Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks

Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks

Play mini games with Thomas & Friends™ and build your own magical train set!

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  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Updated: June 28, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Play mini games and build your own magical train set in the ultimate Thomas & Friends™ adventure!

Budge Studios™ presents Thomas & Friends™: Magical Tracks! Packed with interactive mini games, this customizable magical train set lets your little conductors shape their own fun adventure. Ride the rails with all your favorite engines and collect all the toys and decorations you need to create your very own Island of Sodor! What magical adventures will you build today?

DRIVE your engine at your own speed
PICK Thomas, Emily or 14 other engines!
PLAY with Ashima and Raul from the movie The Great Race!
WIN toys and decorations to customize your train set
RIDE freely and blow the whistle!

RIDE the canyon rapids!
BALANCE your engine on your way down Rollercoaster Mountain!
TRANSPORT various passengers and cargo
HOSE down your engine to make it shine
RACE against fellow engines!
CLEAR the tracks of animals and debris
OUTRUN the boulder in the Boulder Chase
JUMP over the broken bridge!
BALANCE your engine on your way down Crazy Coaster Mountain!

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29,424 total
5 21,617 
4 2,621 
3 1,854 
2 823 
1 2,509 

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Chantal Shaw Published date: July 11, 2017

    Annoyed...bought the full set of toys for my son..since then it crashes repeatedly especially at the turntable to the train can get past it as it's totally stuck...we have to restart the game every time my son gets to that point. I would like it sorted or a refund! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Sarah Knott Published date: February 17, 2018

    Rip off. Bought the whole game to unlock all the engines. When we came back to play it a few months later it didn't remember we purchased the game. I'm not buying it again. Limited use without purchase. If I'd known my tenner would only buy it for a couple of months, I'd never have bought it. Very disappointed Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Adele Black Published date: July 9, 2017

    Had this game for several months and had bought most of the packs as rewards for my 5 year olds good behaviour. Went to play today and have lost all game packs. Our account seems to have been reset. One very disappointed boy and a very annoyed mummy! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: September 17, 2017

    DO NOT BUY IT. Brought full package for my little girl. She loved to play it, she played everyday. One day the whole package disappear and most of it is locked again. I have very sad child and angry mum. What a waste of money, especially it's not cheap. I Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Dan Atkinson Published date: September 8, 2017

    There are *LOTS* of clipping/collision errors. I have e to restart it at least once a day because my son has gotten his engine into a stuck position. The packs are pushed a little too much. There's a fairly limited appeal unless you actually spend cash on virtual objects. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: January 6, 2018

    Welcome to budge. Were they scam you of over $10AUD to continue to give FULL PAGE, NON SELF CLOSING adverts in a game you paid for. To make it more hilarious , they acrually tell you purchasing the game will remove adverts. Sounds illegal to me. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: December 11, 2017

    My purchases were deleted too but I just opened the game clicked on settings then entered the code displayed on the screen, and then clicked restore purchases and everything went back to normal all purchases for my son was there. He was very happy! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Amy Zelena Published date: January 15, 2018

    Paid money for this, the 9.99 for all the toys and then everything was constantly not working and when I deleted and tried to reinstall it, it is now giving me problems. I think Budge games are all messed up. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Frank Paletsas Published date: January 1, 2018

    My son loves this game, however, when I try to purchase the toys or other adventure packs, it doesn't let me. Very disappointed 3 year old engineer! Update: Game continues to crash at Tidmouth sheds. Trains can not pass, and view of sheds switches to first person, not overhead view, and game must be restarted. Seems to be known issues with other users, wondering if a update or fix is in the works Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Jay Wilkinson Published date: August 29, 2017

    Would like more activity for $10. The gameplay is minimal. About 2 or 3 actions for every game on there. Seems like working just hard enough to get people's money and not caring about the product. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Jason Published date: August 14, 2017

    Ok this is ridiculous. Purchased every train in the app some months ago. It's been fine. Now all of a sudden all the trains we bought are locked and my Son is in tears. Please fix this! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: January 24, 2018

    There are several bugs in this game. Thomas gets stuck at the roundabout almost constantly if you do anything wrong during mini game. Despite having a fairly large area to explore you are forced to do the same mini games over and over and over again. My recommendation would be to play the free version and not buy it. Could be improved to make it worthwhile. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: January 3, 2018

    My 3 year old loves this game/app, I bought the full version and have had no problems, when the game is completed you can reset it and start again. I thought £10 was a bit expensive but my kids has spent loads of time playing it. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Cecil Van Veckhoven Published date: February 7, 2018

    This game makes my son's Note 4 crash at 50% battery life. It didn't start until I purchased them full game. Now his phone goes into a power cycle at 50% or less battery life until I plug up the charger. Other than that, he loves the game. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Robyn Low Published date: July 17, 2017

    So gutted!! We had brought every single train and today my son went to play and they are all locked again!! It is not cheap! This money needs to be refunded to customers or unlock it all again! I will not be wasting money on this game until it is sorted!! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Angela Huddlestone Published date: July 13, 2017

    My son enjoys playing this and we unlock the trains as a reward. Quite a few of the trains over the last week have just disappeared and also some of the items from the surprise packs have disappeared too. Extremely disappointed 🙁 Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: October 1, 2017

    Far too many adverts, far too many in app purchases. I'm not spending loads of money on a game for a 4 yr old. Like the idea but ruined by the fact you have to spend so much money to get any enjoyment from this game Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Jennifer Zarns Published date: October 1, 2017

    Update reduced draw distance and now textures don't all load and lighting is off. Also relocked purchased things. Oddly, was able to unlock by changing trains Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Ray Hardman Published date: January 17, 2018

    As a number of other people have said. I bought this for my grandson and after a while it disappeared. I thought that he had deleted it soon purchased it again with the same result. So now Budgie have ripped me off twice. My advice is not to purchase the extras. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    syeda sumbul ghias Published date: September 27, 2017

    It's great but please make the minigames free because my brother and i are complaining a lot about the minigames costing real money. Please make virtual cash to earn in game then spend it on the minigames. It makes it more complex, yet still a simple game so you can train the young ones with this game if you add that feature instead of using real money. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Marian Stancu Published date: October 18, 2017

    Why I have to give access to my media and picture? Only whant to play, stupid Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Margot Zubia Published date: July 3, 2017

    Way too buggy, difficult to change language once it's been changed to something you can't figure out how to translate. Stops randomly and completely shuts down after a few minutes of play, and that doesn't go away. Had to un- and reinstall 5 times so far. Had it 3 days and paid for the full version for my 4 year old. Huge hassle. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Jim White Published date: August 24, 2017

    Add more characters and activities now and then, and this game would be even better. Also I noticed the instructions make mention of a day\night setting which could be switched, what happened to that? Would be nice to see such a feature implented in a future update and be able to change things up a bit. Overall a harmless and fun little game to pass the time Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Tricia Pascual Published date: November 29, 2017

    My daughter loves Thomas but this game crashes a lot. Hope they'll fix it soon. I had hoped to buy more packs but because of it crashing I'll wait for further developments. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Christopher Lachance Published date: December 12, 2017

    Been great but lately it's been crashing constantly or not starting at all. Very flushtrating for my son who enjoys it a lot, hope there is a fix soon. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Cecilia Ward Published date: December 22, 2017

    This has nothing to do with this game but can you make The Thomas minis app avalivable for anything Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Published date: December 28, 2017

    I notice that most complaints is about reset games, and losing all purchases, this happened to my son and in the settings of the game has a "RESTORE PURCHASES" click on it and it restores all purchases. The only thing is that they would have to collect all the pieces again but all trains was there. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Abigail Jacques Published date: December 3, 2017

    Great game, Shame is it buggy as hell. Paid $20 for my son to play all of this. It freezes a lot and crashed my phone a couple times. Please debug! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Angela Aguilar Published date: August 16, 2017

    I bought my son all the the packages and since then it is constantly freezing. So frusturating cause he loves the game. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Shane Le Brun Published date: October 19, 2017

    Why does this game keep freezing? We paid for the full package and I'm not happy at all. My son is only 3 and he gets very upset when his Trina disappear or freeze. Please fix the bugs as young kids really your main market and it's really hard to explain to them why their game isn't working. Really not impressed infact if you don't fix it is will be requesting a full refund Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Katie Marsh Published date: July 20, 2017

    Bought the full £9.99 version a while back but now it's reverted back to basic version. Not good at all! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    mohd zikri mat deris Published date: October 13, 2017

    When I ready,it's just white for a long time!!!!!It's sssooooo boring and I hate it. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    nav Khaira Published date: August 29, 2017

    I bought the full set of trains few weeks before because my 3yo love it, but today i upgrade the game and now all engine locked again and all the gifts disappeared. Can anyone help plz Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Alaine Dyer Published date: January 22, 2018

    Pushes you to buy something every 10 seconds. Not suitable for toddlers! Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Lee Hutchison Published date: December 8, 2017

    Too much of reliance on in app purchases, Kids wont be able to play with their favorite train unless Parents fork out x amount of dollars, a system in which the child could work toward unlocking an engine without the need for parents funds would be greatly appreciated. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Andrew Ladlie Published date: January 20, 2018

    Lost packs I had purchased. Son wanted them again and purchased them without any sort of adult confirmation. Will uninstall app until parental controls on purchases is out in place. Also extremely disappointed in Android apps that continually charge for things I have already purchased. Add this to the list. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Jamil Lambert Published date: November 19, 2017

    Stole my money! Like the others I paid for the game but it is though an in app purchase not google play and it worked for a while but now it has reset and wants more money from me Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Anne Goodwin Published date: August 1, 2017

    Very upset, have the games on my phone so bought a tablet so I could have my phone back from my son. After many repeated attempts to download it still freezes at the start and won't work at all. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Rob Lynn Published date: October 8, 2017

    Rating would be higher if I didn't HAVE to purchase something to get past the first set of surprise packs. My boys are very upset about this and so am I. Full Review

  • Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
    Rebecca Furneaux Published date: September 3, 2017

    Bought the whole game with all engines and mini games. Now we load up and they've all gone and my 3yo is gutted. I either need the full version back or a refund. I paid for it all. So cross. Full Review