reset or reinstalling this app. I was at level 36 , no tasks to do just finishing the orders of sales desk. Had to reset the ph coz of virus , now have to start from tutorials 😠😠😰 Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Aishwarya Mohapatra Published date: January 16, 2016

    Cash reduction I had 139 cash when I was on level 35 but it became 126 when I reached level 36. Something like this happened before too I thought I had accidentally used it somewhere but this time I'm sure it reduced on its own. Really annoying plz fix it Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    RINEES TP Published date: July 5, 2016

    Never download it..... It will stuck at certain level I were really enjoying the progress.... but suddenly all my progress were gone. My farm got wiped out and its plain grassland. Got frustrated. Please fix to get my farm back, so that i will change my review. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Namrata Thakar Published date: January 10, 2016

    Please tell me when I will able to move in game It's superb game and I am on level 50. I had open all lands and restored completely the manor now what. There is nothing to do I love to play this game but now it seems boring. Please update it so I can do something new add something new to it. Please do it soon. Thank you Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Lisa Ritete-Tua Published date: September 27, 2016

    Cool game Been playing this game for years building my farm. Had a few million, even had a few hundred dollars. I went to help Rosco on his farm. Came back to mine & my entire farm was gone... sections are locked again & I have no house?? Wtf!!!! Where tf is my everything?! Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    mohit gupta Published date: January 11, 2016

    Game crashed and very bad response from customer care I have downloaded the game twice but both the time I lost all my progress and the farm is left blank. First time I was on level 36 and second time I got upto level 25. I have lost all the progress in the game as well as the Farm cash and coins I have collected. Tried to contact the customer Care both times but got no response from them.... Bad game and No response. Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    prakash koirala Published date: July 19, 2016

    Not too good At first we should use farmcash and we cant do other thing animals get hungry faster and barn simply gets ful l after a short time . Hope you will see all this points . Overall its a good farming game . Thank u for making such a game Full Review

  • Green Farm 3
    Noemia Manuel Published date: December 6, 2015

    Have to start all over Its a nice game but Why can't the game be linked to my fb account like with my other games, so I can pick up where I left off when I change phones? But above that, I've had to restart my game 3 times because everything in my farm just disappears, there is nothing but fields with question marks. I'm done, I put a lot of time and effort only to have it all erased Full Review