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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: December 13, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Need a ride? Uber lets you request door-to-door transportation at the tap of a button in 630+ cities worldwide. Download the app to get started.

Follow these steps to request a ride:
1. Open the app
2. Select one of your frequented destinations, or type in a new one
3. Confirm your pickup location and choose a vehicle option
4. Tap to request your ride

You’ll see your driver’s ETA and vehicle information, so you’ll know which car to expect and when.

• The Uber app is available 24/7
• Get upfront pricing — see the trip cost before requesting a ride
• Safety is our priority. Follow your trip in real-time and share your ETA with friends
• Paying for trips is hassle-free — you don’t even need your wallet

People take Uber while traveling and away for business, to go to and from the airport, social events, and bars and restaurants; and everywhere in between!

• UberX: Our most affordable individual option that seats up to 4 riders
• UberPOOL: Want to save money on your ride? This option lets you travel with other riders and enjoy a lower fare (not available everywhere)
• UberBLACK: Elevate your experience with a high-end vehicle

Where will you take your first ride with Uber? Download the app now.

See if Uber is available in your city: https://www.uber.com/cities
Have a question or want to learn more about Uber? Visit uber.com/help


4,079,194 total
5 2,707,492 
4 578,692 
3 256,311 
2 114,124 
1 422,575 

  • Uber
    theolator Published date: December 15, 2017

    I was in ortigas waiting for my uber toyota vios vy9077. I sms him to pick me up in taxi bay lane. While he was in sm megamall. When he was neared to my place i was surprised he didn't went to the place i told him and he send an sms that he will go in bus lane. And i replied its ok we will cross and go to bus lane. And then my wife saw the car and he didn't stop for us. He said he is not allowed to pick up in the bus lane. From the very start the place i sms to him allowed to pick up passenger. So surprising he was late and didn't follow the pick up point and he canceled our booking and i need to pay 100. Why do i need to pay? It wasn't my fault... It is not worth it! Full Review

  • Uber
    Published date: December 16, 2017

    I had been looking forward to the ability to add multiple destinations. Finally it was added to the app only for it not to work on my phone (Moto G4). Once you click the + button, the confirm pickup button disappears, and does not return, no matter how many destinations you add. So I'm back to the old routine of submitting one destination, then changing to the next 30 seconds before arrival. Full Review

  • Uber
    Published date: December 14, 2017

    Drivers need to be taught about safety measures.. specially I see drivers on call for most of the time I take the ride in Hyderabad..I take pool on a daily basis to my work..that is a dangerous step..secondly drivers cancelling trip after asking the destination is highly unacceptable,their strategy is to wait for 5minutes or more making them eligible for cancellation charges and asking us to cancel, in turn customer get fleeced as we are charged for the cancellation.. above cases are becoming rampant in Hyderabad Full Review

  • Uber
    Dinamic D Published date: December 16, 2017

    Please, remove rating from the profile. It's really frustrating when you see how it's going down for 0.01 and you don't know why. You was in time, polite and so on. And you trying to guess - what is wrong with me? Distance was too short? Or I told something wrong to driver? Or, maybe, he did it because of bad weather or mood. Full Review

  • Uber
    Harsha Bugata Published date: December 15, 2017

    The latest update makes the app very confusing to use. I can even search for a can for longer than the usual amount of time, like for more than half an hour and still not end up with a cab. I am able to search 2 cabs at once. Sometime ago, maybe because of the hack, I was being offered 5* rating cabs immediately and trip already starts by the time the driver is found. There is a bunch to fix. The old app was better. Service as usual continues to be pleasing. Full Review

  • Uber
    Wallace Reynolds Published date: December 15, 2017

    I take Uber to & from work everyday that I work for the past 4 years. Only in these last 2 years your prices have gone up $2.50 more for the same trip. That's an extra $5 a day your charging for no good reason. Now your more expensive than Lyft, I will be taking Lyft until you control your prices. That's over $450 a month you just handed your competitor. Full Review

  • Uber
    Konchady Gautam Shenoy Published date: December 16, 2017

    It is the best app for cab booking. I had some issues using bhim upi as the payment method, so i recommend Paytm or Phonepe (never had issues). It appears to have gotten costlier than before but it is still very reliable. Unlike Ola, i do not hear the drivers cribbing about Paytm. Full Review

  • Uber
    Matthew Hoskisson Published date: December 16, 2017

    I love this service, but the app could be improved. I don't like that when I schedule a ride, the app shows me one price but that the actual price can be totally different from what you expected, based on surge pricing. I think there should be a way to guarantee a price limit. The app is terrible at estimating arrival time when there is traffic. Also, Uber should pay drivers much better, at least in Mexico, by taking less commission. Full Review

  • Uber
    Nishant Naik Published date: December 13, 2017

    I don't know why the app has started acting up. The prices shown and charged were often different, and by a significant amount. Support failed to understand my issue and kept replying with standard responses. Hope to have a better experience ahead. Full Review

  • Uber
    Gaurav jain Published date: December 15, 2017

    Worst app UI. Volatile settings, worst Google map integration, worst save location (no drag and drop support), No scheduling offered. I simply book cabs using Google maps, not via this app Full Review

  • Uber
    Sanji Ran Published date: December 15, 2017

    Really disappointed.. Got 75% off.. Using it for some 3 rides.. Then jst some hours back, estimated cash was Rs.109 when i reached the destination, it raised upto wooping Rs. 500..didnt go anywhere else, nor stopped anywhere.. Even my driver was shocked.. I dont know if the driver did something with is app coz the route on his phone showed many places we didnt even go. My trip atarted from different place n it showed different place in my route map. I hav filed a complain for refund but still no response.. Im mad as hell.. Full Review

  • Uber
    Sneha Makwana Published date: December 16, 2017

    Used uber first time yesterday night. Excellent service. Drover arrived very quickly. Very thankful for the service when there was no public transport available. Only one complaint that I thought that the 1st ride will be free but I didn't receive that. Full Review

  • Uber
    Cynthia Thorne Published date: December 16, 2017

    I take uber to and from work almost every day. I like the fact they are quick to pick u up and the drivers are great. But they charge too much. I mean I'm being charged 13.00 1 trip, 17.00 on another, then 14.00,then 19.00 on another. I go to work same place,same distance every time. I don't stop nowhere else. I was told it should be same rate every time. Very unhappy about it. That's why I'm giving 3 stars. Full Review

  • Uber
    Andrew Williams Published date: December 14, 2017

    Reserve a ride to SFO airport from Bay Area, driver arrives across the street from me and cancels. I have to reserve again, the fare goes up. Driver doesn't want to talk about it. That's shady. But in general I have had good experiences with the service. Full Review

  • Uber
    Olvido F Published date: December 14, 2017

    Ordered the uber, showed that the driver was 10 min away but when I some minutes later checked the screen, the driver cancelled. Fair enough, ordered a new one, same driver accepted. Kept my eyes on the screen for a couple of min to make sure he is coming, everything seemed fine but 4 min later, he again cancelled and couldn't find another uber. I was supposed to get uber to drive me to a bus stop for a special bus that goes twice per day, from other part of city and almost lost it due to poor uber service! In the end, managed to get an expensive taxi that arrived last minute. A very bad morning for me! Full Review

  • Uber
    Subhashini Rao Published date: December 15, 2017

    They don't have a customer care... Your tagline should be, "Uber - Making customers' life miserable!" If you are really rich and don't care about some extra debit from your account or your life is so boring that you need some problems in your life to keep you busy, I recommend Uber to such people. Full Review

  • Uber
    Crina Lihet Published date: December 16, 2017

    Worst experience ever.. driver screaming at me because I didn't understand his instructions and the customer inside as well. That's ridiculous. I spent a very nice night and they ruined it. I spent the journey home having an argument with them. Unbelievable. Full Review

  • Uber
    Povilas Baranovas Published date: December 15, 2017

    Estimate was 6 euros. Took even shorter route and trip still cost us 9e. Sadly first time using this app was my last one. Somehow small local taxi apps manage to callculate trip prices more accurately and be twice as cheap. Full Review

  • Uber
    Maha Toju Published date: December 14, 2017

    To confirm my location app return error saying we couldn't complete your request try again later or try with a new payment system... tried over and over again same thing Full Review

  • Uber
    Edwina Low Published date: December 15, 2017

    Uber Pool doesn't allow drivers to deny requests. I was headed SE and Pool sent us NW to pick up another fare. Ended up being late for work and out $$. Not happy at all. Full Review

  • Uber
    Mehar Imran Published date: December 14, 2017

    Uber is active in problem resolution. They took notice of my complaint and admit the systematic fault and returned my paid amount as credits. Thanks uber team. Satisfied now. Use uber for first time for two trips from one destination to other and then return trip. Both rides went through same route and travel same distance but second one charge me double of first one. It shows 52 km travel on receipt while my destination was hardly 15 km. Dont trust them. Drivers have million of ways to loot your money. Full Review

  • Uber
    Jamayka Jones Published date: December 15, 2017

    Downloaded the app and tried to book a ride. After adding my card information & upon submission, it said error go to in app help to resolve. I didn't see anything in the app menu that said help so I tried a different card to see if that was the issue. Same error. So I just uninstalled it. Full Review

  • Uber
    Pravest Hamidi Published date: December 16, 2017

    Bad experience. The driver always asks where would I go every time! And asks me to cancel if it is not favorable for him. I told him to cancel but he couldn't because he was unable to. It's just such a very bad experience. Not recommended for those who don't like being ask every single time, and in a hurry. Waste of time. Full Review

  • Uber
    YOGESH SHARMA Published date: December 13, 2017

    Worst app I have ever used. I am not able to log in 1st account. In 2nd account driver cancel ride and my balance go in -15. No customer care no. to help. Full Review

  • Uber
    Vivekanand Gupta Published date: December 14, 2017

    Giving a lot of troubles after update. My ride was automatically cancelled thrice & new ride booked, while I was asking the first driver to come. Had to waste 40 min due to this. Full Review

  • Uber
    Vidip Malhotra Published date: December 15, 2017

    Well Everytime they gonna charge you extra for the ride and never accept their fault. Prefer it her commute services if wanted to fix with the amount as mentioned. Worst customer support. Full Review

  • Uber
    Alicia Rivera Published date: December 16, 2017

    Doesn't really make sense to increase fare, when the uber driver takes forever or goes to different pinpoint on GPS, uber should really make it fair for everybody. 11$ to get to my house 7min away isn't fair when I have to wait like 15min for a ride to get to my location Full Review

  • Uber
    Published date: December 15, 2017

    Had two trips today, to and from same destinations. The first was great, driver was friendly and drove well. Second, our payment was not only double the first trip (SAME destination, reversed), but it was double with the discount. The second driver also drove recklessly, was rude, and many times drove contrary to the GPS. Will not use uber again unless have no choice but to. Full Review

  • Uber
    Published date: December 15, 2017

    My mobile was blacklisted because i reported a fraud by the cab driver and refused to pay cancellation charges. The driver asked me to cancel the trip any pay without uber's involvement. Honest customers deserve this pathetic attitude from UBER. All the best for your business. Sick !!! Full Review

  • Uber
    Joedy D. Published date: December 15, 2017

    terrible mapping system. should be ashamed at letting your map waste people's time with unnecessarily long routes when they're are clearly much faster and shorter routes. especially obvious ones. google maps is where its at Full Review

  • Uber
    Amboris Borkataky Published date: December 15, 2017

    I'm from Bangalore India, It was really horrible ride with your service, what happened with me should not with anyone else.. He should have taken the money from me which was already showing on my phone. I was shocked at that time when he was showing me something different amount, I was thinking about how can be possible to increase that much of💰. I didn't had other options to confirm. And he talked to me rudely... And he did not reach my place where I should have reached. I informed him also but he did not respond and he ignored and I was showing him on my phone that I should reach where I should not have reached there yet. It was very poor service I never as expected all things happened with me. However I have a proof and screenshot also about the all incident. The driver #Name is RAMESH TATA INDICA KA03AC3327 .. PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE THANK YOU Full Review

  • Uber
    Luis Medina Published date: December 13, 2017

    I have to track the driver every time I order a service in order to make sure he goes the right way to the address because the in app navigation sucks, always sends the driver to nonexistent roads. Also I have added some family to my account so they can use the service using my cc, but they can't, always giving them error about Uber not being available in their area (which is the same as mine) Full Review

  • Uber
    Amy Garner Published date: December 14, 2017

    I couldn't figure out how to schedule a ride and ended up with a cancellation fee after accidentally getting a ride too early and not being able to cancel it fast enough. The app is hard to navigate and hard to see. Full Review

  • Uber
    Published date: December 16, 2017

    Chennai auto riksha troubles over, uber is charged normal. Mobile number sharing with drivers problem also solved. UBER always good in Chennai Full Review

  • Uber
    Jason McAninly Published date: December 14, 2017

    I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy to try to deal with the app and try to change a mobile number. When visiting the US I had to wait 45 minutes at the airport for an American number to be added. Now that I'm back home in Australia my regular number is now invalid for some reason Full Review

  • Uber
    cdeZign fine art photography Published date: December 14, 2017

    Did you know your uber drivers don't see the scheduled pick up point the same way we do? I specified a location, had the booking confirmed via email but the driver received a location that was 200mtrs away from the confirmed pick up point. This caused some anxiety for the both of us until I worked out where he actually was. Please look into rectifying this so both passenger and driver are on the same page. Full Review

  • Uber
    Scott Mcmurray Published date: December 16, 2017

    Charged me twice for a single trip. Then when i go on their website there isnt a contact email or number to get it resolved... ripped Full Review

  • Uber
    yu cycilia Published date: December 14, 2017

    Basically Uber is a good addtion to our commuting options. Some of my friends refuse to use Uber because they don't want to get in a car with a stranger, who can just take you anywhere. Why can't Uber have a notify-a-friend-which-Uber-you-will-get-in feature? With this feature, the passengers would feel safer choosing Uber over a taxi, and the potential evil drivers will have one more thing to worry about before they commit a terrible crime. Full Review

  • Uber
    Kelsey Pagan Published date: December 16, 2017

    The uber driver picked up AND dropped off TWO people during my uber pool, needless to say I was very late for my event. I plan on switching to Lift. Full Review

  • Uber
    sourasekhar ray Published date: December 15, 2017

    My email verification link is not working. As such i can't add UPI payment method in Kolkata, India. Please rectify the glitch. I didn't receive any reply from uber help team despite repeated complains Full Review