Shake your Wear-wearing wrist and make your phone read notifications aloud!

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: January 17, 2018
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 5,000 - 10,000



With JorSay, your phone reads the incoming notification aloud if you ask it to, just by shaking your watch. It eliminates the need of scrolling and swiping around on the tiny screen of the watch - actions that require using both hands, while you could be in the middle of something else, like driving.

JorSay is customizable. You can select the apps it would read notifications for, whether to use maximum volume for reading notifications, and whether to 'skip' Shake Detection using Android Wear and read notifications aloud as they come in. You can also configure the Shake intensity and how long the app should listen for the Shake. Moreover, you can configure 'silence intervals' to avoid listening to notifications when you are asleep!
This is just the beginning, and even more customization options are in the pipeline.

JorSay is smart. It doesn't read notifications from your music player or other ongoing operations. It doesn't read notifications posted with minimum priority - like Google Now weather updates. If it fails to register a Shake, you can still trigger 'read aloud' from your watch - just say 'Start notification reader' to bring up the app and tap on the JorSay button. Moreover, it supports Ambient Mode - you can quickly get back to it even after your watch screen turns off.

JorSay is transparent about its operations. It doesn't have ads, and it doesn't use your personal information for any unintended purposes.

You have a say! Please give us your feedback and feature suggestions here, or by sending us an email.

What does the name JorSay mean? It is a play on the Hindi word for 'aloud' - :)


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  • JorSay
    Megan Getz Published date: July 4, 2016

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but it reads notifications without shaking. I had the watch lying on the table, not moving and my phone still played my text message. I have asus zenwatch 2 running 1.4. I have jorsay set with shake detection on with shake intensity high and detection duration 10 seconds. I've also had it spontaneously read a text out loud 30 minutes after it was received. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Michael Cooke Published date: June 7, 2016

    Good but needs a little more I really like this app and it's extremely helpful for when I'm driving. However, my only complaint is that it only uses the phone speaker to read your messages aloud. It would be nice if it would read the messages using your Android Wear speaker. I have a Huawei watch and this would be perfect. Please implement this! Full Review

  • JorSay
    Brian Machado Published date: July 18, 2016

    Reading All Aloud My problem is that it's reading all notifications aloud. Even when I'm not wearing the watch. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Rhythm Rice Published date: September 24, 2016

    Its okay I wish you could choose which days it would work also, like i set a parameter so it doesnt go off between 8:10 and 3:02 for school but now all weekend between those hours i cant use it, i want only week days Full Review

  • JorSay
    Owen Davies Published date: August 5, 2016

    Same problem, reads all notifications aloud. I need it to just read notifications (on my watch, not phone) and only when I shake my wrist. Using LG G4 and Zenwatch 2 Full Review

  • JorSay
    Md.Kamruzzaman Mazumder Published date: November 21, 2016

    Don't work with moto 360. Reading just from my mobile. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Michael Russo Published date: May 7, 2016

    What about my s7? I'd pay 10 bucks for this please. Respond back thanks Full Review

  • JorSay
    Aditya Kulkarni Published date: May 16, 2016

    Works very well Full Review

  • JorSay
    Matt Estrada Published date: March 21, 2016

    Excellent Idea Great since this doesn't spam you with every notification you receive the second you get it, you can choose which apps or all apps, and just twist your wrist twice when you're ready to listen to them. I didn't find much use but I can recommend it. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Nigar sana Published date: March 21, 2016

    Great app! Loved the idea, works really good, even though I don't have a watch... I can choose what apps to be read aloud! Full Review

  • JorSay
    chetana b Published date: March 20, 2016

    Great little app Reads my notifications aloud! Full Review

  • JorSay
    Kishori Dabade Published date: March 20, 2016

    Nice app Great idea for an app, works beautifully Full Review

  • JorSay
    Pg Pg Published date: March 20, 2016

    Good app Really good app Full Review

  • JorSay
    Mark Meyer Published date: March 15, 2016

    Interesting concept. It needs a cancel function so if it starts reading an email that just came in that's long, you can quickly shake again to stop it. Also, you should have a feature that allows the user to enable this "shake to" service only when Bluetooth device is connected like headphones or a car, etc. Give the user a choice of connected Bluetooth devices to choose. At least make an activity "start" and "stop" service so it can be read by other apps like Trigger. I'd absolutely pay for an app that fulfilled the above requirements. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Jose Azua Published date: March 15, 2016

    Love the app but something I can't use from 8 - 5 because of work environment and meetings. Have you thought about adding in a schedule so it only turns on from say 5-8 pm out of work hours? Full Review

  • JorSay
    Michael Burrows Published date: March 17, 2016

    Good but terrible voice Works well but the voice is just awful and speaks too fast. Is there any way of having a choice of voices? Full Review

  • JorSay
    Antonio Salvador Published date: March 16, 2016

    Does what it says on the box. Shake Detection menu is not very clear: is the shake duration the time during which it will look for a shake (therefore higher = more sensitive) or the time during which one needs to shake (therefore higher value is less sensitive)? Full Review

  • JorSay
    Konstantin Simonov Published date: March 15, 2016

    Doesn't read non English messages Full Review

  • JorSay
    Bryan Poteet Published date: September 30, 2015

    Fantastic app! I just installed the app and it works as expected. Nice work. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Vinay Rao Published date: October 8, 2015

    Good stuff! Nice work! Full Review

  • JorSay
    Ted Hosmer Published date: September 2, 2015

    It just works Full Review

  • JorSay
    Sriprabha Gopalan Published date: August 12, 2015

    A very useful app! Love the simple look and feel of the app. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Toshi Nehete Published date: August 12, 2015

    Handsfree innovation \m/ Full Review

  • JorSay
    Ruben Kan Published date: July 3, 2016

    Good Good app but I primarily wanted to use this to listen to audio messages sent via WeChat and my wear watch doesn't have a speaker. But it won't work for this use case because it just "reads text" and uses TTS. All Jorsay will say is message from so-and-so and "AUDIO" cause that's what the watch displays. Full Review

  • JorSay
    Melinda Yu Published date: June 5, 2016

    Setting the times was useless I set the app to be disabled during work hours, yet it went off twice in the office. So embarrassing. Uninstall Full Review

  • JorSay
    Mohini Nehete Published date: August 10, 2015

    Great little app Full Review

  • JorSay
    Aditya kulkarni Published date: August 11, 2015

    It's great, and really useful Full Review