High School Story

High School Story

Create the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends!

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  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Updated: December 29, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Throw parties, make friends, and date the coolest kids in town... in YOUR High School Story!

Play as a jock, nerd, or prep - the choice is yours as you live your teenage years your way! Be the guy or girl that EVERYONE wants to know!

Attend parties with new friends at homecoming or prom to add them to the campus of your dreams, and check out the Isle of Love where romance is in the air! Get an all-star boyfriend... or date the head cheerleader! Go on wild trips with your classmates, and learn all their secrets! Discover these and hundreds of other stories at your awesome campus today!

- Add UNIQUE CLASSMATES to your squad! From prom kings to homecoming queens, befriend them all!
- Become BFFs with awesome characters like Payton in THE PARTY GIRL or Nishan in MISSION NERDPOSSIBLE!
- Host parties to meet over 30 CLASSMATE TYPES! Writers, cheerleaders, rock climbers, and more!
- Date YOUR CRUSH and help your BFFs find romance too!
- Meet cute boys and girls at the FANTASY PHOTOBOOTH, and make your choice!
- Battle a rival high school at the epic HOMECOMING GAME!
- Get pumped up with the cheer captain at CHEERLEADER CAMP!
- Nerd out at the SCIENCE FAIR, or get creative in a massive PRANK WAR with your classmates!
- Decorate your DREAM CAMPUS with everything from prom thrones to boxes of puppies!
- Customize your look! Casual or formal, nerdy or sporty... YOU CHOOSE!
- Dress up in FORMALWEAR for prom and romance your date on the dance floor!
- GO STEADY with a hot girl or boyfriend, and PLAY MATCHMAKER for your friends!
- Get an intro to coding in a special quest with GIRLS WHO CODE!
- Learn advanced high school vocabulary words in FUN MINI-GAMES!
- Enjoy new stories, romances, parties, and choices EVERY WEEK!

High School Story is completely free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

To our players: Thank you for your passion. Pixelberry is a firm believer that games can make a difference. And you’ve proven they can.

When we partnered with non-profits, like The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying non-profit, and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) you responded with great enthusiasm. Together, we’ve done some amazing things.
* Over 4 million players have learned more about cyberbullying.
* Over 30,000 players have visited NEDA's sites to learn more about eating disorders.
* And thousands of players have reached out to Cybersmile, often for help with bullying.

Thank you! We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

- The Pixelberry Team


592,329 total
5 391,537 
4 78,305 
3 45,875 
2 25,023 
1 51,589 

  • High School Story
    Published date: February 13, 2018

    lnstaII 'VEARN' App Enterr (LUKO) So far so good.Fun way to get money. Won't make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It's also the best exchange rate on points. VEarn points equals vec instead of like some of the others where it takes Mac points to reach vec etc....Also, lnstaII 'TOYOCASH' App Enterr (TAPA) very reliable in paying you when you redeem to toyoc. You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to waIIet for cash. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for addingsome fun to my day. Full Review

  • High School Story
    lalalauren Published date: February 13, 2018

    I like this game, but I'm here about the quests. For one of them it said it will turn my campus into a snowy one and so I paid a lot of my rings and coins for it, but it didn't do anything! I don't know if I did something wrong but just fix that. Also why would you make it so rare to get rings but some characters take so much rings to buy? And then you tell us to party for rare characters, and then when we do, we get a character we don't want? Some things about this game needs to be fixed. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Sullivan Reed Published date: February 1, 2018

    The game is great in all, but I really think we need more hair color options, brown, blonde, black, red and pink are not enough. Why is pink even an option if we don't even have blue, green, purple, white, etc. I would love it of Pixelberry added more colors, but I doubt they ever will unless we all demand it. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Hollyn your friend Published date: January 4, 2018

    I love this game, but there is one thing that I don't like about it. I don't like how need hangouts only have a 2 student capacity. It causes me to buy more nerd hangouts, when I need different hangouts for other students. This also causes coins to generate slower, which is very inconveiniebt. I hope that you change this, but I overall still love the game. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Chris G Published date: January 14, 2018

    I love this game. Very fun to play... I started playing this after I had played Choices. I am kind of disappointed that the quests in the fantasy photo booth haven't been update since 2016. They were my favorite parts. Should I expect a miracle for them to update or are they not doing that anymore? Full Review

  • High School Story
    Lydia Saich Published date: December 31, 2017

    I 💓💓💓 this game!! However I have one tiny problem, my problem is whenever I go to sign in with google play it takes me to an old version of hss that I dont use anymore. Is there a way that you could let us transer our new version of the game or choose which version we play on??? Thanks! If you fix this I'll go to five stars. ☺ Full Review

  • High School Story
    Published date: February 1, 2018

    This game is amazing and fun. Buy one complaint it is sometimes you get stuck and it can get boring. Also when you upgrade things or dates or party's it takes a while, but you can rush things but be warned you need rings! Also it doesn't have too many adds! You should get this FREE app!:-) Full Review

  • High School Story
    messila1996 Published date: January 15, 2018

    I love this game- it's fun and does not get boring. It does get a bit tiresome waiting for quests to be completed, but it's still alright. There have been a few times where I watched the video ads, clicked the button to receive my rings, and the quest page would pop up instead- not letting me collect the rings. This has happened at least 3 times now. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Summer Published date: February 1, 2018

    This game is fun and addictive. I love that you can customize the people, but there needs to be an option to still be able to wear glasses when I change out of a nerd outfit. I wear glasses in real life so it kind of bugs me. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Amy Brown Published date: January 6, 2018

    Great great great game! I love customizing and adding new friends and doing the quests but in some of the guests it does go he like he does have a point their or did you not hear what he said!? Full Review

  • High School Story
    Miss Blurryface Published date: January 18, 2018

    It's a great game. I like all the cool things that happen in it. Although I wish I had more money, diamonds, and books...it would also be cool of there were more hairstyles and face options. But it truly is a nice app. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Fairy Lily Published date: January 30, 2018

    It's a pretty good game the only thing I would suggest is when you start have more of a variety for your characters personality like gamer, actor or student gov. I would totally pick gamer over all of then lol. Also maybe have things less expensive in rings or more capable of earning them. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Chloe Halsey Published date: February 4, 2018

    Game is really good. I would give 5 stars but I had been updating some stuff. I went on HSS and all my stuff and progress had disappeared. Please can you fix this and e-mail when you have thx. 5 stars if u could fix it Full Review

  • High School Story
    Emma Ravenhearst Published date: February 10, 2018

    I like the game. The graphics could do better though, but I like the game still. The only flaw was the part where you earn rings at every quest. I wish that you could make it at least 10 rings and up when we finish a quest. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Diamond Published date: February 2, 2018

    This game has a really good plot and setup. Not only just the awesome experiences you can discover but all the new thing you are shown. Also, how it take you through your own custom high school adventure both this and Hollywood U:Rising Stars are amazing games. Very few games get these good reviews. So I think I can say for almost evey one who has played this game thank you soooo much for making this and it would be amazing if Pixelberry could make one of these games for real life, middle school, or elementary school Full Review

  • High School Story
    Anime Loner Published date: January 3, 2018

    I love it, just wish that you got more of a say in what your character says. Also mad because I accidentally spent 100 or so rings and its hard to get more...:( Full Review

  • High School Story
    Sarai Ausage Published date: February 5, 2018

    Really amazing. Showed my friends where they were dating their crushes. They got mad at me. But hey still love the game Full Review

  • High School Story
    Kathy Connors Published date: February 18, 2018

    It is really fun but some of the characters are really overpriced. I like the idea of tbe different highschool roles and statuses but they all do the same thing the different statuses are no different other than the outfits they wear. Other than that LOVE IT!!! Full Review

  • High School Story
    apoorv gaur Published date: January 28, 2018

    Awesome! It's better than most build your dream place type games. Not complicated or difficult. Only watch ads you want and don't keep on nagging for anything Full Review

  • High School Story
    Shae Wigington Published date: January 27, 2018

    So frustrating to try and get your game data from your old phone onto a new phone. It has been 6 months and I still can't retrieve my old game data. Make the transfer easier. Full Review

  • High School Story
    kianna unicorns Published date: January 4, 2018

    I love the game but there is one problem when the date change there is network problems then when it tells you to put it to the right time it gives you in class deataion it happen to me 3 times then I had to wait an hour also I bought ring the 4.99 one and I never got it Full Review

  • High School Story
    Stacey Amdrews Published date: January 7, 2018

    Good game but im stuck with a nerd in admissions an i can't place him cause i don't have enough diamonds to buy this hangout an i can't sell him so now i can't party to further in game so i might end up deleteing gamegame i figured it out but spent money i didn't have to but ended up needing the prom throne so thanks for getting back with me Full Review

  • High School Story
    Jonguppie the fluffy puppy Published date: December 30, 2017

    I am at lvl 17 but when i attempt to switch device and i sign in using the same google account, i am at lvl 15. How do i save my game progress and transfer over? Full Review

  • High School Story
    Alexis Wagner Published date: February 22, 2018

    I've always loved this game. So many things to unlock and get. A lot of decorating the way YOU want it to be and being able to make the characters look the way you want them to. Such a great game overall. Full Review

  • High School Story
    jisel garcia Published date: January 4, 2018

    I think the reason pixelberry doesn't make updates anymore is because they know people use hacks to generate gems. I've played this game on and off for a long time. I remember you didn't need rings for quests or students. I enjoy this game because you can make it from your own perspective even the way students look. It feels very real. Almost like your watching a movie. Just normal everyday high school stuff happens here. Everybody is friends and everyone fights and falls in love. It's very fun and addicting. Although it is very time consuming. I do recommend this game. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Published date: February 21, 2018

    Addictive and loving it! Every time I download this game, like I put my crush and his friends and pretend they have conversations or some ppl have beef like, its so REAL Full Review

  • High School Story
    clarissa anderson Published date: January 15, 2018

    Pretty close to not playing anymore. All the quests are repeats and no real updates. I get Choices is your main focus, but people still play this game too. It's a shame what was once a fun game is being neglected. Hollywood u has already been discontinued. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Published date: January 11, 2018

    Really addicted to it but it takes time to load and whenever I wanted to load the game,it will keep saying open app again and later says close app. Am having issue with that Full Review

  • High School Story
    bruh. George Published date: February 3, 2018

    I'm addicted even though this is an old game I love it. My only struggle is getting all the characters. It's so hard to party for them but other than that I love it Full Review

  • High School Story
    Abraham Maas Published date: January 16, 2018

    Just completely (@#!$^#&*/&#^@/!&^^@/) fix the bug please... I have one facebook account and this thing tells me I'm not signed into the right facebook account... Full Review

  • High School Story
    Published date: January 14, 2018

    This game is pretty boring you just tap a screen and watch them talk on the quests and when your waiting for the quests to finish you go around collecting coins. Also when you do the thing where you make the characters go on dates it can have some hateful comments, because when I did the date thing with 2 characters it said at the end it was a bad date then it said I was the worst singer in the world which really hurt my feelings because I've been practicing singing since I was 5 and I was proud of myself even though I'm probably the most negative person in the world and all my friends and classmates said I was a good singer. Just the only thing I would like the game to not say mean things about characters on bad dates. I suggest you don't get this game if you feelings get hurt easily. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Emily Jayne Published date: February 3, 2018

    I like how tu can date ur true love. This game rocks! But the all stars are way too expensive... Full Review

  • High School Story
    Dalaya Bridgesel Published date: January 2, 2018

    Awesome been playing since I was 10 but there's a bad thing that every time I get a new phone and try to get my same account back I can never get back to it and I try every thing but I always have to start over. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Irene Shon Published date: January 13, 2018

    The problem I have is after I watched an ad video to get rings. I just couldn't click 'ok' because It immediately showed the quest list which is annoying. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Published date: February 7, 2018

    I absolutely love this game. I've only had if for a short while and I think I'm on level 5 but when I went into the game this morning it completely restarted. Level 1,no progress,500 rings,no buildings, etc. I had a the capacity for hangouts and about 15 characters. I also pay for rings and the prom chair. Is there a way to get everything back, especially when I payed for items. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Natalie Leggett Published date: January 25, 2018

    Love this game. Execpt ive probably bought a fair few rings. Is there any way i can save my progress as ive updated to a new phone and have had to start from scratch.. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Fina Mcc Published date: February 2, 2018

    I really enjoy this, I love that it's pretty easy to let rings build up and, that there's ways to get them without spending a lot of money (which with throne you only spend like $2) it's fun and simple, great when your waiting, and the stories are really good. In all, best game I've played in awhile. Full Review

  • High School Story
    Muskan Ijaz Published date: December 31, 2017

    I just loveeee this game it is so awesome i cant stop playing it it has no ads i didnt had to pay money omg Full Review

  • High School Story
    Abena Cassandra Published date: February 1, 2018

    I really love the game. I think you should be able to create your own conversations between the people. Instead of talking to each other through the quests. Please update soon Full Review

  • High School Story
    Tehmina Anusha Published date: January 12, 2018

    The game was fun but after it said the new students need to learn but there isn't any books left and to buy it you have to pay real money I guess this was a waste of time.😠😠😡😠😠😠✏ Full Review