Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!

Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!

Teeny Titans, GO! Join Robin for a figure battling RPG of epic proportions.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Updated: October 24, 2016
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



Teeny Titans, GO! Join Robin for a figure battling RPG of epic proportions. Play for hours with no in-app purchases!

Assemble your squad and face off in 3-on-3 battles! Bust out super moves in real time with the battle bar. Switch between your heroes to launch awesome attacks and take down your opponents.

Gotta snatch ‘em all! Collect all 77 Teeny Titans figures, including Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle, Alfred Pennyworth, Kid Flash, the 80s Titans, Batgirl, Silkie, and many more! Level up and combine your figs for even more powerful abilities.

Race from store to store to shop for your favorite super hero figures. Complete special missions, enter tournaments, and unlock new areas on your journey to become the Jump City Mega Teeny Champion!

Teeny Titans features original voiceover from Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy!


This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese

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  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Motown Dragon346 Published date: April 2, 2017

    I loved it. It is amazing to collect your favorite characters from DC nation and the show itself. And the fact to battle them too is great. The only bad thing about it is that I see little glitches in the figures and I don't get many side activities because I think I used them all but please create more. But other than that, it's great and very creative. Side note: great graphics! 🤗 Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    M01R4H7 Published date: January 29, 2018

    I LOVE IT!!! I'm so addicted to it (But I also have a very healthy lifestyle) It's just that everytime I play it there's always a thrill in this game that never dies. Best game ever! This beats all the other RPG MMORPG games out there. Though, I would appreciate it if you add more fancy heroes. Would play this forever! ❤✨ Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Gregg M Published date: February 13, 2017

    Fun and addicting game. But controls are bad enough to drop my rating to 3 stars. Toon kinda runs wherever tf it wants to during flash sale game, and good luck making it over a couple bridges. The game can't tell if your tapping the bridge or the street under it, so your toon just runs back and forth Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Alexander Brown Published date: December 29, 2016

    Super fun, and great value while it's on sale I love collecting and battling games and this one is pretty great. Lots of jokes and funny stuff going on but the funnest part is opening the riddler packs cause you can get literally any figure from them. For 1 dollar it's deffinitely worth it. Give it a try! Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Lila D-G Published date: January 21, 2017

    Really cute. Amazing graphics!😘 It doesn't need Internet which is good because I need it at home but now I'm at my Dad's place, and he has Internet. It may cost money but it is great! Half demon. Cyborg. Enthusiastic leader. Alien princess. Boy that turns into 🐈🐒🐕🐆🐖🐏🐐🐎 Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Oliver Hopkins Published date: January 4, 2018

    This is a very cute and enjoyable game! My only gripe would be over the absence of a cloud save. I was up to 75/77 figs, had to uninstall to make room on my device, reinstalled, and lost everything. Aside from this, I would definitely recommend it. I wish that they would make real Teeny Titans for sale. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Abel North Published date: February 12, 2018

    Haven't been able to open the game for about 2 months now. Click the app, A pic of Robin pops up and then the screen goes black and does nothing...don't wanna uninstall/reinstall as I'd lose all my dope figs...anyone else encounter this? Or how to fix it? Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    vaanished Published date: September 24, 2017

    I enjoy this game very much, with only two exceptions. 1: If you close the game and leave it closed for like less then 2 minutes, the game restarts. And 2: No type of cloud save, I played this game about a year ago and had gotten all the figures, when I uninstalled it, I was shocked to find out that there was no means of saving, so I was really upset. But overall, great game! Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Carlo Gutierrez Published date: December 27, 2016

    Love it. BUT SHORT UPDATE PLEASE TY ^ that's it. Hahaha. More figures maybe, extension of the story. More side quests. Maybe villains who suck at fig fighting turns back to crime? I don't know. Hahahaha. WE WANT MORE FIGURES!!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE AND COOL AND BEAUTIFUL Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Nephi Kessinger Published date: October 21, 2017

    Amazing, fun, and humorous game! Always something to do but lacks much more features to give more options and variety but as it is its nearly a perfect, flawless game! Only huge issue is a way to save the game progress case you need a new phone making you start from scratch every reinstall. Only thing it could use if it ever gets another update again which it won't cuz they're done with it is new player slots to start a new game while keeping your good one for a fresh experience for a challenge and their max levels needs to be higher so gameplay lasts longer. Look forward to seeing Mr. Freeze and more in the future or a possible sequel which it definitely deserves. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Ernst Eksteen Published date: February 12, 2017

    Great game. Scratch your DC and Pokemon itch at the same time! Though not a huge Teen Titans Go fan, I loved the original series, but I'm glad for TT Go's tonal change as it allows for this great game to exist as a natural extension of the show, which will surely please fans, perhaps even those who only really watched the old series like myself. Mechanically, Teeny Titans Go, fuses Pokemon and JRPG charge-bar combat to a very satisfying result. Ultimately it's a great game for all ages. Don't let the 9 to 12 fool you. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Johan Mora Published date: June 23, 2017

    Please add online PVP, because I beat the whole game with my cousins so I want to battle them so we can know who is the best out of us. I don't how long it takes to do that just please add this to the game I think this will be a great feature. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Published date: August 3, 2017

    The need to collect all the figures has taken over my senses. This game is fantastic! From the main tournaments to mini missions to collecting figures, it's a must play for any Teen Titans Go fan! LOVE IT! Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Johan De Paz Published date: November 25, 2016

    Love it but There should be different load outs so you dont have to constantly switch character if needed also that one could use 5 characters in battle instead of 3 ad thanks for reading this and if i could 10 🌟 i would Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    James Rymer Published date: November 19, 2016

    Needs cloud save The game is a lot of fun but I will be getting a new phone in a couple of weeks and I can't carry my save over. I don't want to start now and then have to completely restart when I get my new phone. A game at this price point should not have this issue. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Flame Fighter Published date: December 4, 2016

    Please add more More characters please like the reverse titans and sticky Joan from the latest episode. I will continue to play as long as more characters come. Please add more characters. I mean i have alot of ideas for new places and characters that are on the show. I know every episode of teen titans go. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    *Perfect Peri* Published date: December 6, 2017

    Oh my God this is the best game ever I've gotten this 2 months ago. And it's wonderful and I already beat the game. Can I make some ideas? I got all the characters but I recommend some like mad mod and bungo some of those old characters that Titans used to fight. And maybe some more side missions cuz I was really expecting a little more it was too easy can you make it a little harder please. I would love a new update I will play the game immediately please reply I would love a reply and I hope you make a good update and if you see my ideas please I would love mad mod on here he is my almost my favorite villain on teen Titans. Thank you for the wonderful game you brought us goodbye. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    This is cool R Published date: February 28, 2017

    So my son and I love this game. But after about 2 weeks it messed up and won't load. The screen goes black. I have emailed the people who made this game 2 Times about it and they won't ever get back to me... So booooooo they suck!!!!!!! Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Letter Bee Published date: December 26, 2016

    Please fix it! Unfortunately stop working. I'm using Huawei Honor 4C smartphone. I buy this game n it work for 3-4 hour after that when I launch this game again in 2 hour later this game was unfortunately stop working. Please! Fix this bug. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Clare Turner Published date: January 29, 2018

    My son loves this game but it won't open on my phone at all. I have just installed it on my tablet but it does the same thing where the Robin figurine appears then the screen goes black and nothing happens. It is his favourite game and cost me quite a lot to buy so it would be nice to use it. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Published date: April 7, 2017

    It's a great game but after time it doesn't work. It just stops working, the screen just turns black. It happened to me and my brother and it could happen to you Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Lenell Davis Published date: January 15, 2017

    Really good game So far I love it. Not too many games get my attention like this. It's not freemium, which is a bonus. If they can put out one with an online multiplayer, that would be cool. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Joe Joey Spilzwell Volpe Published date: January 29, 2017

    was great 4 me & my kids until it stopped opening and we had about 50+ figures!!😭 Now it won't open at all!! it used to shut down.. but this is unacceptable! my daughter is in tears!!! DEV PLZ HELP! It's on my samsung sg1437 and just won't open! I want to uninstall & reinstall but if she loses her progress she'll be DEVASTATED! PLEASE HELP!!! Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Monarch Published date: December 1, 2016

    All bugs fixed! This game is perfect again. It's one of the best games in the app store and with the free update that added new figs and missions, it just got better. I don't mind paying for expansions to this game. It is worth it. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    T.J. Published date: November 17, 2016

    What happened? My Teeny Titans game just went black before i even played! This is a piece of crap!?! I'm gonna go write some swear words off the driveway with my tub of chalk, myabe just to blow off a little steam! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Published date: January 25, 2017

    Saw how good this was on youtube. Was going to wait for the sale again, but decided to pay full price in the hope it goes towards another titans game fully loaded with new original voice acting recording. The Titans voice actors really do make up half the characters' essence, sadly there isn't a lot of it in this game. Great game though unlike anything else. A+++ Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    The coming event! Published date: November 28, 2016


  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Tony Garcia Published date: December 28, 2016

    Crashes When I'm playing for like 30 minutes it crashes and my tablet turns off. After 10 minutes it turns back on. Overall the game is fun. BUT CAN YOU PLZ FIX THIS. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Lindsay Dennis Published date: December 18, 2016

    When I first saw this game I thought it was just a money grab, but after paying the small amount for it initially I found out this is genuinely one of the funnest apps I have played in a long time. No micro-transactions to mooch money just pure fun and good humor. Could use a slightly bigger character list and some more events, but sure they will come in time. Definitely worth the small sum. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Winky Nichols Published date: February 12, 2017

    It's a pretty good game. Will take about a week or two to beat depending on how much you like it. But the problems are there's no achievements for Google Play or online multiplayer to challenge/dual your friends. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Martell Tha Cool Published date: April 2, 2017

    I have give this game 2 stars as when I was exchanged devices. It backup my game save and thus, I was truly disappointed from my personal experience. If this game have a cloud saving features that I've give it up to 5 stars. No ads for a paid game and worth the investment. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Everett Hatton Published date: July 2, 2017

    I think it's truly the best game ever made in the world it's funny cool please please please make a new I beat it 4 times all ready it's just so addictive man make one more please that's all I want for Christmas my birthday vacation new years eve I beat you every one likes it make more figures islands tournaments threats like ' HOODED HOOD ' please just do it and can you make it free Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Dallas Williams Published date: December 2, 2017

    Teeny Titans is the best game ever. I have collected all 77 figures. The game is easy and simple. I finished the game about 50 times and it is still addicting. BEST GAME EVER. If this game had a thing where you could battle other people that play the game I WOULD TOTALLY BEAT EVERY ONE THAT FACED ME. UNDEFEATED. NOBODY IS BETTER AT THIS GAME THAN ME. TEENY TITANS ROCK. MY FAVORITE TEEN TITAN IS RAVEN AND MY FAVORITE SUPER VILLAIN IS BLACK FIRE. BUT I STILL LIKE ALL THE FIGURE EQUALLY. I ALWAYS WIN Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    StarTheChao Published date: January 29, 2017

    I really loved this game, many cute figures to collect (seriously i wish the figures were real.. but not there in game prices) an interesting battle mechanic. It's definitely worth the price. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Unbothered ̄0 ̄ Published date: June 25, 2017

    Great game, no lag no bugs. Nothing unusual, but my only fix would be to add a way of saving data because I have a lot of figures and I'm getting my old phone fixed and I need my figures. I really need my data, I honestly don't wanna start over. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Published date: December 3, 2017

    Best game ever I like cartoon network but this is tooo awsome to be true i mean i love I just came through some games like superstar soccer goal! When I tried this one it gave me a big suprise figure collecting and battling I mean who would not like that a chips tooo and the tofu it's just too much I can't thank you much for creating the best game ever and the ending dance super coooooool!!!!!!!!!!😇😇😇😇😇😆😆👑👑like that is how this game Is the best game ever 😊😊😊 and aka love the idea about the multiverse figures so there's that Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Joseph Lewis Published date: December 18, 2017

    If you like Teen Titans Go, then your going to pretty much enjoy this game! Not to complicated. Alot of characters to find and battle with. Lacks Multiplayer and There isn't alot of voice acting. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Ivan Wiehahn Published date: March 6, 2017

    Love it to bits. I've played a few of these battle games and this one is by far my favourite. I just have one request and that's for a power leveling system. It would be great if I could use the ingame gold to get a few quick levels on characters. As it stands I've got my favorite team figured out with 3 of them already level 20 and the rest of the team close behind but some of the missions such as the 80s or Villain Battle missions use figs I don't use and I'd like to finish these fig specific missions without needing to first grind them for a long time as these missions are pretty level heavy. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Robert Beachy Published date: May 13, 2017

    No cloud save is such a rediculous problem to have for such a large developer in 2017. I started this game when it came out, loved it, and lost everything. Refuse to play again. I guess they could care less one they have your money. Full Review

  • Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go!
    Cassie CagedU Published date: February 23, 2017

    Multiplayer in this would make this game even more exciting im talking bluetooth connectivity as well as online wifi battles and you should give us the option to change our main hero robin is cool but it would be alot more satisfying to roam the streets of jumpcity with say any of our favorite dc heroes but all in all this a great game and it was worth every penny hope you guys add the above and more dc characters then everyone would buy and i as well would highly recommend it to dc fans alike. Full Review