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  • Current Version: 8.3.0
  • Updated: December 14, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingman—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re traveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that?

Swipe. Match. Chat. Date. Tindering is easy and fun—Swipe Right to Like someone, Swipe Left to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! We invented the double opt-in so that two people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just swipe, match, and chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new.

Now, start swiping. And remember, when in doubt, Swipe Right. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes.

Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, swipe on over.

Upgrade to Tinder Plus for premium features, including: Unlimited Likes so you can Swipe Right to your heart’s content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd.

Upgrade to Tinder Gold for a first-class swipe experience: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless swiping with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you before you swipe. Think of it as your personal Swipe Right concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. Goodbye swipe fatigue. Hello #GoldLife


2,475,808 total
5 1,236,076 
4 592,045 
3 266,765 
2 99,469 
1 281,453 

  • Tinder
    Published date: December 16, 2017

    Sad but true Its a good social app to meet people at different locations but in my country called nigeria, girls have turned it to a prostitution app Full Review

  • Tinder
    Lewis Tudor Published date: December 16, 2017

    Had it over 2 weeks had no reply and different names might have same pictures Full Review

  • Tinder
    Published date: December 15, 2017

    I mean it's sad the people you connect with never say anything it's almost as like it's a joke anymore Full Review

  • Tinder
    gabo pilares Published date: December 16, 2017

    Problem logging in... Deleted and reinstalled for many times still same results... Full Review

  • Tinder
    tenzin thinlay Published date: December 15, 2017

    Suck with uploading best pics..Trying so many times didn't respond or neither the pics uploads.Suck Full Review

  • Tinder
    Donna Lacey Published date: December 16, 2017

    You have to pay to do anything. App wouldn't let me delete my account only hide it. It sucks!!! Full Review

  • Tinder
    Seafood Laguna Published date: December 15, 2017

    Cant signup or login with phone's number ,opps bla bla bla Full Review

  • Tinder
    Kimarah Charleus Published date: December 16, 2017

    It's sucks Full Review

  • Tinder
    Cherry Pham Published date: December 16, 2017

    Not bad Full Review

  • Tinder
    faiz shah Published date: December 17, 2017

    It's just tp Full Review

  • Tinder
    Dyron Dyer Published date: December 15, 2017

    The best dating app Full Review

  • Tinder
    Rabi Published date: December 14, 2017

    Great Full Review

  • Tinder
    Mictlantechupi Published date: December 13, 2017

    initially I was sure it would be a great app if I could log in with Facebook. Which I couldn't. After installing, uninstalling, restarting and generally buggering around I set up a basic profile. I then hid my profile to tweek it and then tried to show it again. Good luck with that. I now seem to be permanently hidden. Uninstall, reinstall, start again. No change. Basically this software is not even beta. And from what I can discern they want to charge for it. LMAO. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Silviu Hordouan Published date: December 7, 2017

    This is a nice RPG game where you pretend to be the most wonderful person in the world and try to find the love of your life. But it is harder than winning at Dark Souls. It is missing a difficulty changing feature as it is always on Legendary mode and I don't win, ever. The game always finds a way to defeat me. I will keep trying and will update when anything happens. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Matt T. Published date: December 10, 2017

    Great app, kind of addicting. However lately I've been having a big problem. It keeps telling me there are no new people in my area. My age range and distance settings are fine, and I'm currently in a city I've never swiped in, but there are no profiles. I have friends who live here and use tinder but I haven't seen their profiles. Logging out didn't help. Please fix, need to get laid 😂 Full Review

  • Tinder
    Jay Wheelz Published date: December 10, 2017

    So I joined tinder in 2014 and it was great. I only put a 10 mile radius and it was good enough to meet new people. I then deleted it in 2016 and just came back on in 2017 and now it's all fake/spam profiles with stolen pictures looking to add them to kik or text them money. Now I spend more time reporting them instead of clicking them for a match. Tinder needs more workers deleting these accounts instead of their users. It's definitely not worth paying for this app. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Armando Perez Published date: December 9, 2017

    Honestly being a guy on here sucks. You are basically forced to pay for boosts and other things if you want to even get one match. And even then more than likely it will be a fake account trying to push you onto a sex cam site. Maybe it is because of the area I live in. But there are hardly anyone matching here. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Elikaness L. Published date: December 14, 2017

    Had to install Tinder to understand its design for a class (wouldn't have done it otherwise) and there are two major things that irk me out: how the only way to login is through Facebook or phone number (even that uses Facebook to send the verification code) and the fact that if I put women as preference, men still appear while the opposite doesn't happen. It is a normal dating/shagging app so not impressive. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Paul Malarowski Published date: December 12, 2017

    Paid for Tinder Gold and initially the app did let me disable ads, but kept resetting my settings so ads were ads were enabled again. Now it won't let me disable them at all and customer support stopped replying to me after their first generic email. Not worth the money. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Devin Rasmussen Published date: December 15, 2017

    The limited amount of likes plus the amount of spam bots makes the whole experience trash. I really wish I could give it zero stars. Edit update: Wow, this app sucks. The sheer amount of fake profiles and bots makes it unusable. Then they have the balls to ask me to pay for features. Fix it. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Tyler Deitz Published date: December 17, 2017

    I think it's a really great app if you really want to connect with people and actually get to know people. I'm not a big fan of hookups or like just one night stands or anything like that. But I think this app give you the potential to meet new people around your area and if you guys really like each other and invest in a relationship Full Review

  • Tinder
    john bill Published date: December 10, 2017

    Scam. So you swipe pics left or right. After swiping right it will say "$$$$" needed to swipe again. So you can NOT like the pics or talk or even change your location. It's complete BS and most likely are a bunch of BOTs anyhow. I would not recommend installing this app because it needs your Facebook or phone number to just sign up. I am still pissed about wasting my life years with this app. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Krysta FUGP Published date: December 13, 2017

    I've installed this app on two separate phones, the first of which refused to fully restart after Tinder gave me problems and I restarted the phone. Still having the same problems on this phone, too scared to restart it. I even tried using tinder in a browser, which worked fine until tonight. Can't see my matches or load messages anymore using the browser. Fix your ****, Tinder. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Ken Morris Published date: December 16, 2017

    I'm not able to send my matches messages because this app wont allow me to swipe right after checking the boxes. This app has been a waste of my time. Will give 5 stars when the issue is fixed. Until then this app is useless to me. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Denis Heraud Published date: December 16, 2017

    UPDATE: I'm not what happened but over the last few weeks the number of fake profiles has gone down from about 20-30 per day to pretty much zero. Good work devs! However, where did the regular emojis go?? Full Review

  • Tinder
    Keana Patterson Published date: December 7, 2017

    I don't understand why when you constantly put in a certain mile max they continue to show you guys 58 miles and over. Also the app is so sensitive you swipe right on accident. And even though it's cool for chatting don't expect much unless you wanna pay for something that does give you notifications of messages all the time Full Review

  • Tinder
    Julie Green Published date: December 13, 2017

    It kicked me off and won't let me log back in! Tried for weeks now! Wanted to reply to messages and now I can't. Thanks! Doesn't Work!*** update*** no it's not a re-installation problem. Done that several times and still doesn't work! Full Review

  • Tinder
    Hemant Sharma Published date: December 16, 2017

    It was all working fine untill now. I am facing a major issue.whenever I get a new match and I click on the notification, I never get to see who is the person because it keeps on updating. And when I try to see the same from the app nobody shows up there. Solve this issue please. Thanks Full Review

  • Tinder
    Nikhar Todi Published date: December 10, 2017

    I have been using this app and it has never left me unsatisfied. But my account got logged out automatically yesterday and since then I can't log back into it. This is very bad. Not going to recommend this app to anybody! Full Review

  • Tinder
    Mitchell Rothstein Published date: December 10, 2017

    This app convinces lonely men who are already ready to die and makes them think that you can swipe right for easy women. Don't use unless you're a female or a good looking guy. Check your pride at the door, you will need to act like a fool and spend lots of money to get anywhere Full Review

  • Tinder
    Brian Munoz Published date: December 12, 2017

    80% of the profiles are fake and either want you to contact through a Kik account or an email so they can get guys and gals to their sex cams or whatever. It ruins the experience. Tinder, you guys really need to find a way to get some quality control over here... These bots are driving the quality way down. No way I'd subscribe to Tinder Plus with these types of issues. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Chetan Khulbe Published date: December 9, 2017

    Tinder is making us fool. I have used top profile for 30 minutes back to back. I am using tinder gold. They mentioned about unlimited swipes and now my 2nd boost of top profile for 30 minutes is running on and they are saying come back later on for more profiles. I can see people are swiping right for me but now they are asking me to come back later that too when I am using boost. They aren't showing us profile who is liking us. Full Review

  • Tinder
    John Gallaher Published date: December 9, 2017

    Pay to swipe is bs when 90% of the profiles are fake. Edit 12/9/17 Literal hundreds of bot/fake accounts that all say the same thing in the profile "reach me quicker kik" or "faster reply kik" then an obvious spam account name. Surely you can make an algorithm to flag the common phrases they use to weed out the spam??? Full Review

  • Tinder
    Robert Byrne Published date: December 11, 2017

    Reinstalled to see if it has improved after a couple of years. I have a Facebook account but don't give my phone number to them. It seems it is a requirement to log into Tinder now even though it says an email is all that is required. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Nick James Published date: December 14, 2017

    I get notifications someone messaged me at the top of my phone. When I used the actual app nothing is there. I think there's something wrong with app. I've used it before and it didn't have this type of problem. Full Review

  • Tinder
    RobCrowley85 Published date: December 12, 2017

    Tinder is awful. Boring, shallow and wildly inaccurate when you set your preferences, so you still get things you try to filter out. If people are getting so-called "dating app fatigue", this app is likely why. Most of the profiles have no information besides age and distance, and there is no real 'matching' present. Right swipe is as close as it gets. So much room for improvement, you could use it as an aircraft hangar with room to spare. Edit: I have also noticed their "Someone likes you" emails. Do NOT fall for it. These standard messages only come when you haven't used the app in a few days. A dishonest tactic to keep traffic numbers up. Pay those emails no mind. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Jamie Parish Published date: December 13, 2017

    The same thing happens... works fine for about 15/20 seconds... then you notice a slight delay to then it being really slow almost frozen... I've updated everything also and reinstalled the app so I'm not sure what to do Full Review

  • Tinder
    Bee Luca Published date: December 8, 2017

    I've been using this app for a while, and while I love it, it's been pretty buggy since the get go. Notifications are spotty and lately my matches disappear before I can even message them, which is super not cool. Would give 5 stars but honestly the UI is so buggy I can't. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Ray Ball Published date: December 11, 2017

    I have not been receiving my paid for Tinder Plus perks for over a 6 weeks. Tinder customer support has not responded to my email requests for assistance. If you want a company that appreciates your money, apparently Tinder is not it. Full Review

  • Tinder
    Charlie Smith Published date: December 16, 2017

    This is full of lots of bugs and it's very fustrating. & Recently I paid for plus features, mostly because I matched with people and they would then disappear and the app started saying I had to pay for unlimited matches. Since paying I have not received this which is not on. Also people sometimes dissappear when your in the.middle of a conversation. Please fix this or give me my money back! Full Review