Letter Tiles for Learning

Letter Tiles for Learning

Build words with this moveable letter tile app.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1,2
  • Updated: February 7, 2018
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Installs: 100 - 500



Our Letter Tiles app lets you build words, divide words into syllables, and hear the sounds of the phonograms. Just choose your program from the menu (All About Reading or All About Spelling) and select which lesson number you are currently teaching. The appropriate letter tiles for that lesson will appear, making it easy for you to teach and easy for your student to learn.

The app contains all the phonograms, suffixes, and word parts taught in the All About Reading and All About Spelling lesson plans.

Suitable for all ages and learning styles!


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  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Erin Kern Published date: March 6, 2018

    First of all, make sure it will work on your device. 4 tablets in our house and it only works on one. I don't know about everyone else but this homeschool mama doesn't have money to buy all the kids new tablets so they can have this app. The concept is great. I like that we won't run out of letters if we want to build multiple words. It's nice that we don't have to worry about losing tiles and with one swipe all the letters are back where they need to be! And so portable if we want to take it on the go. There are things that would make this app great. The first you have already somewhat fixed--making words easier to divide (for me. It's still hard for my 10 year old. He has epilepsy and can only use one hand and it's hard to divide words with one hand.). But it would be nice if there was an easier way to put the syllables back together to make the big word without moving each individual tile again. And it would be awesome if there was a way for the app to read the words or individual syllables. I know this isn't a crazy concept--leapfrog can do it with their fridge phonics word builder toy. Overall, the app is okay. I don't think it was worth paying the sale price of $15. Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Published date: February 9, 2018

    The bugs have been fixed! Tiles are larger, so easier for my child to grab, they now move around with ease and syllables also now divide without any problem. This is a great add-on to the curriculum and great for doing our lessons on the go. Loved the concept of the big magnet board, but it just seemed like the natural progression to move to the tablet and now the app has all the same capabilities. Thank you!! Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Maggie McKinney Published date: February 12, 2018

    I can't divide the syllables on my 7" screen. :( Will this be fixed? Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Erin Shirley Published date: January 30, 2018

    Love the idea of the app instead of trying to keep our magnetic tiles organized. We are also having difficulty with tiles getting stuck and it is difficult to divide the words into syllables. I am hoping they can get this fixed. We are using a 9.6" tablet. Also wish there was a way to sound out the words that are built instead of each letter sound. Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Heather Galvas Published date: January 24, 2018

    I'm not sure why this is available via the Google Play Store if it can't be used on my device. I bought it for my Samsung S7 phone and it won't open. It just keeps saying it doesn't support the current screen size setting and closing. I'll happily revisit the app and my opinion on it once it is updated and I can try it. Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Jolinar Malkshur Published date: January 15, 2018

    It's a convenient app, for when we don't have space to put up the whiteboard, but some of the features are a little difficult to use. The separation of syllables, for one, is extremely difficult to use. That may be due to my tablet, though. Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Craig Ware Published date: January 22, 2018

    I love the concept of the app and my son loves using it but the tiles are hard to work with and keep getting stuck. A tile can be moved once, maybe twice before it gets stuck and can't be moved again, which is frustrating. I feel that it's really expensive for still having major issues. Full Review

  • Letter Tiles for Learning
    Published date: January 24, 2018

    Not sure why I was able to purchase if I can't use it on my device. I can't even get a refund. Not happy at all. Full Review