View-Master® Space

View-Master® Space

View-Master® Space

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Updated: July 20, 2016
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



***A View-Master® Virtual Reality Viewer or other Google Cardboard compatible viewer is required.

Blast into Space with the Virtual Reality View-Master®!

View-Master®: Space takes you on trips that are out of this world -- virtually! Explore our solar system, see spacecraft up close or experience the night sky in a whole new way. Learn new facts, trace constellations, and even compare planetary gravity through mini-games!

Launch yourself into stunning 360-degree views that completely surround you. Look up, look down, look around -- everywhere you turn, there is something to see because you are “virtually” standing within the environment!

This experience pack was designed to work best with the View-Master® Virtual Reality Viewer (sold separately) that Works With Google Cardboard. Just download the app, insert your smartphone into the viewer and View-Master® will become your portal to immersive, virtual reality adventures that will transport you around the world and beyond.

Come have a look around. You won’t believe what you can see!

· Enter the world of virtual reality with the View-Master® VR viewer (sold separately) and blast off with the space-themed experience pack.
· View-Master®: Space takes you out of this world to see the solar system, spacecraft and the night sky up close!
· Additional features add to the experience with educational facts and fun interactive opportunities, like finding constellations in the night sky.
· Collect other Experience Packs (sold separately) to visit new places, explore new environments and discover new worlds with a whole new level of realism!
· Use the Preview Reel from the View-Master® Virtual Reality Starter Pack to access even more exciting content.

Compatible Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S®6
Samsung Galaxy S®5
Samsung Galaxy S®4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Motorola Moto X™ (2014)
Motorola Droid Turbo
LG G4™
Nexus 6™
Nexus 5

Mattel, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the View-Master®: Space app after October 31, 2017.

For further questions about the View-Master®: Space app please contact customer support at


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4 241 
3 211 
2 149 
1 847 

  • View-Master® Space
    Caitlin Noland Published date: January 2, 2017

    Works great I have the galaxy s4 and I bought each of my kids one. The Dinosaur, space, and the animals. I have had no problems. You must have WiFi synced to download the app. My kids love it. It is very neat and you can't beat the prices on amazon. Only thing is phones do get hot. Before I switch screens I open the view master to let it cool down for a few minutes. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Ahmed EL-Harouny Published date: November 22, 2016

    I love it Although its not very easy to setup, it totally worth it. Pros: affordable VR experience, excellent picture and sounds effects. Cons: Hard to use the reel (augmented reality), mobile gets very hot after few minutes. New versions have very good power consumption I was very impressed!! Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: January 3, 2017

    Worst product ever Mattel should be ashamed for even releasing this garbage. Finally get past that passcode nonsense and now it just freezes at a help screen. I did nothing to indicate I wanted help. What a horrible experience. The grandparents keep asking how my son liked it and I can't even tell them. They thought it was the same viewmaster I enjoyed as a child. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: December 14, 2017

    Every time i look at the reel it comes up with a help screen after. Really frustraiting. Used to love playing with it. But now i hate it. Boooo mattel!! You should be ashamed of your self. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Cathy Findlay Published date: February 7, 2017

    Despite paying for it, it won't work on my GalaxyS5. It says it is installed on my phone, but when I try and use it in the viewmaster it says I need a reel or should buy the ap. Such a shame and waste of money. The dinosaur ap won't work either. Destinations is fine though? Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    The Oddest Published date: August 19, 2016

    The idea is cool but... The general idea is cool but when i got this on my birthday, none of the cards or the veiwer peices work, even after repeating the basic instructions several times. I dont believe that it is the veiwer. Maybe a software problem. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: February 5, 2017

    I tried this with Samsung A5-2016, Sony M5 Aqua and didn't work properly although it accepted the passcard. Then after checking their website, I found out that the viewmaster googles are suitable with limited phones and versions including HTC One. Luckily, we had a spare HTC at home and I tried on HTC One. Guess what? It wont even accept the pass card. Please help me solve this problem. I didn't know that I was supposed to buy a new iPhone with these googles!!! Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    R. Reese Published date: December 18, 2016

    $1/month RENTAL *SPYWARE* Not only will your $10 evaporate on Halloween 2017 when the app is deleted automatically from your device, you get the privilege of having this app spy on your phone until then! The good news is that this is self-deleting spyware. Mattel should be ashamed! Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: December 25, 2016

    Frustrating After a few hours I have given up. It keeps telling me to look at reel but then nothing happens. Any suggestions appreciated. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Matthew Korpak Published date: October 25, 2017

    Crashes when opened. Tried repeatedly to get it to work. Samsung S8... I tend to not give out 1 stars but it won't even open. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Benjamin Faure Published date: September 14, 2016

    White screen Nothing is happening after I launch the app and their logo appears. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Peter Arnberg Published date: December 18, 2016

    So much promise, poorly executed You buy the reels which do nothing, the viewer which is no different from Google cardboard, and finally download the app which is where all the content is. If you were smart enough to just get the app you might enjoy a pretty good learning experience. The tour of the ISS is really nice. But in just a few minutes I've already noticed one HUGE mistake that undermines my confidence in everything this thing is trying to teach: the virtual Earth is spinning the wrong way! Or does the sun rise in the West now? Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: April 14, 2017

    It's pretty bad. Nothing was in 3D. The device specs listed show more leniency than how it was programmed. Mine pretty much got stuck at a "help" screen with no way to proceed or exit. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Hayley Knowles Published date: February 14, 2017

    So upset with this. Everytime I try to go to look at another pouch, it goes to Help. I don't want help, I want to see the stars not just the outside of the planetarium. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Tody Cole Published date: November 5, 2017


  • View-Master® Space
    Oana Cazacu-Arion Published date: August 31, 2016

    Brilliant It took 2 minutes to figure it out, but now my 3yo can set this up herself and use it at leisure. Breathtaking. As an astronomy student, I can appreciate the level of detail. Wish they had this when I was growing up Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Tina Fox Published date: December 26, 2016

    Longer setup but worth it I definitely struggled a little with the set up and I noticed that you have to be in just the right lighting and have the phone positioned just right when trying to pick up the reels. I also kept my phone out of the viewer until it was all set. But after that the kids loved it and the adults too. I will be looking into what other reels there are! Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Olivia Velazquez Published date: December 25, 2016

    Garbage. Doesn't work. Can't get trough help menu when they automatically pop up. Reinstalled several times. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    lovey king11 Published date: November 26, 2016

    Good but ... don't judge my writing im 11 Having trouble recaniz ingredients the disce Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Juan Manuel Bautista López Published date: January 6, 2017

    angry in an HTC the pass card works fast, but the app get frezze at the initial help, in a Galaxy S7 don't works the pass card Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Peter Rakobowchuk Published date: December 26, 2017

    I am a space geek and thoroughly enjoy the "Space Experience". The AR experience puts you right "out-there" in the Cosmos. I have an LG 4 and it installed without any problems. (FYI: You may have to "play around" a bit with the REEL - adjusting light and distance - to get it working properly) Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Erin C Published date: December 29, 2016

    No Help at All Unusable for me, as it always gets stuck on the help screen when I try to start the demo and I cannot find a solution to get past it. It will not register any input there. How disappointing! Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Janis Escobar Published date: October 20, 2016

    Disponibilidad Porque aún no están disponibles en México el de Nat geo y los paisajes ?? Ya están a la venta en Amazon... Puedo ver a la perfección la versión del espacio, pero en los demás temas indica que mi dispositivo no es compatible :/ Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Jeremy Conr Published date: August 7, 2016

    Does not work. The preview does not work and there is no way I would buy a passcode. I assumed there would be at least 3d experience that would come with it before I would have to purchase anything else. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: December 3, 2016

    All the viewmaster stuff is crap. There app wants to access your contacts and everything. Why? After that you point the viewer to there matel reel and it does nothing. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Jennifer Greer Published date: February 27, 2018

    Would not work. Kept saying there was no compatible reel. And instructions were not helpful at all. Had to surf web to try and figure out how it works Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Shawna McCafferty Published date: August 24, 2016

    Not fully functional Began to work and then stopped. Cannot get beyond demo to even purchase a pack. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Paul McDermott Published date: September 10, 2016

    Can't transfer to new phone. The system won't allow you to install the pack on a new phone. Sure I can't but new experience packs just nothing I've already bought. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Andrés Niño Published date: December 28, 2016

    The app doesn't work After several hours of trying to make this work it doesn't recognize the reels👎👎👎 Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: December 20, 2016

    Never worked..frozen in space...any advise?? Frozen only stars and space sounds visible... Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Karthik Gopalakrishnan Published date: November 7, 2016

    In app purchase doesn't work. If I click buy now. It says error authentication failed with Google play. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Jack Gatrell Published date: July 30, 2016

    View master space The only problem I had was trying to get the card to swipe on phone,but once I got it to work it has been problem's at all... I'm also using a Droid Maxx Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    maritza olivera Published date: November 22, 2016

    Nada...not working for me guys Blank screen after installation... Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Tomboygirl 26 Published date: November 26, 2016

    I have the pass card, but it would not scan at all!!!!! I did it once, but now its not working!!!! Very frustrating!😲☹☹☹😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: November 17, 2016

    Froze at the help screen!! Doesn't work. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    CheesyGamerXx54xX MlgX420blazeitX Published date: May 7, 2017

    Waste of money I tryed to get the ticket to scan and it doesn't even scan it, it is a waste of money. I need help Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    The Bee Published date: September 3, 2016

    Annoying setup It won't recognize the passcode cards! Very frustrating. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Published date: March 25, 2017

    I'm stuck at the help screen. When I pull the lever nothing happens. Please fix. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Mark Padilla Published date: January 5, 2017

    Cannot restore inapp purchase I tried emailing for assistance and keep getting an automated response that a rep will get back to me but no one does. Full Review

  • View-Master® Space
    Melissa Ledford Published date: April 12, 2017