On The Run™

On The Run™

Fast cars! Explosive action! This is ON THE RUN!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Updated: September 3, 2015
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Take the wheel and make your getaway! The cops are on your tail - get to the next checkpoint before time runs out!

Show off your driving skills: catch the slipstream of other cars to go even faster, and build up a combo for super-speed!

Smash your way to freedom: collect boosts to clear a destructive path through traffic!

Ride with style: your style! Choose your car from a large fleet, then upgrade your ride to make it even faster and stronger.

Look out for transporter trucks to grab a special vehicle! Fancy a bigfoot? We got ya. Feeling more like riding a tank? No problemo. Perhaps with a side of warplanes? We got that too, and then some!

What are you waiting for? Get in, hit the gas and let’s go On The Run!


• Dodge, smash and crash your way through the streets!
• Race through exotic locations, evading police and traffic!
• Grab destructive power-ups: speed boosts, fire trucks, planes and tanks!
• Upgrade and unlock better and faster cars!
• Stay ahead of your friends, and top global leaderboards!

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56,614 total
5 34,317 
4 10,297 
3 5,408 
2 2,493 
1 4,099 

  • On The Run™
    Matt Close Published date: October 28, 2016

    As close as your gonna get to Burnout on you're android This is fun and so far it's one of the better racers on you're phone I just can't wait for the day Criterion and EA get Burnout done on a mobile device, This is a good enough don't get me wrong but it's obviously done in such a way that inevitably you're gonna have to spend spend to make any true progression in this game. Needs a bit more work and less focus towards the spending( hey these guys need to put food on they're table) but so early on? Nah!! Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Chris Peterson Published date: September 10, 2015

    Fun game! Just downloaded and played only tutorial so far. This game is definitely a keeper on my phone. Its like a runner game but with cars. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Played for couple days now, my only complaint is four gas is not enough. Should at least be 5 like most other games. Other than that I've been enjoying playing this game. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Haley Fisher Published date: October 27, 2015

    Fun game but could be cooler I love this game. It could keep me occupied for hours. I love the different race tracks and all of the power ups. I would never put my device down if you could customize your car. It would be so much more fun to collect coins if you could change the colour of your car or the wheels with the money. Please allow me to do that. I also wish that it would take less time for the gas to fill up. I get very impatient waiting to try to beat my high score. It would be amazing if you guys made another game like this. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Patrick Jan R. Tabino Published date: December 12, 2015

    Amazing and addicting It's so much fun that I even went through a lot of storage problems just to download this game after downloading it on our tablet to try it out. It's also fun because it also has an achievement system which makes games so much fun. I saw that the car colossus has a different paint job. I don't know if that will come in a update or if it's a feature that I don't know to access or maybe it's a scrapped idea. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    A H Published date: October 3, 2016

    One of the better racers on Android. Easy to control. Plenty to do. Race missions keep the game interesting when it becomes a bit repetitive. Graphics are cartoony but good. Customizations and more tracks sooner would make it better, though, but even more so if you could have races against the CPU or pvp. The only issue is the upgrades: the cars are no different with or without upgrades. Once this is sorted I'll up to 5. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Tyme Smith Published date: December 1, 2015

    Great game *edited* Great until... I noticed one thing... Ok so I used the first car you get until level 16..then I started doing upgrades and buying cars... I have one question... I made it 14,000m highest with first car no upgrades.. How come I can't go further and never made it that far again even though I upgraded my car to max? It doesn't go faster than when there were no upgrades.. I have used a few cars now and they are so same speed because how could they claim to be faster yet travel the same distances? RIGGED! Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Spirit Rsf Published date: September 24, 2017

    It's ok . What I don't like about miniclip games is they make it so miserable for players. For example extras like the spin. You work so hard to get diamonds to buy 3 spins and always you get the cheapest reward. Miniclip does that to all its games. So dhat now. I tell you. I installed it and played it now I am bored and suffered I delete it and I won't spend a penny to buy extras.done. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Kalim Ali Published date: March 16, 2017

    Why are your games rigd miniclip? Well the free spins never get the big prizes? Not just this game other miniclip games just curious if anyone else pays attention to that. But other than that worth the download for a lot of your game titles thanks miniclip :) two thumbs up Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Darren Kent Published date: February 12, 2016

    Incredible! Oh dear. I'm going to have to change my 5 star rating to a 1 star as I've just lost all my progress. All the hours that I've spent playing has been for nothing. I had actually paid for in-game content so my money has also been wasted. Not amused. Emailed developer weeks ago and received no response. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Blane Jarocki Published date: January 19, 2016

    DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY. The game is well made and Fun. BUT do not purchase anything in this game. Your progress is not saved and also THE GAME FREEZES ON LEVEL 19. I made 2 purchases in this game thinking hey this game is cool why not support it. Only to have the game completely stop working at level 19. I was on level 18 when i made my purchases and I re-installed the game only to lose the money i put into the game. I contacted the Company about the problem and takes them about a week and a half to respond and have done nothing to return my money. Great game crappy Customer Service Full Review

  • On The Run™
    NWM GB Published date: November 17, 2015

    so bad really was fun game but then did do the spin. never can win the 20000 coins when do spin. and today won 700but it froze and went to somethin different then continued to 400. so bad. not fun no more. and takes for ever to got coins and can't drive too long. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Waleed Essam Published date: January 27, 2016

    Good game but.. But the daily awards doesnt work on the 5th day for some reason. Which is annoying and probably intentional to force you into buying gems instead if saving them from the 5th day award. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Ravi kant Sharma Published date: September 14, 2016

    Game is awesome but some issues Again a awesome game by Miniclip.. but I'm facing some bugs or issue , when i play game many time screen going black display only..so pls fix this... Device- Moto X Play , Android 6.0.1 Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Blaze Colvin Published date: September 19, 2015

    They want your money The game is fun. The graphics are nice. It runs pretty decent. But, this game a PACKED FULL of gimmicks to try to get money out of you. Full ads, short ads, outrageous price scaling, energy bars, 2 types of currency, pay to win nonsense. Not worth your time. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Justin G Published date: October 1, 2016

    They lie about when you get your daily prize. I have played this game for 2 months an hour a day. They create challenges that are impossible. They also won't let you get a daily mission without spending money on their "pay" diamonds. Be weary of this game and how they WILL screw you. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    matt prevost Published date: September 20, 2015

    On the run It boots me off in the middle of the game but takes my gas,coins and diamonds but won't give me experience or credit for racing.wtf. fine boot me off but either give me credit or don't but then lemme keep my stuff.you can't have both u shady douches Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Michael Langoski Published date: September 13, 2015

    Great game but they steal your money! This is a great game, great play, designs and graphics. BUT they take your money and don't give you the product, every time you try to watch a video you get kicked from the video straight back to the game with not getting g free coins or continue a game. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Shell Weatherby Published date: October 22, 2015

    LOVE IT! Awesome game just smashing, crashing and racing, doing challenges and upgrading cars. Should be able to sign in without fb though; it would be nice not to be called just "guest123456..." Why can't you just enter your name?!!! . Loads of fun though. X Full Review

  • On The Run™
    David E. Jackson Published date: October 9, 2015

    If you like Burnout or Split/Second... This is an intense traffic racer! With great scenery & tons of obstacles/missions. Lags a bit, when you've got helicopters/cops chasing/mass destruction, but still crazy fun!!! Full Review

  • On The Run™
    James Wood Published date: September 17, 2015

    In app notifications! How do you turn them off. Its very annoying. Would be a great game if not for constant reminders... Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Nin Dizzle Published date: September 24, 2015

    Fun arcade endless run racing game Really like the fact you can get the majority of boost, power ups and upgrades just by playing the game and becoming skillful. Having lots of fun, the police chace and news helicopter is a nice feature along with bonus vehicles you can use to clear though traffic. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Skip Ford Published date: July 1, 2017

    I liked the game until now. After finishing a race or running out of time it want to back to the main screen. The game is froze at the purchase more time screen. I think it is rigged so you can continue to build coins and diamonds. Sorry miniclip but this game sucks. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Leah Noli Published date: November 9, 2015

    CHEATS!!! This game cheats like no other. When you try and watch a few videos for free coins, after the 1st or 2nd video it will start saying that something went wrong, and then it says there are no more videos. It also stops you like a cm before the checkpoint when you are trying to finish your run goal. When you spin, it only gives you 300 or 200 coins. There are tanks of gas and diamonds and other free spins and even 20,000 coins. And about 90% of the time it lands you on 200 or 300 coins. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    bhavya sharma Published date: September 26, 2015

    Really nice game. A game which can be rated as 5 stars. Good graphics. Awesome concept. Salute to miniclip for the concept. U will stick to the game once u download. A bit addicting. Keeps the interest up. A bit tough which challenges our wit. The challenges brings fun. Overall...must download. And appreciation to miniclip. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Sam Engineer Published date: October 9, 2015

    Made for ad. This game is only made for showing ad. Every 2 to 3 minute you see a annoying ad. And the good part is that you didn't easly get to rid of this add. Don't download, you only waste your time to remove add. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Jon Smith Published date: December 11, 2015

    Very cool... So far only lags on my terrible phone when there's a lot going on. Checkpoints are achievable, shame you only get one choice of colour for your car but this is minor. Great game. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    norma maldonado Published date: January 6, 2017

    Purchases I love this game, I've been playing it for a while, but it got erases off of my phone and when I downloaded it again, I don't get all my personal data back. I purchases one of the expensive cars and I can't even get it back, thats BS. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Nilam Pandya Published date: September 18, 2015

    Wonderful game Very Exciting to play with new goal. But one thing you need to by fuel every time even you don't have the enough dimonds... How is it possible? Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Kristopher Larsen Published date: February 22, 2016

    Daily reward The game is great, the only thing that has really annoyed me is that i have been on every day to make sure i got the 5 day bonus, however i havent bad the 5th bonus of 15 gems Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Qball dTodd Published date: June 15, 2016

    This is one of the best Game is lot of fun. Great time killer. Me and my 5yr. Old play non stop. See who can get the farthest. She kicks my but. Lol .. download and be careful,Very addictive.. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Christopher Konnecke Published date: September 14, 2015

    Good game I like the game although I just maxed out the level 13 car and stopped playing because I had no fuel. so I went back on and they where away. fix please and I will give 5 stars Full Review

  • On The Run™
    prasad puranik Published date: September 16, 2015

    Major bugs I had saved enough cash till i reached level 13 to buy the red car. In fact i had around 40000 coins left. Enough to upgrade all the stats of the red car to max. I did and closed the game as i had no fuel. When i opened later to play again. The red car's upgrades were all gone. It was back to it's initial stats. But the coins i spent on upgrading were still gone. Didn't feel like playing anymore as this might happen again. Sorry but uninstalling Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Yasmin Akter Published date: June 1, 2016

    Help me How to reach combo? Give me this level tutorial. Because I don't know how to play this level. Reach combo 5? Don't know? Full Review

  • On The Run™
    winnie paul Published date: September 19, 2015

    Irritating Doesn't progress at all. Stuck on the same level..... Didn't add the coins earned in each run. So it's stuck at the start. What rubbish is this. Miniclip games were not this way when we played online. This is my first Miniclip game for the phone and it's crap. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Kent Oños Published date: June 29, 2016

    DISAPPOINTED FOR THIS GAME Every time I connect this game into internet the game FORCE CLOSE how can I get the bonus if when I connect it, FORCE CLOSE.?? I'M SO SAD FOR THIS.. NO NEED TO REPLY THANKS ANYWAY UNINSTALL Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Calvin Gibbs Published date: June 16, 2016

    Won't go to all levels. Freezes around level 18. Runs out of fuel too quick. Upgrade purchases are useless after certain points and cheats you out of earned credits. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Brendan Chew Published date: September 15, 2015

    Ummm.... Lucky I didn't buy anything with real money; level up good, phone had to reformat and all my saves are gone. You just need a cloud save to make it perfect :/ Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Raymond Mateo Published date: October 4, 2015

    In-game purchases won't restore if you lose your save data The game was great, until I purchased a new phone and couldn't transfer the save and my purchases. Logging into Facebook and/or Google play does nothing to restore purchases. I purchased gems to make the ads go away. Got a new phone and just downloaded the game again thinking atleast the ads will still be gone even if I lose my progress but nope. Have to start fresh. Previous purchases gone, ads back. Don't play the game no more, feel like I've been cheated out of money. Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Michael Enoka Published date: September 12, 2015

    To get to level 16, you have to buy stuff b4 u continue. That's crap isn't it? Now I can't continue unless I buy stuff. Uninstalling..... Good game but not wasting a few dollars, whereas I can get a good decent PC game for its monies worth then having to fork out cash every bloody time! Full Review

  • On The Run™
    Barnaby Pickering Published date: July 23, 2017

    Nothing like the old miniclip game. Just an excuse to make money. Absolutely appalling gameplay which is boring and unoriginal. Full Review