Navy Field

Navy Field

Navy Field is a 2.5D warship battle game where you can enjoy real-time battles.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 3.7.0
  • Updated: February 15, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Compete and win against players around the world with a variety of battleships! Cooperate with clan allies and upgrade your warships to rule the ocean!

■ More than 200+ Battleships!
- Pick your favorite among the coolest destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines!
- Control legendary naval warships of USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

■ Customize Your Battleships!
- Upgrade your battleships for different types of performance!
- Design your own battleship based on your choice of strategy.

■ Win against the World!
- Compete in the real time PVP against players around the world
- Communicate in chat system and cooperate with allies for victory!

■ Historic naval battles of World War 2
- Dive into realistic naval battles of World War 2 in Campaign Mode
- From Europe to the Pacific Ocean! Lead every war to victory and show what you’ve got!

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9,457 total
5 5,878 
4 1,261 
3 926 
2 328 
1 1,064 

  • Navy Field
    Baio Oni ogunbor Published date: February 15, 2018

    Nice combat ship simulation Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Pramila Shaw Published date: February 19, 2018

    The best game Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Brent W Published date: February 11, 2018

    Loved the PC version so was very excited for this. For a cellphone app game it's nice. An update or two ago they made it a lot harder to level up captain by reducing the amount of points he gets per battle. They also make it so crew only get a max of 15 points per battle but takes you thousands of points till next skill level. Then they changed fuel used to upgrade players once you finally ground it out and now have some b.s coin system. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    George C Published date: February 9, 2018

    Had my share of fun with this one and i will edit my review and make it a 5 star when they add the option to sell ships. At the time being, having to many ships is just annoying so i can't buy a new ship to test it considering i can't sell it or remove it afterwards. Other than that, I'm having more fun with this than wows, but it is a matter of choice i suppose. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    PolinaKitty s Published date: February 7, 2018

    🇼 🇦 🇷 🇳 🇮 🇳 🇬 do not download this game devs don't care about this game latest update is a joke with the reward box and crew training is impossible in this game so please don't install this game and save your self the trouble Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Published date: February 15, 2018

    NICE!! Devs finally made crew training back to oil!! Woohoo!! Celebrate!! Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Kirk Kostenko Published date: February 15, 2018

    Most realistic tactical battle simulation game I've seen. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Fernando bautista jr. Published date: February 17, 2018

    Nice game... Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Published date: February 2, 2018

    Cash grab! This is not a free to play game. The game is not playable without using a credit card. After the last update, new players will not have any chance for a competitive game play. Developer does not listen to the community. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT INSTALL! Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Joseph Templar Published date: February 2, 2018

    I still like the game. But ever since the "crew point system" is added, it gives me a hell. Better change it back or try to make it easy to earn crew points and lower the crew point cost to vet the ship. Vetting the ship is the one of the reason why i keep play. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Napoleon Deleon Published date: February 7, 2018

    Please help me with this because i like this game, i updated the latest version but it happend that i cant open it already. My phone is s6 edge and im connected into great wi fi Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Vilas Dhanve Published date: February 10, 2018

    Navel Field is worse ever made game. Its up to you. If you want to download it. Thn it's up to you?. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Nevlin Damarsakti Sandimula Published date: February 1, 2018

    For all of you who want to install this game please move to another better game this one is suck ⛔️⛔️⛔️ Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Larry Middleton Published date: February 1, 2018

    Was a good game but recent changes have ruined it. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Aleksa GiGi Published date: February 1, 2018

    Really good but can you add the tirpitz plz Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Andrews Elnas Published date: February 8, 2018

    Please update where we can change captain's avatar pic. Ty Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Rich Whit Published date: February 15, 2018

    Great app and exciting game of war Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Clayton Blackwood Published date: January 17, 2018

    I had save up to 1200 gold coins for a good battleship and then the next day I had 600. Contacted the help desk and they said sorry we don't see that. If they had gone into system and checked at all, they would have seen I had them. So they will cheat you on gold coins. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Silver Fox Published date: February 15, 2018

    Hello Silver fox here and here to say this was a Great game and I know people will play it. but sadly I'm Uninstalling it cause it takes too long to update & to get on the game and its take a lot of space for my phone thank you for this game and hope it goes well SFN leader. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    jeffrie hall Published date: December 31, 2017

    There is a guy that is hacking your game his name is Arleigh A Burke and his Battleship the Provence BB is able to shoot torpedoes and drop depth charges and his guns do incredible amounts of damage. I have a picture a screenshot of the ship that he's using I was not able to get a picture of him shooting torpedoes but if I play him again I will be sure to get that picture for you. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Chris Smith Published date: January 22, 2018

    Wow! What a great game. Real naval battles! Very addictive. Update...5 months playing and still a fantastic game. Very challenging. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    SHAILENDRA PRATAP Published date: January 10, 2018

    Do not download it needs update everytime You can't play it There is nothing like game in it. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Finn Snively Published date: February 13, 2018

    Awesome, but takes up quite a bit of space. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Den See Published date: December 24, 2017

    Played original NF for PC more than 10 years ago. Happy that this was brought to a mobile platform. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    jatin verma Published date: December 28, 2017

    Nice game but it should have more rewards. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Bob Neumann Published date: December 23, 2017

    Game not's designed to work on cell phone, use a note or tablet Full Review

  • Navy Field
    chandrakanta das Published date: December 25, 2017

    Good game. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Meet Bathiya Published date: December 29, 2017

    Good game Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Andrea Adams Published date: December 22, 2017

    I love this game! But I have an idea, I would love to have a special type of battle or operation were you and 3-5 other fleet mates could attack other ships like in the operation missions. (Or something like that) this is a great game. I'm very addicted to it. You guys did a great job! Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Published date: December 21, 2017

    New update doesn't allow you to complete the harbor assault. Need to have ability to resell ships back 4 Steel. Under Harbor assault need to go back to you can pick what ships to attack as opposed to it being automatically. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Ronaldo Oreste Published date: December 21, 2017

    im having problem loading harbor assault since the last patch? pls help... Full Review

  • Navy Field
    oliver pugh Published date: December 21, 2017

    Best warship game for phone I found so far Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Belinda Salter Published date: December 21, 2017

    Harbour assault closes app since update Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Robert Huynh Published date: December 17, 2017

    This game is good, although Aircraft carriers are a bit hard to play, a tutorial on how to control fighters and have them engage enemy aircraft would be nice. Another thing is that aircraft seem to have to get to suicidal ranges to drop ordanance Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Daksh 33 Published date: December 21, 2017

    The buttons of to upgrade ship should be seen clearly,oil depot numbers can't seen if we click on that button what we want to select will not come and other option button will come and open , fix it this is very important... Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Anthony Megas Published date: December 9, 2017

    I would have given all 5 stars if the servers were up and reliable. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    paul welch Published date: December 8, 2017

    Love this but it seems that you can only progress by spending real money. Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Marco Acosta Published date: December 8, 2017

    As close as it gets to the real deal navyfield but idk about 200+ battleships!?!? Maybe 200+ naval ships but theres only like 25 battleships with all nations combined Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Wilbur Moyd Published date: December 22, 2017

    Game won't play unless you update the app but the update won't load! Full Review

  • Navy Field
    Nick Luna Published date: December 10, 2017

    Great gameplay, fun, and easy. Full Review