Sudoku Free

Sudoku Free

The best sudoku puzzle game you ever played. The smart game for smart you!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 2.7.3
  • Updated: July 3, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Sudoku by Volcano is the best puzzle game you can find for your phone and tablet, and it'll help you to learn and improve your skills in the sudoku game.
With our hint system, it'll teach you all the skills you need to solve the puzzle with every step, and the instructions are very easy to understand, also with helpful animations and colorful visual effects. The hint system will not only tell you the answer but also help you to understand why the answer is. In the training mode, it'll be with you whether you're completely new to this game, or the way to the expert.

We created this innovative free game with several various key features:
★ Sudoku variations such as squiggly, X and Color
★ 8 difficulty levels from very beginners to the expert
★ Hint system will help to learn how to solve the puzzle, not only the answer but also why the answer is
★ Career statistics to keep track of your game progress
★ Global leaderboard and achievement, which you can share or compete with your friends or others
★ You can update your puzzle from the server at any time, without re-installing the game
★ Compete with global players in the Champions Challenge and win the bounty
★ Custom puzzle can let you create your own puzzle as composed by yourself, or from the papers
★ More than 15000 puzzles are waiting for you

during the game, you will be able to
★ Auto highlighted numbers for intelligent hint
★ Use pencil marks
★ Double-click the cell to erase numbers
★ Use various kind of items, like check the errors
★ Unlimited redo & undo

you can also found more useful functions like
★ You can share to your friends via Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
★ Auto-save, you can pause at anytime you like without losing any progress
★ Use Dark mode in the night to protect your eyes
★ Timer, you can also disable it in settings
★ Selected cell highlighting
★ Incorrect digits mark
★ Enchanting visual effects
★ Various numerals like Chinese or Roman
★ Universal App looks great on phone and tablet
★ Give us feedback in the game, with your help we'll make it better

We hope you will enjoy the stunning designs of our sudoku, it's really a brain teaser game which helps to work out your brain! All for FREE!


138,733 total
5 83,438 
4 36,204 
3 9,403 
2 3,640 
1 6,048 

  • Sudoku Free
    FORREST HIGGINBOTHAM Published date: November 30, 2017

    It's a great Sudoku app. I've played many. And most are great. I like this one especially a little bit more because when you click on a number it shows and highlights all the other numbers on the grid. The one thing I would change is have a different font style for the numbers you put in place. They basically just use a different boldness for the one you put in place. I like the fact that they have different grids not just your standard 9 by 9 by 9 Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Frank Herner Published date: October 24, 2017

    I really love this app, keeps me entertained when nothing else will, but, this morning I tried to Auto-Sync my progress between my phone and my Android Tablet, and for some reason, my PROGRESS WAS WIPED BACK 7 WEEKS! What the f***?! I had 25 puzzles done in each of the Standard Variation Categories, and when I synced, it wiped me down to 10 in each!? I WANT MY PROGRESS BACK! Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Russ B Published date: October 26, 2017

    Great app, but the daily averages of other players should be only for the particular puzzle that has just been solved, rather than all puzzles. It's not very interesting to know how you've done against all other's average times that day when it's not puzzle specific. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Krisma Ghost Published date: November 14, 2017

    Absolutely hate trying to fill in a puzzle. You have to select the square you want, hit a number then hit it again? I'm not even sure after finishing a puzzle. Don't change the number if you haven't moved squares first, it'll change too. Horrid controls. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    L Smith Published date: February 3, 2018

    Well designed, easy to use, different levels suited for everyone. Adverts aren't invasive, for a free version of an app someone spent their time on, for us, they need the revenue from adverts and it doesn't bother me. In other apps they can be very annoying. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Julian Reynolds Published date: August 22, 2017

    I like this app but it is rather power hungry and the ads are annoying. I would consider going ad free if it wasn't £7.99 which seems rather expensive considering other Sudoku apps charge£1.99. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Roxanne Flesher Published date: November 20, 2017

    Wonderful game! Simple to play, but can change difficulty to more challenging. Makes me think. Easiest one I've seen to make notations in the squares. Although I enjoy doing it from memory instead of noting boxes with only possible numbers. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Robert Martin Published date: November 13, 2017

    Fun game, but recently I've been getting pop ups saying that "Google" has detected an Android virus on my phone. These are obviously fake and are likely attempting to get me to install malware on my device. The pop ups are coming from ads within this app. I recommend people find another game that won't serve ads trying to infect their phones! Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Shadi abd al-azim Published date: December 28, 2017

    It's fantastic application. I have only one comment, hopefully you can include advanced ways (i.e xwings...etc.) to solve complicated puzzles via clarification videos. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Dale Highbarger Published date: January 8, 2018

    My brain has never been so well exercised. I added Sodoku to my growing list of games I use to keep my brain sharp and healthy. Sodoku is a game I enjoy immensely! It's a real teaser! ENJOY.... Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    mana nozad Published date: September 26, 2017

    Ads are beyond annoying! You can't mute or close them while playing and keeps repeating over and over again 😒🔫 Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Catherine Russell Published date: October 4, 2017

    I enjoy Sudoku and this is much better than waiting on one in my daily paper! Plus, the difficulty level flexibility is a big plus. Great app - this is the best one I have found. Thanks! Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Published date: November 23, 2017

    Fun, stress reducing. Love being able to select difficulty levels and see how quickly I was able to solve puzzle compared to other players. Never have any issues like freezing or glitching. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Craig Beatty Published date: August 12, 2017

    The puzzles are great but the new controls slow gameplay quite a bit, pencilled numbers don't highlight when there are more than one number in the box so you might miss something you would have seen in the last versions. Going to see if i can find a different sudoku with fewer advertisements. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Published date: January 16, 2018

    I didn't get a chance to play. You want too many permissions given to Google play services. I hate that. They, and you; have no right to my CONTACTS, MY PHONE, MY MICROPHONE, MY BODY SENSORS, MY SMS (TEXTING), or MY CAMERA. SO I DELETED YOU. Have a nice day. 😊 Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Matt Kay Published date: February 4, 2018

    One of the better Sudoku apps, let down by seriously buggy achievements, invasive ads and a competely ridiculous and overly priced premium pricing strategy. A subscription for a Sudoku app, really?!? But really, the bugged achievements are what really bother me most. Please look into them and fix. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Rohit Chauhan Published date: October 3, 2017

    I am fed up with errors in your app. Year 2015 I started playing your mobile app sudoku in 2015.  I played 166 hours, completed 532 games, won 1730 gold. It is listed under Leaderboard. I accomplished 30/60 achievements. It is all mentioned under my login. Then one day ALL the games I had completed, disappeared from my mobile app. I felt so angry, frustrated and sad that I stopped playing sudoku. Year 2017 I again started playing your mobile app sudoku in 2017 in my new mobile under the same login. It showed my year 2015 scores under Leaderboard. This year, I played 140 hours, completed about 550 games, won 1470 gold. This is shown in my mobile app. But under Leaderboard, it showed my year 2015 scores. Then yesterday ALL the games I had completed, again disappeared from my mobile app. App shows only the number of hours and gold won. I was playing online games when this happened. I am mad at your app. You cannot create such a clumsy app where the player looses his years of hard work. Do you have any remedy ?  How can I get ALL my scores back ? Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Published date: January 16, 2018

    It's perfect. The other apps advance too fast. I like the super easy sometimes just for fun. I'm not trying to bust my brain all the time, ya know? Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    REY GARZA Published date: August 7, 2017

    For the price excellent game.. No serious hang ups with the app and plenty of fun. Ads do get in the way however it is free. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Youssef El-Mohtady Published date: September 5, 2017

    Sometimes it's hard but still giving challenging spirit. Less adv will make it less annoying . Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Curtis Snell Published date: October 29, 2017

    I just downloaded this since I got my s8. I had a s4 previously and had no problems but on my s8 it is not stable and crashes constantly. Very disappointing Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Krishnamurthy Chillal Published date: August 25, 2017

    Except some pencilled numbers retained even after a regular number is filled in the box row or column and some times check puzzle not enabled offline, the app is perfect compared all such free apps of 9/9 Sudoku. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Zanka Kay Published date: November 3, 2017

    The controls are lousy. Theres no clearcway to delete entry. I have to highlight/ hit too many selections to do one entry. The game play isnt fluid. The TRUE PUZZLE IS HOW TO USE the Number/note/erase buttons. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Ryski Wahyuni Published date: July 6, 2017

    I installed the same sudoku app but it was so heavy. I like this one, not so heavy tho 👍 Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Renato F Published date: August 29, 2017

    I really wish I could revert to the earlier versions. Color schemes were MUCH better without that bright blue bar on top, number highlights were better. Now a cell with only one pencil mark is not highlighted anymore and highlights are so bright that it's almost impossible to see anything in a cell in dark mode. And what the hell is going on with so many ads? I understand they help developers, but the number of ads is too high now. Ads when you open the app, covering a good part of the puzzle screen. I really liked this app, but this last update screwed up bad. If you haven't updated yet just don't! Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Dar C Published date: July 14, 2017

    It is not a sure thing when I pushed the pencil button that it would stay on pencil mode until I say ink. It seemed to jump to ink on its own.... Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Suzanna Socha Published date: July 28, 2017

    Don't like other games flashing up with really loud irritating music! Especially when you complete a puzzle. Otherwise its a fun brain teaser Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    suslyn r Published date: September 6, 2017

    Unhappy. The game keeps running by itself and using battery. I have not played in 2 days, exited properly, and have killed it twice in the last 3 hrs. Pls fix this. I'll have to uninstall if this continues. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Tim Royse Published date: February 18, 2018

    Like the game and all the different boards. Ads are annoying but at least short. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Marie Bennett Published date: October 21, 2017

    Keeps me going I love the challenges. It's hard to stop i just have to solve it first. Even when i need to use the bathroom I sacrifice myself. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Kevin Pratley Published date: October 28, 2017

    I recommend this game to you because it is really fun to play and usually in the paper is a sudoku puzzle and I and my family solve it and I enjoy myself and you can to if you download this app and to make you want it even more there are hardly any adverts 😍😃 Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Dawn Smith Published date: September 25, 2017

    I am hooked !! Play anytime, easy to use. I can relax, taking my mind off difficult problems in my life xx Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Tony Milsom Published date: July 12, 2017

    Would like to be able to choose the difficulty of the games, I'm not super at this but I really don't want to go through 500 very easy to get more difficult games like medium. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Jane Trainer Published date: January 6, 2018

    Notes option and automatic clearing of notes when option is no longer available is really helpful. No game freezing. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Jonny Keepness Published date: October 16, 2017

    I love it but dont really get how to put more than one number in a box, it would also be better if you could delete a number without having to delete half the game Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Lets Dance Published date: February 11, 2018

    While one of the better Sodoku apps I do find the controls counter-intuitive which causes me to have a high error rate! Please fix the controls! It would make more sense to select a number via the numbers at the bottom rather than trying to find the number in the grid. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Adam Beach Published date: September 18, 2017

    The most perfect Sudoku app available. The squiggle puzzles aren't easy to find anywhere. I highly recommend this app and highly commend the developer(s) for their ingenuity. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Peggy/Doug Alexis Published date: November 14, 2017

    Just learned the game Saturday. It took me a few times before I understood it and got quicker at it. Now I'm addicted to it! Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Published date: January 14, 2018

    A good sudoku app for passing odd moments. I could live without the stats page as I play for relaxation rather than competition. Full Review

  • Sudoku Free
    Chloe Warden Published date: January 25, 2018

    Why would suduku be scary?.... No matter, its an awesome game. It's a nice brain teaser first thing in the morning Full Review

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