Pandemic: The Board Game

Pandemic: The Board Game

Can you find all four cures in time? The fate of humanity is in your hands!

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  • Current Version: 1.1.32
  • Updated: February 18, 2016
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



As skilled members of a disease-fighting team, you must keep four deadly diseases at bay while discovering their cures. Travel the world, treat infections, and find cures.
You must work as a team to succeed. The clock is ticking as outbreaks and epidemics fuel the spreading plagues. Can you find all four cures in time? The fate of humanity is in your hands!

Pandemic: The Board Game is a family-friendly cooperative game. Simple to understand and lots of fun, Pandemic: The Board Game puts you in an apocalyptic situation where you must work as a team to save the world.

*How to play
In Pandemic: The Board Game each player has a unique role with different abilities. On a turn, players will have four actions in order to cure diseases and save the world. They can remove disease cubes from the board; fly to a city in need; trade cards with fellow players; and much more.

At the end of every player’s turn, new cities are infected with disease cubes and Epidemics may arise. You must fight to prevent the outbreaks before they spin out of control.

In Pandemic: The Board Game, there is only one way to win: cure all four diseases before you run out of time!

An award-wining board game and player favorite since its release in 2008, Pandemic: The Board Game is now available for Android devices.

-7 role cards with unique abilities
-Supports games for 2, 3, or 4 players, but can be played solo if you play multiple roles
-Pass-and-play multiplayer (2-4)
-Three difficulty settings make the game suitable for beginners, intermediate players, and experts
-Fully guided interactive tutorial; plus “Info Mode” for in-game reminders of the rules
-Full rulebook included for easy access and detailed reference at all times
-Animated interface gives clear indication of the game's progress and hotspots
-“Undo” system
-Adaptive soundtrack
-Complete implementation of the board game suitable for expert play
-Interface designed and tested for ease-of-use

-On the Brink expansion content available as in-app purchase
-6 new roles and 8 new events
-Play with 5 players
-Legendary difficulty setting for players with a deathwish
-2 events in player deck per player

-Virulent Strain challenge available as in-app purchase
-8 Virulent Strain Epidemic cards with unique effects

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Pandemic: The Board Game will run on devices using Android version 4.0.3 or higher with 1GB of RAM.
For an optimal experience, we recommend to play it on devices equipped with a quad-core processor.

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  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Jimmy Dimmick Published date: December 30, 2016

    Great co-op game! My sister got this board game for Christmas and the app is a perfect version of the real thing. Only wish list is ability to play others over Bluetooth. This would be an awesome game for any flight. Also a play online, with or without friends option (non Bluetooth) would also be a great addition. When I travel back home I'd love to play with family this way. With multiplayer (not shared phone) a chat function would be nice too. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Jennifer Hamilton Published date: March 10, 2016

    A good challenge with excellent replay value Love it. Have wanted the table top version for a while but my friends and family aren't much for these types of games. This one is very well done. My only complaint is the continuous requirement the click the continue to the next infection button. Otherwisr, I strongly recommend this game, well worth the price and with the expansion there are a seemingly endless number of combinations to choose from. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Daniel Van Pelt Published date: November 11, 2017

    It's a great port of a great game. They didn't try to over-polish, or add needless animation that would detract from game play. I bought it when I got the board game, and found it to be an extremely helpful tool in learning the rules for the board game. If you're unfamiliar be prepared to lose a lot. A LOT. It's a very challenging game, which makes those few victories so very sweet. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Mark Horsburgh Published date: March 18, 2017

    This is the gold standard for all board game apps. A perfect tutorial which introduces the rules of the game could in itself be a great introduction to the card based board game alone, and make a great training tool. Then the lovely touch interface which brings all the info you need within easy reach, rounds it off. The visuals are exactly as you know from the original game and the only thing missing is connected multiplayer, wifi locally or net play. Can't wait to see what else this dev can translate digitally. Highly recommended. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Daniel Marco Published date: May 27, 2017

    If you like the board game and want to be able to play alone when no one else is around, this app is Perfect! It really is straight forward, easy to navigate, and a well done app version of the board game! There is no pattern to the games as they are all feel very different and new each time. Worth the buy! Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Leanna Duquette Published date: March 5, 2017

    I absolutely love this board game and the app makes it so I can play by myself since no one wants to play as often as me. I like that you can zoom in on the board but I actually don't need to most of the time, there as only been one incident where my fat fingers sent me somewhere i did not want to go, and there is an undo button just for that problem too. I appreciate how well the undo button is set up because it cannot be abused and also how all the information you need is easily accessible. I would definitely recommend this to someone like me, however I do think that the actual board game is better if playing with people. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Jacob Shoop Published date: August 9, 2016

    Everyday play Fantastic adaptation! The interface is really great, the sound and music is perfect, it's a very fun game. $6.99 + $1.99 packs for more roles and a variant difficulty pack is worth it. I've got dozens of plays. Please add more roles and variants! I'd pay $1.99 for them. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    David McIlroy Published date: December 3, 2016

    A nearly flawless implementation of a fantastic game Pandemic is a great board game. This is a faithful port of the game with an intuitive interface, excellent tutorial, and very good graphics. The only thing I don't like is the achievement system, requiring a Google Gamer account. It nags you until you create one. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    James S Published date: January 17, 2017

    Great version of the board game. But will take me a little time to get used to playing as all 4 players! I would love to see a "legacy" version of this, having played the board game I could see it being and awesome campaign mode for more replay ability. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Bill Birsic Published date: November 27, 2017

    I bought the expansions in game on my tablet, and I cannot play them on my phone without paying for them again... Which is basically robbery in my opinion. It's an awesome game, but that's just wrong. Edit: It took a couple days but I fact that I purchased the expansions came through on my phone, so I'm now more than content with the game. It's awesome. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Colin McCormick Published date: November 28, 2016

    Honestly better than expected! If you like Pandemic GET THIS AP! Pandemic can be a bit daunting to breakout on a Monday night, unless you have this app! Truly super fast game play to not only learn the game but be a true player when you actually decide to breakout the boardgame! I can't put it down! Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Mary Nichols Published date: March 25, 2016

    Getting oriented Vertigo and tiny important features make the first few games seem harder. The auto zoom and pan with flashing disease cubes spinning and so forth made me long for my quiet board game. ("Tabletop" video Wil online if you haven't tried it analog.) This game lets you examine all players cards, forecasted cards, played cards... Expand the left and right columns and pay close attenton to when you use forecast. It's easy to slip. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    tim dedrick Published date: October 22, 2017

    Great interface and and quick setup. Some roles are unclear between cards and manual but this game clears it up. Deck is too difficult. Several games were over in just a few moves due to chain reactions. Too luck driven than strategy. Still fun but too difficult. Seems I often get an immediate chain reaction on the first infection same as the epidemic. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Crisvlogs 14 Published date: June 25, 2017

    I don't usually make reviews but this game deserves one. I love pandemic I've got all expansions and playing the legacy game and personally I loved the game but the only thing I would add would be a online game or if you could play with friends that also have the game would be amazing I hope you add this but if not at least thanks for reading Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Stephenie Young Published date: January 2, 2017

    Great game! Bought so I could learn via the app to play the actual board game. Great game. Only negative is that occasionally I lose visibility to my team members cards - like I can't pull that menu over. It definitely affects game play to not understand all. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Marc Gamble Published date: May 23, 2017

    Fantastic, faithful adaptation of the boardgame, Pandemic. The graphic representation of diseases cubes, flashing lights on cities at risk of outbreak and music/sound effects all add to the experience. My only concern is with the drawing of cards from the infection deck which seems to be stacked against the player. I have played the boardgame regularly for months and I have never had so many losses by outbreak. The probability of drawing three outbreaks from three infection cards is so low that the fact it seems to happen almost every time is suspicious. Bad luck, I can accept. Losing is just as fun as winning unless you feel like the circumstances are unfair. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Nrsimha Consbruck Published date: July 16, 2016

    Owned Board Game First Awesome game, easier to learn than actual board game. It does glitch and not let you look at your character's cards but exiting and getting back in fixes it. Expansions are nicely proceed to too. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Anon Emous Published date: November 30, 2017

    This is a good system and a slick interface. The issue is the difficulty. I play a lot of strategy games but this game is the hardest to win I've ever played. I have 3 wins in 43 games played. Reading online, no one else seems to really be having this problem, or if others are they just aren't talking about it. In board game form id say my friends and I win around 50% but for whatever reason this app is extremely difficult. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Garth Hilderman Published date: March 31, 2016

    Successful translation of the boardgame Pandemic is a cooperative game which is good both for solo play and with friends, though only pass-and-play is available. A robust tutorial is included for those new to the game or in need of a refresher. Replay ability is sky-high thanks to the different assortment of characters and random events with the adversary diseases. It can and should be tough, losing will happen and winning is seldom a cakewalk. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Sophia Email Published date: March 4, 2017

    If you bought the board game and are totally confused? Download the digital version, play and all will become clear. 1 star. Love love love the game. But thats where it stops because you cant play with others. But getting others to play can be tough. What about Pandemic With Friends? You play all roles 1-4. Cannot play with others. Ironic since this seems to teach how to play well with others. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Richard Mead Published date: August 22, 2017

    Love the board games. Mobile leaves a lot to be desired. No multiplayer and no option to customize the deck limit the experience. Otherwise, I could see this being a great way to get your Pandemic fix while away from the table. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Brad Gentry Published date: October 17, 2016

    Could only be improved (or destroyed) by online multiplayer. Great game, good expansions. Intended for local pass n' play, but I've only played it alone. Hasn't gotten old in the months I've owned it, and I play it almost every day. Online multiplayer would be nice, but I could see how it would be hard to establish collaboration without physical proximity of players. Great balance of chance and skill. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    robert espiritu Published date: November 3, 2017

    An awsome adaptation of the board game. Pandemic is a challenging game that requires thought, planning, and for good or bad, luck. It has always been an enjoyable game and it has lost none of that fun in this android translation. It has just the right amount of difficulty and challenge that keeps on making u comeback to play. It absolutely never gets boring. Being a quick game it also adds to the replayability. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Lisa Le Published date: November 26, 2017

    A great paid game. I love the board game and this app. I would love an online function in order to play with friends and family from across the country. The only thing it's missing is the co-op aspect that I get from playing with others! Well done! Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Jason Street Published date: January 4, 2017

    Bad UI, can not get to game When I first ran it, there is a black window that covers most of the screen that does not go away. Rotating the screen shows options underneath, but the black window follows the rotation shortly after. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Dallin Howes Published date: June 17, 2017

    This is a fantastic recreation of a great board game, which is really enjoyable alone or with others. Unfortunately, there is no way to install the expansions on multiple devices. There is no 'restore purchases' option, and attempting to buy them again on a second device gives an error 'you already own this item', but does not make it available to use in game. *Edit* looks like I just had to wait a bit longer and the game eventually picked up the purchases and so it's all good now. 5 stars, thanks! Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Jessika S Published date: August 16, 2017

    Can't even make it past the introductory level. Would be super helpful if my team info tab would work because I can't memorize which member has which cards which makes it difficult to trade much needed cards between members. I end up running out of player cards every time. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Khalid Ra Published date: January 14, 2017

    Excellent Very good interpretation of the board game, tutorial does a good job at explaining the mechanisms and is quite convinient not having to set up the board game manually. I hope it will receive more expansions, such as the bio terrorist expansion. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Kee Hong Park Published date: May 13, 2016

    Great game Bought the physical copy before the digital game. Haven't played the physical copy so I wanted to get familiar with the game with this game. It did an excellent job of providing tutorial so now I understand how to play this game. One thing I don't like is how the game just piles on infections on the cities that are close or already have had epidemics and you lose the game within a turn or two once it goes downhill. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Published date: October 23, 2017

    Great able to play again and again. Very close to board game can't make mistake just like the board game. Lots of fun. Getting ready for pandemic II year. Can't wait till we finish Pandemic I year. Just hard with work to get group to play. Great to remember basics. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    David Aukerman Published date: November 15, 2016

    Fantastic! This is a really solid mobile version of the board game. It doesn't disappoint! Very easy to learn and use. Lots of fun and plenty of replay value. (Now, Pandemic Legacy as a mobile game...? That would be incredible.) Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Crystal M Published date: July 22, 2017

    This app is excellent. It's fun to try to get all the achievements. Only downside is I'm less likely to play my boardgames version since it's more work and takes longer. Overall, my skill in the game is much improved. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Amber Smith Published date: March 30, 2016

    Great adaptation So glad to see that the pandemic board game made it to the Google play store! Hoping for more expansions in the app soon. I enjoy playing board games but don't get enough opportunities to play all the variations. I am really enjoying the app and the available in app purchases. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Mike Tate Published date: October 1, 2016

    Decent Port It's a direct port of the board game which is exactly what I was looking for. However it desperately needs a Multiplayer mode (preferably Async). Pass N' Play is never a good substitute for real multiplayer and single player gets dry really fast. Also, it really needs options to turn off all of the flashy Laser-Floyd like effects. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Jonathan Byrd Published date: February 20, 2016

    Great App App works great, very easy to use. My only complaint is the separate costs for the "on the brink" expansion. Still doesn't include mutations, I expect that's coming... Probably at an additional cost though. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Julien Deslieres Published date: March 1, 2016

    Great potential I could be called a fan, as I have bought every Pandemic related board game (except Legacy Red box, as I have the Blue one...). I was a bit sad to see that the on the Brink expansion is only the role and event cards. I hope to see more expansion on the app, like the virulent strain, the mutated disease and the Lab to find the cure. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Eric Carlson Published date: May 21, 2016

    Great strategy game Pandemic is great fun. I had played the board game 3 or 4 times before finding the app. This game is designed to be a game that spirals out of control if you don't have a good strategy. The laws of probability are weighted against you by design and the worse your strategy, the faster the spiral. I would guess that I have played 15 games so far on the easiest level and maybe won 4 or 5 of them. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Published date: March 22, 2017

    Overall a great game and recreation of the board game. Also fully playable offline and great for those long plane rides. However, be warned that there is NO ONLINE MULTIPLAYER feature, so the only way to play this with friends is if you're using the same device. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Sonya Moore Published date: June 25, 2017

    Great game but there is a bug. The feature that allows you to see the team's cards stops working on occasion. You have to restart the game to fix. It gets annoying. Full Review

  • Pandemic: The Board Game
    Published date: January 22, 2018

    The game is very challenging even on the lowest difficulty, unlike most games. Thoroughly enjoyable and replayable. Great value for money! I only wish you could play friends, who also have a copy, online. Full Review