Samsung Email

Samsung Email

Experience powerful and Reliable email client on your Galaxy.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: February 18, 2018
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 7.0 and above.

Samsung Email enables users to manage multiple personal and business email accounts seamlessly. Samsung Email also offers EAS integration for business, encryption using S/MIME to safeguard data and ease-of-use features such as insightful notifications, SPAM management. Furthermore, organizations can administer various policies as needed. 
Key features
· POP3 and IMAP support for managing personal email accounts
· Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration for synchronizing Exchange Server based business email, calendars, contacts and tasks
· Encryption using S/MIME for secure email communication

Additional features
· Customizable user experience with notifications, schedule synchronization, SPAM management, and combined mailboxes
· Policy administration with comprehensive, built-in EAS support
· Conversation and thread view to read related mail

--- Regarding the App Access Permission ---

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]
- None

[Optional permissions]
- Camera: Used to attach photos to email
- Location: Used to attach current location information to email
- Contacts: Used to link email recipients/senders with contacts and synchronize contact information when using Microsoft Exchange account
- SMS: Used to provide SMS synchronization function when using Microsoft Exchange account
- Storage: Used to attach files to email or save attached files


19,529 total
5 8,558 
4 1,919 
3 1,821 
2 1,709 
1 5,522 

  • Samsung Email
    DONE VON VEESUALS Published date: February 16, 2018

    By far my favorite mail app on Android! I've gotten into trouble with it after I've switched my hosting from a local to DOMAIN's hosting. The guys from the tech team managed to solve not only my issue, but other's in the most recent update. Now it works like a charm for me! I love the fact that I have built-in text formatting options that makes my life easier and my emails more professional and punctual, especially on signature. I don't have any complains using Samsung Email with my personal IMAP accounts. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Satinder Kalsi Published date: March 7, 2018

    This application no longer downloads emails in the background and they have de-featured several useful functions. Load More DOES not work or takes hours before it does. Deleted emails also appear at least once or twice. Once deleted they should not appear again. I have seen duplicate entries in the deleted folder. It worked great couple of months ago. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Jon Knapp Published date: February 17, 2018

    At first I really liked this email app, in the last 6 weeks though I have been ready to uninstall it. I have one single email server that I check many times a day and there are frequent occasions when this app will not allow syncing of my email. I am forced to check my email when I am at home and in front of my computer. What good is a productivity app if you can not be productive with it. Fix it and I will improve my ok rating. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Published date: March 7, 2018

    I used to adore this app. Easy maintenance, emails showing up no problem... But as I am a gmail user, emails now bypass my inbox completely and vanish. Important updates from friends family and frequented sites end up in no man's land and even after changing the settings in my gmail account nothing has changed. Very unhappy as this app used to be a pinnacle of my email usage. Would give zero stars if I could. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Tenth Dimension Published date: February 24, 2018

    Just updated my phone and this changes to the email app are irritating. Why can't I just see the folders I want without having to click another arrow to pop up the full list of folders. I don't need them all and the one I want "spam" won't show up in the primary list. To access it I have to click another icon to pop up all folders. DUMB! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Chris Chevrier Published date: February 15, 2018

    The only thing that I'd suggest is adding a "Mark as read" option to the notification that you get when you receive an email. I get lots of emails but there are some that I don't need to read, but don't want to delete either and would love a way to easily mark them as read, without needing to unlock my phone and go to the app Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Greg S Published date: March 8, 2018

    Critical bug: if email opened from outbox folder during out of signal it deletes that email forever! And never sends! Why did you turn off sync option for the individual custom folders?? How stupid you need to be to do that??? How should I access some important mails from custom folders? Hate it! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Marsha Waren Published date: March 4, 2018

    I've been using this app for only a couple of days and have been happy with it. I installed it after the Blue Mail app crashed on my Galaxy 7. I'm commenting because I'm very disturbed that there is no search function on the inbox. I frequently search for emails so that I don't have to scroll through the entire list. Now that I have read through many of the comments and find that a lot of people have difficulty with this app, I'm going to start looking for another one. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Amanda Borders Published date: March 14, 2018

    crappiest email app ever. you have to constantly, several times a day, re-enter your password and not even all your emails will show up until it's too late.. no matter how important they are. WASTE OF TIME. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Published date: March 11, 2018

    Totally rubbish app cant send emails today wont log on again every other day this happens to my accounts. Since the last updat i have still only been able to log into two out of four accounts. Rubbish Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    SIDDHARTH PATEL Published date: March 2, 2018

    I prefer this app for email than yahoo to sync my yahoo mail account, because its is a lot more clean looking. But recently it stopped working and it's been over two weeks now. So fix it or I have to delete it. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Holly Mitchell Published date: March 3, 2018

    Ever since the lastest update, the app only loads unread messages in my inbox. Once read, I can't even view them (listed) anymore. I've been missing important messages even if I accidentally click on the item once... then it disappears, never to be seen again. Also, there doesn't seem to be a setting to change that. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    D Klein Published date: March 1, 2018

    Having increased problems getting this email to display my messages. It loads sender info but not the body of the message and I have to wait and wait for my message to finally appear. Didnt always work that way and Im open to switch!! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Greg McCord Published date: February 18, 2018

    Sure wish I knew how to use the spam blocker on this app! When you hit the menu button in the upper right corner, it used to have a way to register as spam when I edit incoming emails. Now I have no way to stop the spam from my mobile phone. Please help! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Donna M Published date: February 24, 2018

    As many others have said, since Feb. 17th it won't allow me to sign into Yahoo accounts. Cannot access my emails through this app. Used to be a great app before this issue. Now it's worthless and annoying. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    ross porter Published date: March 14, 2018

    This app is absolute rubbish. It now won't open pdf attachments or download them.keeps asking me to sign in over and over. Why can't this app be rectified,every week there seems to be new problems arising!! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Kristy Walck Published date: February 17, 2018

    Loved the app until this morning when it wouldn't let me log in anymore. I'm having the same issue as everyone else. I'm definitely putting in the correct credentials but it keeps saying incorrect username or password. It's not only with my Yahoo account but also with my Outlook email for my school where I am a teacher. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Jack Michael Batiduan Published date: February 18, 2018

    Really liked this app until it started logging me out of my email accounts. Tried clearing cache & it worked, but my emails can't show any photos. Frustrated that even Samsung customer service reps can't even figure it out. Using a different email app for now until they fix these issues. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Victor Lopez Published date: March 16, 2018

    Needs to have more setting options so that I can force it to load images without having to hit show images on every email. Also it would be nice if you could said it so it would retrieve older messages quickly or in the background. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Published date: February 17, 2018

    Every single new update it keeps signing me out of my email account. It also doesnt sync new emails or sends notifications that i have new emails. Its becoming a huge headache and a waste of space. Why the hell does it need to make phone calls? Never had any of these issues until you idiots added bixby. Fix the app Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    B L DUNCAN Published date: February 19, 2018

    I really like Samsung email. I'd rather use the default email app instead of having to revert somewhere else but thts wht I had to do. I'd like to see avatars & rich icons add for email clients. I'd also like to be able to customize the app with themes. The app just look to plain. Love to see more customizations added. Thanks for listening. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Steven Mueller Published date: February 20, 2018

    The app has issues loading some emails. It loads the sender and date information but it doesn't load the actual email. Just a white blank page. thus, I have to access my email via an internet browser instead. Yes, I've tried basic troubleshooting. No I have not deleted my account from the app and reinstalled it. Maybe someday. I should not have to do that though to fix the issue. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Danielle Kelley Published date: March 2, 2018

    Keeps logging me out (aol email) randomly. And this morning I woke up to it saying I was temporarily locked out of my account. Hadn't touched my phone since I went to bed last night! I can easily log in online, no problem. But this app is ridiculous. I thought I had been hacked or something! Clearing cache doesn't help. Clearing data and resetting the email doesn't work because I get stuck in a loop at log in. Put in my username and click next to go put in the password and nothing happens... just reloads the username screen. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Tracy Dean Published date: February 17, 2018

    Had same issues as everyone else since update but fixed it!! Server settings said IMAP and as hadn't changed anything I kept it like that with no luck so thought as nothing else working try changing it to POP3 and it fixed it! This is for a sky yahoo account. Never had any issues before so am hoping this is just a hiccup x Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Published date: February 17, 2018

    Not "powerful and reliable!" Used to like this app and overview of various accounts. However, since the last two updates, the app continually "fails sign in" on Yahoo. Even reentering the password, clearing phone and system caches, and removing and reinstalling my Yahoo email does not fix the problem. While I like my Samsung Galaxy phone, the apps and customer support are very poor! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Business Insider Published date: February 17, 2018

    Date 17-2-18. It stopped working. After checking the pop3 and imap settings manually, doing a password change. And many tries, still couldn't sign in. I think this is because of the update on 15-2-18. I even changed my account setting to 'log in on low security apps'. No luck. They need to update again Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Adnan Umarmia Published date: March 12, 2018

    I used to use Gmail but it weren't very good. I like this app better because it's simple to use and sends email straight away unlike Gmail where the email will sit in outbox for God knows how long. Well done Samsung Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Geoffrey Phillips Published date: February 17, 2018

    Horrible app. It continuously logs me out of my email accounts but I have to login on a computer to change all passwords. Usually happens once every couple months. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Published date: March 3, 2018

    Loved this app until recent update. What is up with having to touch "Load More" on EACH email to get the entire content? Is there some hidden setting that will change this because I can't locate it! I'll be switching to Gmail app if there isn't any way to resolve this issue. It's very annoying and frustrating. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Gilles CIZERON Published date: March 3, 2018

    I used to love this app (100+ mails/day). But I'm disappointed by this version compared to the one I had on my Note 4. I no longer can bear a very very annoying bug: deleted emails keep coming back again and againat! And I also still regret the return receipt option of the Kitkat version... Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Melissa Dean Published date: February 17, 2018

    It's a good app, but having "server errors" and "unable to sign in" errors followed by having to re-submit my passwords more than 10 times in one sitting to log back in is ridiculous. This is annoying, time consuming, and logging back in after an error should only take one input of my password. I wish I could COMPLETELY uninstall this app from my phone... Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    fronda miller Published date: February 26, 2018

    Worked fine until update yesterday and I no longer have access to my email folders. Put it back like it was. This is awful. Guess you aren't going to fix it. Why? It is now not user friendly. Thks Samsung Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Muhammad Bilal Published date: February 13, 2018

    Why is there no confirmation upon deleting emails? It is quite irritating to move every single mail back to inbox after "accidentally" deleting them because there is no other way to restore them when you are using multiple accounts. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Courteney H Published date: February 17, 2018

    I love this app, but it keeps saying my sign in failed for my Yahoo account. I changed my password and it still won't connect. This problem just started happening, and I'm not sure why. If it gets fixed, o would love to continue using this app, but for now o have tpo use a different one. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    patti la vine Published date: February 21, 2018

    Was fine. But stopped working a few days ago. Won't sync. Logs me out. I enter password. Get error immediately. And it is correct password as I check email on my laptop & it shows how many times I've been trying to long in. Gotta remove it. A shame, it appears many have same issue alk of a sudden. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Cameron Thompson Published date: February 17, 2018

    This horrible app keeps "failing to sign in" after months of working just fine. Every phone I've ever had has had this problem with this specific app and the "fixes" are never permanent. The app always finds away to bug itself out and bar me from getting to my emails when i need them. Best advice: do not use this junk app and jist get the yahoo mail app Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Published date: March 12, 2018

    opened an old message and sent it to recipients. gives a notification symbol when old email is re- populated to"unread" multiple times a week. feels like someone else reading my app Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    Ric Gink Published date: February 17, 2018

    It was okay til this morning when it has repeatedly kept me from signing in. What is going on with it. I have not changed any of the sign in info. Hey it fails to so. Is there a update that has to happen or is this what I should now expect to do is go to Yahoo to sign in to my account. Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    dorian clarke Published date: March 17, 2018

    Annoying that they limit attachment quantity rather than size. I should be able to attach 300 1KB files if I wanted to. As long as I'm under the size limit. Please fix! Full Review

  • Samsung Email
    SoUncreative One Published date: February 17, 2018

    This app manages my pop3 Yahoo email. It stopped working today 17 Feb 2018. It continually gives a "failure to in" error prompting for a password which still won't make it work. Another issue is that it syncs mail overnight without my permission. Everything is set to manually sync. The app is closed before going to bed. Yet every morning it shows "last sync" at around 2 AM. This uses precious and limited network data. Full Review