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  • Updated: March 16, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000



Express your creativity as you customize your Sims’ distinct appearances and unique personalities, giving them traits and having fun with fashion and hairstyles. Effortlessly build your Sims the perfect home, choosing favorite designs and décor, with more detail than ever before on mobile. Experience the rich and entertaining moments of your Sims’ lives as they accomplish career goals, pursue hobbies, develop relationships, and improve their Lifestyle. Party with friends, socialize around town, attend special events, and give Stickers to your favorite Sims. What stories will you tell?

Customize Sims’ appearances, hairstyles, outfits, makeup, and accessories. From nose to toes, there are endless possibilities! Then put together an unforgettable wardrobe when you team up with Izzy Fabulous in the Fashion Shop. Choose personality traits for each Sim, like Active or Musical, and add more as your Sims gain life experience.

Design your Sims a home where they can experience all that life has to offer. Effortlessly personalize home layouts and designs, selecting from a variety of furniture, appliances, decorations, and even themed collections. Then take your Sims out to discover awesome, customizable venues like a fashion studio, restaurant, and nightclub.

Guide the stories of your Sims’ lives from careers and hobbies to relationships and families. Pick exciting careers like Fashion Designer and Doctor, and hobbies like Cooking and Guitar playing. Have friendly and romantic relationships with other Sims and take Risky Actions like trying for a kiss or inventing an experimental recipe. Start a family and create a path for future generations by passing down powerful Heirlooms.

Host and attend parties with other Sims where you can socialize and earn rewards. Show off your amazing house, develop romantic relationships, and even decide to move in with other people’s Sims. Join special daily events like Speed Dating in the Park or the Market Square Music Festival. Plus, meet other players’ Sims at parties or around town and use Stickers to let them know if they’re Cute, Hot, or Fabulous!

There are endless ways to connect when you craft big and small moments for your Sims, and see where life takes them in The Sims Mobile!
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  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Charlotte Barrett Published date: March 17, 2018

    One of the best mobile games I have played. Not forced to buy anything with real money to keep playing, the cupcakes are great, I love everything. Right now, this is funner than Sims 4! My only complaint is that you can't change the story with another sim. I would love if once a story is complete, you could choose to pick another one. After all, relationships change over time in real life. Love this game! Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Chelsea Boon Published date: March 17, 2018

    Hey there! I got my birthday party up to level 6 and then the next time I logged in it went back down to 0 and I only have 3 hours to get more points. Fairly new game so expected these vugs but thought you guys should be aware! I Spent a lot of game play trying to raise my score.. so kinda a bummer to see my hard work gone. Please fix! I want to be motivated for party points... Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    SILENT MIRAGE Published date: March 17, 2018

    Great Game! Really captures that what made SIMS fun and for mobile on the go at that! Graphics are reasonable considering it is new. When building houses the only drawback is you cant construct walls within a room, you have to work with box rooms. As well as you cant make like a out door patio without it being in a room enclosure. All in all though I do highly recommend this game to you if youve enjoyed SIMS games in the past. Loads to do,events and updates to keep you busy for awhile. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Published date: March 17, 2018

    Love the game I think it's a great addition two Sims and can make people want to buy that whole game ,but play it on the computer I think they could improve the controls of the in and out which will make the game alot more smoother , I think we should be able to maybe not as much as animated faces more realistic like that with and they can be taller better houses. Overall I think you get the game because it's free nothing to pay and grate fun Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Khaerul Ardi Published date: March 17, 2018

    A nice game for killing time. I don't really like the energy thingy tho, it makes the pace more slower and left you nothing to do when your sims are working and you got 0 energy left. Well, it's a free mobile game so yeah we have to bear with it. If only the game following the pc version tho (mood meters, a freedom to edit building, more realistic interaction etc etc), this game might be more interesting. But overall it's a nice game. Can't wait for the updates to make the game better and better Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Sýraniss Van Guërre Published date: March 16, 2018

    Could be better. I want more control on the boob slider, I have really small breasts and I want that for my female sim. Also, I want to see the "female" makeup and hairstyles unlocked for the male sex, it's too limiting. I have to wear high heels as a female barista but not as a male? Smh, it's too constrictive. I also want cuter shirts unlocked for my male sim. The zoom controls are a little difficult but it's a cute game, just needs to let people be themselves more and not be sexist. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Diego Published date: March 17, 2018

    After playing for three days, this doesn't feel like a Sims game, some actions and interactions with objects are meanless, why do I need to use the toilet? One of the key factors of the Sims is to fill their needs, what are the needs of these Sims? It doesn't care at all if I decide to not pursuing one of the stories with friends, hobbies or career. And where are their feelings? Their aspirations? If I follow two romantic stories, those Sims don't seem to be jealous even if I'm dating them in the same room! This is a game for the money, not to play a simulation. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Jessikaka Published date: March 17, 2018

    I like the game as it's much better than Sims Freeplay and I can't avoid Sims 4. However, I wish there was hunger, hygiene, energy, etc. bars so that it could be more like Sims 4. Also, I'm a tomboy so I have very little good options for my female character. I wish I could give her some of the men's clothes, and that she had the same work clothes as male Sims. All in all, though, a really good game. Just wish you would make a mobile version of the Sims 4. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Super Fuzzy Fluff Bottom Published date: March 17, 2018

    Love the game, much better then free play, but there are some things that could be better. Like you can't sell things all you can do is put it in your inventory so you end up with endless supply of the same thing like couches. I would rather get coin back for the furniture i no longer need then to have it stuck in my inventory forever. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Devin Powers Published date: March 16, 2018

    The game is good yes but personally I have loved the Sims series but this was probably the worst one I've played. Due to fact that it tries to be "pay to win"(more like pay to go faster). Not only that but all you house items literally serve no real purpose. Your Sims seem to carry little to no personality due to you not having to micro manage them. That was the fun behind all the Sim's games, was the connection you got between you and your Sims. This has none of that. Although it's still fun to play. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Rachel Smith Published date: March 17, 2018

    I've always been a fan of The Sims since it first came out on the PC and now this version is WAY BETTER than their other App game! I LOVE IT! It's so much fun and I can't wait to see what more is in store! UPDATE: After playing longer and being able to have a baby with my spouse, I found that our kids are labeled son and daughter under his family tree, but as father and niece under mine. That makes no sense! What's going on?! Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    CLRINAAA Published date: March 17, 2018

    I love everything except that there's no save function. Some of my progress or edits in my house doesn't save when i get back to the game. And compare to other sims version, the sims here doesn't have like emotions.. ? Like when my sim is married to someone but when my sim flirts with someone else, her husband doesn't get jealous something like that. And i dont like that fact that some of the clothes and stuffs needs simcash to buy it. But other than that the game is great, i am looking forward for the next update, hoping for the save function before you exit the game and i hope we can edit and make our own hairstyles. Well, it's all up to you devs. Thanks in advance. You guys can still improve this. I will never uninstall this game 😍😍 Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Khun Dorn Published date: March 17, 2018

    I find the game pretty good compare to all the others sims i've played. There's a bug i've been dealing with recently. After your character is done working , sometimes the bonus coins and experience will appears by watching a video. After watching the ads , they don't give the extra coins and experience after watching it. Can you guys double check and fix it ? Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    TheWeirdPotato Published date: March 16, 2018

    Could be better. I dont like the fact that anyone can just waltz up to you and come in your house. There should be a setting that allows you to keep your house and sims private from other people. Also its a bit weird that if you tap on any sim without talking to them, they come into your house and do whatever they like without permission, even if you have a bad relationship with them. And it would also be nice if doors could be locked. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Sara Cronin Published date: March 17, 2018

    I only just downloaded today and have been playing a short while. I really enjoy it so far! One thing I noticed- after characters rest in bed, upon rising the Zzz's over their heads don't disappear until I exit the game and reopen. Otherwise, I've seen no glitches and have thoroughly enjoyed playing. I'm excited to see what new quests will come up as I level up! Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Dan Moss Published date: March 17, 2018

    It's very addictive and has not ruined the sims spirit. But it has some problems here and there. It sometimes doesn't save progress well if I turn off the app and it's frustrating. I sometimes lose what I've done if I turn off the app. Be nice to have a sell option. But it's a great game! Me and my partner are addictive. And I would like to know how to move in a friend's sim. Thanks! 😊 Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Bryan Brian Published date: March 17, 2018

    I think the gameplay is not saved sometimes. I've done the duck event until part 7 which require me to do sea side snack task. So i did the sea side snack and make new friends using my other sim. Then i turned it off, switch back on at night. So my sea side snack event is done, but my duck event went back to part 5 and my part 7 is incomplete. So now i need to wait five hours more to wait for sea side snacks to re-open. And i lost some friends that i made before closing the app too. Hopefully i will not lose anything suddenly again Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Naomi Deaville Published date: March 16, 2018

    Great game but could you please make it possible to sell items during in game play and make the energy bars last longer. With the the Sims free play I only have to update the satisfaction bar once a week but with this it is every day. Also I feel the game is too similar to free play. Finally could you make possible to interact with the children like you can in free play because they are just boring and I won't have made them happen if it wasn't for quest telling me to. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Samantha Kay Published date: March 16, 2018

    Love the game! Very good fix when you dont feel like carrying around the laptop, though I do have one dislike. Maybe a whole mode in its own for build/buy mode, perhaps just having a view from straight above looking down because trying to place/ rotate objects while battling with the oversized catalog is a bit tricky. Other than that its a great game and a good time killer! I love how its a combination of a bunch of different packs and expansions! Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Cat Marvelous Published date: March 17, 2018

    I Was Suprised About This Game.. I Thought EA Was Focusing On 'Anthem' Or 'Battlefield V'. But They Gave This... Graphics Is Just As Good As Always.. ITS EA DUMBO... ALL YOU EXPECT FROM EA IS GOOD GRAPHICS. Microtransaction Are Not Bad.. EA Finnaly Realize Their Microtransaction Problems... 4.5/5. KEEP IT UP EA Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Euliz Samson Published date: March 16, 2018

    The game itself is a fine piece of work; the family I've built are lovely and are undeniably Sims. However, the biggest problem I have is that my child will not, no matter how much I try, age up to a toddler. I've been wanting two toddlers around the house, but for some reason my baby will not age up. Perhaps this is an issue (seeing as online forums have also mentioned this as a problem) or I'm doing something wrong. Either way, the game is beautiful, the controls are excellent and the Sims' interactions are remarkable. This game is an excellent adaptation for mobile. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Amy C. Published date: March 16, 2018

    Pretty entertaining, however, energy runs out way too quickly and you have to pay for energy to keep playing. Also, after playing for a few days, gets a little boring and moves too fast, as if the game is almost over. Not much to do after a little while. Could definitely use some improvements and updates. But worth playing in the mean time. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Mackenzie Wilson Published date: March 16, 2018

    ** Fixed! Thank you! ** When you launched the hot tub events, my Sims who were working at the restaurant and fashion studio got stuck in their work events. They can go home and do hobby activities but they can't do any public events or go back to work. When they go to work they can still do work tasks but the event never ends. It has been 10 hours, please fix it. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Danielle Williams Published date: March 16, 2018

    It's a work in progress, though it's the only game that has my interest peaked. I dislike the fact that it has a few bugs here and there. It's not real-time so there's no point of connecting with friends. The marriages don't save, lastly how can the a baby girl change to a baby boy after the child is confirmed and named. Too much inbetweens. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Lena Zen Published date: March 16, 2018

    This game is basically homework. Like you're completing lists and your stina runs out fast and it very much feels like a pay to play game. tasks take too long and are tedious. Nothing is available until you unlock it in further levels, and even when it does become available, most things cost real money. Not sure why it's so highly rated. Also not sure why it took them a year to release in the US after releasing in Brazil. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    sophie kelly Published date: March 18, 2018

    Doesn't feel like a Sims game but fun nonetheless. I like the fact that you go to work with your sim which is otherwise only in a Sims 4 expansion pack and how you unlock new furniture at different levels. The graphics are worse than Sims 4, though but that is expected for an app adaptation. Much better than the Sims Freeplay. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Kenna Reed Published date: March 17, 2018

    HORRIBLE GAME! This Sims game is NOTHING like the real Sims! It never saves progress! I just waited several hours for my Sims to finish working, then I got the money, but the game froze so I opened it again and all of my progress was gone! My two Sims lost their level 10 relationship after I worked days to get it. And my money! Vanished! Horrible app it just lets you down. 😡👎 Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Its My World!! Published date: March 17, 2018

    It is very similar to the sims free play but wayy better it is very easy to play and it is so much fun and adventures to discover. And along with that you can unlock chapters of a story amd u can have babies and make a family u just have to pass levels the only thing i dont like about this game is that the furniture is too expensive. But this game is great 👍 Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Joe Brennan Published date: March 17, 2018

    It's not really a true Sims game if there are no needs, skills or day/night cycles and build mode is extremely limited. A good time killer though. Relationships mean nothing. I had 3 girlfriends and woohooed all them over and over all while they were in the house at the same time. It was a laughable moment but it just shows how stale the game play is. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Zixaphir Moxphar Published date: March 17, 2018

    The initial part of the game leaves a good first impression, but once you start peeling back that first impression, the game starts to pour on the rampant exploitation of unbridled consumerism. I wouldn't mind the virtual currency shenanigans, but the countless versions of currency really drives Sim Cash to the fore front. The initial game promises short wait times with gameplay mechanisms to get around them, but as soon as you start to get passed the breeze of early progression, the game jumps up the wait times, makes the mechanics to shorten waiting only make small dents, and adds queues to dampen progression. Over all, an ok game ruined by greed. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Nick Lane Published date: March 17, 2018

    Fun but the controls are kinda off and I can't get past Lina's birthday party because I can't touch the thing on the side so I can look for it. Everything you tape needs to be more to the side instead of actually tapping it. Kinda annoying if you ask me. If you can fix that it would be 5 stars. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Rhiannon Kay Published date: March 18, 2018

    I've been playing this game since it came out and have had no trouble with it until now. I got my daily check list and completed the one where I have to give 3 stickers for 2 pink gems but it will not give me my reward. I have now given out 7 stickers and it's still saying I've only given out 2 out of 3. This makes no sense because I have more than completed the task but it will not register that nor will it give me my reward for doing so. Please fix this issue and my rating of this app will go up to 5 stars. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Published date: March 17, 2018

    I love it but I'd like it to have time of day aswell like the ones on computers. Also I would really like the people to have moods like hunger, fun, hygeine etc like the one one computers. Just had take the rating down to 3 as now infant work I can only do the tub event. Please fix. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Marissa Mathews Published date: March 16, 2018

    A massive improvement from FreePlay! Events and overall actions that your sims can complete don't take nearly as long and the fact that you can contribute to these actions makes the game even more compelling. The interface is easy to learn and the customization it offers is a lot more in depth. However, the lack of sims available to control is one of my very few complaints. In addition, after you take the time to complete events, the "rewards" don't feel very rewarding and it takes a long time to build up a decent income. Along with the fact that some animations are overused and aren't relevant to what your sim is actually doing. Though overall the game is must-play for those who are interested in The Sims franchise. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Sandy Ho Published date: March 16, 2018

    Pretty good game so far. Playing for free is fine for me, I get more stuff as I level. Of course there will be things I can't buy without money, but I have enough to play with. There are quest and storylines to unfold. A simplified form of Sims with a twist to it. Still buggy at the moment though. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Des앤짐 Published date: March 18, 2018

    How come u can only have 2 slots playable and the other one needs to be paid and the other one is no idea how to unlock it. One more, I love my first 2 characters I created. The moment I unlocked the " retirement", it keeps poppin up on my screen and I don't want it to go for retirement. Why are u forcing it to go for retirement? Restriction to build houses, maximum of 30 energy, 5+ hours for "duck event" before u can do it again those are okay. Just please, think about it, family thing is the best thing about Sims. Sims free play got the best family thing compared to this. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 for the graphics, character creation, jobs, and more. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Thiên Hương Phan Phạm Published date: March 17, 2018

    For those who have played The Sim, this might be a bit boring as there aren't as many things to do. Usually I'd spend hours playing the Sim on PC. But this just takes me 20 minutes to play and then wait for the characters to finish their event and that's it. But it's cool, I guess. So 4 stars. Thanks EA. Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Kitty Kat Published date: March 17, 2018

    I absolutely love this game. The only thing I think you should add is emotions to the Sims so they can have different emotions towards different people. Other than that, it's a great game and really fun to play. If you follow the Sims franchise you should definitely download the app Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Abegail Odon Published date: March 18, 2018

    The game was fun and exciting. But i wish that this game would be more realistic. Just like the old sims on java. I started playing this game since i was 10 or 11 on my moms phone and the game is good. I hope that when your sims did bad just like having an affair, the wife, husband or lover will be mad just like the old game that i loved when i was young. In this game eating, having a bath, or so on is not a bigdeal. It's a simulation game right? It makes me feel a little bored when the challenge is only on the career, events, to do lists and quest. So that's it. I wish this game to be more realistic and more enjoyable. I hope this comment will help a lot to improve this game.😊 Full Review

  • The Sims™ Mobile
    Jerry Krahn Published date: March 17, 2018

    Not the sims you'll remember, but more of a endless tap to complete mission, and buy gems game. Where's the fun in grinding out a job, over and over. And the cost for in-game items is cringe worthy. Options for everything are very limited, you can't be unique. It's boring. Tap about 15-20 bubbles and exit app. Or go spend your days wage on coins. Lol. But it's free to try, at least do that. Full Review