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Ultimate Moviegoing® App is your mobile link to showtimes, tickets, and more!

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  • Current Version: 2.0.58
  • Updated: February 20, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



For over 80 years, Harkins Theatres has become renowned for its commitment and passion for providing the Ultimate Moviegoing® experience. Now, enjoy that experience on the go with the Harkins Theatres App! It’s the best way to view showtimes, buy tickets, watch trailers and find out about the latest movie events happening at Harkins Theatres.

• Look up movies and showtimes and share them with friends and family
• Purchase tickets securely
• Select your favorite theatres for quick access by tapping the popcorn kernel icon
• Be the first to find out about the latest Harkins events and promotions
• Read movie synopses, ratings, run-times and cast info
• View trailers of current and upcoming movies
• Search current and upcoming movies by title, cast and director
• See theatre amenities and view theatre location maps
• View poster art and images
• Use easy-to-navigate icon indicators for movie features and amenities like 3D, IMAX, Audio Description (AD), Closed Caption (CC) and more


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  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: February 8, 2018

    Wanted to use the app to take advantage of the My Harkins Awards program, so I put my code in the app on the Awards page, but when I go to purchase tickets it asks me to fill in my number - why isn't it already there for my purchase? How am I supposed to remember a 16-digit code each time? Why bother having a place for awards when it isn't integrated into ticket purchase? Disappointed. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Brandon Jones Published date: January 13, 2018

    Great app except for one missing feature: When you buy popcorn perks, the app doesn't show you how many popcorn awards are remaining on your account. The only way to get this information is to ask a Harkins employee. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Renay Cedio Published date: January 4, 2018

    Can't really do anything with this app but check movie times. I was hoping to be able to reserved seating with my Harkins gift card but there is no option for that hoping to see some improvement soon are there is no point in having this app. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Tod Nuetzman Published date: January 15, 2018

    After the new update now it crashes immediately after startup unusable, I used to use this app all the time not happy please fix this problem Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Gr To Published date: December 29, 2017

    12-29-2017. Still immediately crashes after logo. 🐶🐶🐶 Adopt a Shelter Pet 🐯🐯🐯 Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: January 18, 2018

    Fix your app!!! How many complaints do you have to get before you get off your asses and fix the damn app?!?! Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Shawn San Roman Published date: December 22, 2017

    Craptastic piece of junk app. Doesn't work for nothing! But, it might get you a discount so you'll download it anyway to see it it works. If Harkins paid for this, they got hosed. If the intern did it then it seems about right. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    karen Armstrong Published date: December 30, 2017

    Love this app. Use it all the time. Never have had a problem with it. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: January 27, 2018

    Unable to use at all. Have my awards number, my phone number and two passwords and cant buy tickets. STUPID. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    James Singleton Published date: January 13, 2018

    When signing up it says please confirm password but there isn't a second password input, so I can't even sign up for awards. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Francisca Nunez Published date: December 27, 2017

    Please allow us to load gift cards to app and pay with it and it will be perfect Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: February 10, 2018

    It's pretty good but some times it won't let you buy the tickets Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: January 13, 2018

    all i have dine is look up movies so far. I hope to learn more. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: January 15, 2018

    The old app was better this one sucks Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Janny Perez Published date: January 6, 2018

    It's ok Google is still better Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Lisa Morken Published date: January 10, 2018

    I love Harkins Theaters Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Elmer Woodyard Published date: February 16, 2018

    Clean Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Michael Bailey Published date: December 17, 2017

    On my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Android phone, I cannot exit the app with the back button and the menu has no Exit option. I had to use the button to display all recent apps and kill it there. Failure to provide such a basic function or to ensure that it works on all modern Android phones is ridiculous. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    rocky Published date: December 11, 2017

    Doesn't work . Can't get past the popcorn on my android phone. I've updated it, uninstalled and reinstalled it still doesn't work. They should have left well enough alone. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    MiMi Fournier Published date: December 21, 2017

    Cannot close without going out of app and using screen close. FIX IT!!! So annoying and presumptuous. I don't want to have it open...always. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: December 8, 2017

    Will not let the back button work. Old app was far superior in my opinion. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Nick Haupt Published date: December 5, 2017

    Love the new design and rewards features. Only thing that's very annoying is having to login every time you click the Rewards tab. Have had to awkwardly hold up the line a few times because it was loading slow, would be 5/5 otherwise! Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Mike Ornelas Published date: December 1, 2017

    Have been very disappointed with the app since it's most recent update. It used to work just fine with no issues, then since the update, it will not work. It gets as far as opening then I get a message stating it has stopped working and then it closes. Have tried clearing my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app at least 3 times and it still doesn't work. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: November 25, 2017

    Login fails. Wants birthday, but you have to close from monthly calendar. No way to jump years, have to manually click thru months. Not handy when you are 61yo - over 700 clicks? How did this ever make it into production? Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Pam Hanselman Published date: December 5, 2017

    This update is terrible! It's so confusing. The old version was so simple. You can't get out of this new version without having to kill the apps! Why must you change what works just fine?! I thought AMC's app was a pain, but you have managed to rival them! Bring back the old app! Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Alisa Daniel Published date: November 24, 2017

    I bought the popcorn perks and went to sign up for an account but have been unable to register...I have tried several times now. It doesn't tell me what is wrong and it is super slow. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Charles Cole Published date: November 25, 2017

    Thi app is horrible. Trying to puchas tickets on this is fsr harder than it should be. Trying to get your location to save is a chore. Can not select the number of tickets you want to purchase and since it seems it has been a while, an extra dollar tacked per ticket for purchasing through their own app is crazy. I uninstalled this after 10 min of frustratrion and trying to navigate this. Harkins should spend some money and get better software devlopers. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: November 27, 2017

    I was able to gi as far as signing up, than it instructs me to agree on the Terms, but no Term buttin pops up, What The He'll??? STUPID ASS APP IF YOU ASK ME. They Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Georgianne Powell Published date: November 24, 2017

    Like the original much better. Still can't see which movies are playing in my area. But I know all about the popcorn perks special! Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: December 2, 2017

    0 stars for the new update on Android phones, it crashes every single time and even when you uninstall and reinstall it still doesn't work.... Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Fadia Barakat Published date: November 25, 2017

    Can't get past login.. Keeps telling me I have invalid credentials no matter how many times I try to register Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Alejandre Richards Published date: November 24, 2017

    It doesn't work! Neither can you Sign up! or Sign in! Spinning all the time..telling you either your account doesn't exist or it cannot sign you up! Wasted an hour I can never get back. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Melody Logan Published date: November 21, 2017

    Older version worked great, new version keeps locking up and won't let me close out. Looks like I'll be uninstalling. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Cris Holdorph Published date: November 24, 2017

    When registering, no way to enter a year for birthday, have to scroll through 12x how many years old you are to get to the right year. No text field to enter a password confirmation that it requires, so you can not register with the phone app. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Brandon Fuller Published date: November 26, 2017

    Terrible experience. Went and got a popcorn perks card and it's been a nightmare experience putting it on my account under this app. Shame on you Harkins! You've screwed me out of 30 dollars and have waisted a TON of my time. I will not forget this. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Richard Reihner Published date: November 25, 2017

    Bring back the old app, this one really sucks, does not even have show times listed, the app cannot find the theater that is within 8 miles of me. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    ntidwell18 Published date: December 1, 2017

    Login fail ... after typing in my password and reseting it several times still failed to login. So much for Harkin Rewards. Piece of junk app Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Martyn Charrron Published date: December 2, 2017

    This version stinks! Tells me that an email address is invalid when it is the one I used before. Can't login now. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Anthony Cabrera Published date: November 29, 2017

    "Invalid credentials" keeps popping up when I try to sign in. Changed password and get the same problem. Full Review

  • Harkins Theatres
    Published date: November 24, 2017

    I can't find my movies I can't find my theaters I can't find anything I used to find please give me my old apps back Full Review